Elegant Holiday Arrangements

Whether it's Thanksgiving or Christmas, celebrate your favorite holiday with one of these easy-to-make arrangements.

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    Updated Display

    Make simple Christmas ornaments the center of attention by arranging them in a square, clear glass vessel wrapped with pretty ribbon. Set the package on a silver tray, then embellish the inside and outside of the display with faux snow and additional baubles.

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    New Take on a Trademark

    Poinsettias might be a Christmas classic, but they aren't limited to their potted locales. Snip a few colorful bracts and arrange them in small bud vases. Display a grouping of the vases on a tiered tray for an artful arrangement.

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    Something Extra

    Give a bouquet of red roses a touch of Christmas flair in minutes. Simply wrap the vase with a square of holiday-theme fabric and secure with a satin ribbon.

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    Crystal Clear

    Nature is the muse for this glowing centerpiece. Fill a glass cloche with clear ornaments (with their caps removed) along with shapely pinecones and evergreen tips. Flip the cloche upside down on a paper plate, place on the table, and remove the paper plate. Surround the cloche with more evergreens for a fresh, fragrant display.

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    Awe-Inspiring Table

    For a table with flair, step out of the red-and-green Christmas box. Try a new color scheme: silver and blue with lots of sparkle. Arrange shiny silver cones and blue ornaments in the middle of the table. For each place setting, wrap a small favor in coordinating paper and ribbon. Instead of simply folding a cloth napkin, arrange it in a wine glass and gather in the middle with a holiday florist's pick.

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    Branching Out

    Fill a large, wide-mouth clear vase halfway with miniature white ornaments to help keep bare branches upright. Hang more ornaments from the branches to give the effect of gently falling snow. Complete the arrangement by placing a pomegranate in the vase for a pop of Yuletide color.

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    Rectangular Roses

    Tightly group 15 red roses together in a rectangle shape. Use florist's foam to hold the roses in place, then surround them with greenery to complete the centerpiece.

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    Flowering Martini

    This drink is stylish with a single ornament holding flowers. Simply remove the hook on an ornament and insert the flowers of your choice. Prop the arrangement in a clear glass.

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    Shaken, Not Stirred

    Shake up an easier take on the martini-glass arrangement -- simply fill a glass with miniature ornaments. Display a group of the filled glasses together for a striking, eye-catching appearance.

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    Green Living

    For an urban, monochromatic look, use a nontraditional hue, such as lime green, for your design. Here, a ceramic container is filled with florist's foam and adorned with artichokes, hydrangeas, lily buds, magnolia leaves, and greenery.

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    Circle of Roses

    This bright, sunny centerpiece provides a repreive from the cold winter outside. Use florist's foam to arrange greenery and bright-color roses in a circular fashion. Rest a sparkling ornament in the middle and enjoy.

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    Topiary Lilies

    This elegant arrangement is made of 'Casablanca' lilies. Simply strip the leaves off and tie the stems together, pushing the bottoms into florist's foam. Lilies usually last two weeks from bud to end of bloom, so this decoration will last through New Years!

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    Color Continuum

    Choosing green fruit and ornaments creates a cohesive color scheme and adds a sense of understated elegance to your dinner table.

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    Garden Variety

    Bring the look of a French garden indoors for the holiday season. Replace the usual sideboard with a cast-iron French garden table, and accent it with fresh topiaries, ornament-filled cloches, and a flea market urn filled with wrapped presents.

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    Sweet Blossoms

    Look beyond the poinsettia for winter flowers: Gather a stunningly simple bouquet of 'Candy Cane' amaryllis that last longer than many typical cut flowers.

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    Lush Centerpiece

    Promote potted English ivy to prominent stature by placing it in a whitewashed urn. The lengthy ivy tendrils drape dramatically over the table.

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    Rustic Elegance

    Rustic miniature pinecones in a crystal compote look elegant when topped with golden matte ornaments. Sheer ribbon tied to the top repeats the touch of brown found in the pinecones below.

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    Vintage Holiday

    Just a few ornaments are needed to make a color and style statement on this pink-and-white arrangement set inside a vintage-look urn. The white artificial pear adds an unexpected note to the scene.

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    Floral Shine

    A mix of small ball ornaments gives sparkle to this centerpiece. They also hide the florist's foam underneath the holiday arrangement of calla lilies.

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