Easy Homemade Christmas Decor

These DIY crafts ideas will make your Christmas festive and affordable! Whether you're looking to create homemade decorations like ornaments, wreaths, or holiday signs, our easy decor ideas will make your season merry and bright!

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    Chalkboard Christmas Sign

    It's the most wonderful time of the year! A carol-theme chalkboard lets you display your favorite holiday lyrics with pride. You can find chalkboard paint at your home improvement store, paint a board of your choosing, and dress it up with a rustic frame.

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    Snowflake Window Cling

    To create a unique snowflake window cling, lay plastic wrap over our free pattern and trace with white dimensional paint. For extra sparkle, add clear glitter to the design. These snowflakes stick to any glass surface, and they're a classic all winter long.

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    Clever Hacks for Your Holiday

    Create a personalized garland by ink-jet printing patterns and cutting them into pennant flags. Plus, check out our clever holiday drink upgrade!

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    Sweater Cozies

    Add warmth and comfort to your traditional decor by repurposing old sweaters. Make container cozies by cutting off the cuff end of a sweater sleeve and whipstitching the bottom into a circle. Turn down the sweater edge and sew on jingle bells. 

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    Embellish Your Wreath

    Seasonal crafting can be as simple as exploring your pantry. To enhance a moss-covered weath, glue almonds and cranberries into a star shape, then attach them to a wreath. These simple embellishments add character to your decor without breaking the bank!

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    Ornament Pillows

    Removable pillow covers let you effortlessly transition your throw pillows from season to season. For the Christmas edition, cut scraps of assorted fabric into ornament shapes, and use iron-on medium weight interfacing to secure them to the pillow front, stitching on ribbon as shown.

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    Monogram Christmas Ornament

    Decorate a monogram letter for every member of the family! Wooden letters can be customized to fit your family members' personalities or used to bring a little matching sparkle to your twinkling tree. Just brush on a layer of decoupage medium, add glitter to the surface, seal, and hang using holiday ribbon.

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    DIY Reindeer Forest Scene

    Display a herd of reindeer among a forest of handcrafted bottle-brush trees. Pull apart short strands of sisal rope, twist them with wire, then use spray paint to create bushy tall-trunk trees. Paint a herd of miniature plastic reindeer, add glitter and beaded details, then use a cribbage board to display the trees and Christmas creatures.

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    Pine and Felt-Ball Garlands

    Pine garlands aren't just for the mantel anymore -- use branches around the house for a cohesive Christmas atmosphere. Drape a felt-ball garland alongside the pine over a full-length mirror to add playful texture to existing decor.

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    Stacked Nesting Boxes

    Holiday boxes can be a decorating gift of their own. Stack nesting boxes on each other, then secure them with ribbon. To make your own, cover a variety of boxes in papier-mache. This decor can easily be dismantled and stored when the season ends. Editor's Tip: If displaying these outside, ensure the display is in a covered space or plan to bring inside if a white Christmas is in store.

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    DIY Advent Calendar

    Personalized Advent calendars make the countdown to Christmas even more meaningful. Start your own Advent board by wrapping foam core with linen and framing the board. Dress up plain gift tags by printing numbers and adding a small bauble or gift to each tag.

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    Silver Cording and Pine Display

    Spell out a seasonal greeting by pinning silver cording to a linen-wrapped piece of foam core. Miniature cedar pine dresses up your antiques with extra holiday cheer.

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    How to Use a Wood-Burning Tool

    Wood-burn Christmas ornaments and holiday wall art for rustic holiday style. Custom hand-lettering adds warmth and personalization to your seasonal decorations, and the projects are an inexpensive focal point. Learn the trick to using a wood-burning tool.

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    Metallic Wreath Redo

    Metallic spray paint takes a leafy wreath to glamorous new heights. Place the weath in a protected, well-ventilated area, then go over it with light strokes of silver spray paint. Consider pulling out a few leaves and flipping them over to the unpainted side to expose a different color and add dimension to the finished wreath.

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