White China Place Settings for the Holidays

Basic white china is a versatile must-have for your holiday table. Check out these tips to jazz up your "little white plate" for every holiday, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year's Eve.

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    Autumn Elegance

    Warm up a Thanksgiving table with amber hues. Golden plates and a gilded pear attached to a place card are perfect table toppers for an inviting feast.

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    Exquisite Touches

    Candles and roses are perfect elegant touches for your holiday table. Roses look majestic in low bowls with amber-colored water. Wrap candles in cinnamon sticks to enjoy a splendid autumn aroma.

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    Christmas Whimsy

    Spice up your traditional red and green with a polka-dot salad plate. Add playfulness by wrapping a lime-green ribbon around crisp white linen. Top with a licorice stick and red Christmas bulb.

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    A Sweet Christmas Table

    Sweeten your Christmas table with candy. Place flowers in a small vase and then put inside a larger vase. Pour cinnamon candies between the two vases to create a fun holiday look.

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    Hanukkah Charm

    Freshen up this holiday's classic colors with a silver charger, cobalt salad plate, blue-bowl goblet, and crystal bowls full of tulips. Create some razzle-dazzle with a beaded napkin ring.

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    Pretty Hanukkah Party Favor

    This mini-picture-frame place card is a pretty and practical party favor. Create the Star of David by overlapping triangles of organza ribbon.

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    New Year's Glamour

    For a tabletop as glamorous as New Year's should be, layer a white plate on top of a gold charger and a black beaded mat. White linen goes glam when paired with a black organza napkin and slipped through a rhinestone bracelet.

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    Luxurious Table Toppers

    Guests will toast your beautiful holiday table when you use these luxurious table decorations. Attach costume jewelry to gold-rimmed goblets and place single gardenia flowers in small silver cups for a beautiful and elegant affair.

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