Easy Christmas Decorating with Ribbon

Ribbon in bold colors and rich textures can turn a ho-hum package into a show-stopping present. See how ribbon can do the same for your Christmas decorating.

Ribbon Garland

Use wire-edge ribbon to create a shapely Christmas garland for your mantel or windows. Insert evenly spaced pushpins or wire nails at the top of your mantel or window frame. Drape one color of wired ribbon across the surface, wrapping around the nails or pins to secure. Allow the ribbon to drape down between each nail about half the length of the hanging tails. Repeat with other colors of ribbon.

New Heights with Ribbon

Top an opening with a simple tree by suspending ball ornaments from a ribbon-wrapped tension rod. Use narrow ribbon to hang the top ball and fishing line for the others. Add a wired-ribbon bow as a tree topper.

Holiday Place Settings

Dress up each place setting with a keepsake ornament. Just replace the metal hook with a pretty ribbon tie.

Simple Holiday Artwork

Create holiday art by painting nine 12x12-inch artist's canvases in your favorite Christmas color, and then adhere ribbons using double-sided tape.

Sparkling Ribbon Votives

Just like the votive cups from the first set of projects, these ones are wrapped in ribbon, but use a slightly different method. Give simple glass votives the royal treatment by covering them in overlapping ribbon bands using heat-resistant adhesive. Embellish with sequins to add sparkle to the display.

Ribbon-Accent Table Setting

Colorful ribbon projects add a festive punch to this holiday table. Simply wrap a ribbon around two stacked plates to create an elegant place setting.

Colorful Ribbon Candleholders

Beribbon plain votive candleholders for instant Christmas cheer. Measure the height of your votive cup and cut pieces of ribbons to length. Coat the backside of ribbon pieces with Mod Podge and press vertically onto the votive cup. Work your way around the votive until the entire outside is covered with pieces of ribbon. Cut lengths from a narrow ribbon in a different color and Mod Podge the pieces over the seams where the ribbons meet. Adhere ribbon around the circumference of the votive at the top and bottom edges -- or add another horizontal ribbon around the middle of votive for contrast.

Festive Red & Green Chair Covers

Create custom chair covers in festive colors. Trace the seat back, add 1/2-inch seam allowances, then cut four pieces of fabric for each chair. Pin ribbon ties to the right sides of the fabric. With right sides together, stitch around the covers, leaving an opening for turning. Turn inside out, press, and close the opening. Tie the two covers together and slip over the chair back.

Editor's Tip: You also can lay ribbon over the existing seat cover. Secure to the underside of the seat with a staple gun.

Ribbon Table Runner

Set the table for a festive meal by layering color, texture, and materials. Purchase runners or make them by cutting lengths of fabric and pressing the edges under.

Colorful Ribbon Tabletop Trees

Use ribbon scraps to create vibrant tabletop trees. Start with a plastic foam cone. First, wrap the entire cone with one color of organza ribbon (which holds its shape well), starting at the bottom. When you get to the top, fold the ribbon over the point and use straight pins to hold it into place. Layer other pieces of ribbon around the covered cone and secure the ribbon ends with straight pins.

Colorful Ribbon Chain

Give the elementary school paper chain craft a sophisticated update. Cut 1-1/2-inch-wide ribbon into 6-inch lengths. Bring the ends of a strip together to form a circle and secure with double-sided tape. Insert a strip of coordinating ribbon through the first circle and tape the ends together. Continue with alternating colors of ribbon until the chain reaches a desired length.

Red & Green Dining Room with Ribbon Flair

From the table linens decked in stylish stripes to the chandelier wrapped in gorgeous green, grosgrain ribbon gives this room its one-of-a-kind holiday look.

A Red Ribbon Plate

For an easy-to-change art display, weave ribbons along the edges of decorative plates and hang a group of them on the wall. Choose plates with holes large enough to accommodate 1/4-inch or wider ribbon. Weave the ribbon through the openings, leaving enough at each end to tie a loop for hanging. Add a contrasting patterned ribbon for the hanging loop.

Ribbon Wrapping

Pair solid-hue papers with vivid ribbons in varying designs and materials: Use the ribbon to tie simple bows around packages or to create sleek bands to wrap around gifts.

Colorful Chandelier Covers

Dress up unusual surfaces. Here, thin ribbon wraps around the arms and base of a chandelier to add color. No-sew adhesive fabrics tape ensures that the material stays in place. Use the same tape to secure ribbon to the top and bottom edges of purchased shades.

Editor's Tip: For temporary applications, double-sided tape secures ribbon to a lampshade or tablecloth. For something permanent or washable, sew the ribbon in place.

Cheery Napkin Ring & Place Mat

Punctuate a napkin with a ribbon-covered button made using a button kit. A length of ribbon tacked with thread forms the napkin ring, which is topped with the button and second ribbon loop. To add designer details to a purchased place mat, apply a length of ribbon using no-sew adhesive fabrics tape.

Colorful Decorating

For a fresh holiday look, pick colors from a limited palette and practice restraint. Create small but out-of-the-ordinary projects with ribbon for charming creative touches throughout the room.

Elegant Ribbon Roses

Make ribbon roses to fill oversize bowls. For the roses, cut 5-inch-wide wire ribbon in 60-inch lengths. Pull the wire on one side of the ribbon, roll it into a rose shape, and tack the ends.

Sweet Ribbon Candy Canes

Create colorful ribbon candy canes to use as ornaments or to display in a vase. Wind 3/8-inch ribbon around foam candy cane shapes, securing with foam glue. Finish by gluing a 1/8-inch ribbon in a contrasting color and style over the first ribbon.

SOURCE Candy Canes, Smoothfoam, plasteelcorp.com

Ribbon Embellishment Lampshade

Make a plain lampshade a holiday hit with ribbon strips glued or pinned around the shade. For a fun finish, glue spangle trim so it hangs like a row of ornaments from the edge of the lampshade.

Editor's Tip: Be careful the glue doesn't bleed through when applying ribbon with fabrics glue.

X Marks the Spot

X marks the spot on this fun ribbon flourish. Use it to decorate cabinet doors or to add a festive look to living room windows. Stretch ribbon from corner to corner and tape or tack in place. Add a paper medallion where the ribbons cross.

Decorative Holiday Tray

Got a minute? Wrap two layers of ribbon around a tray for a colorful holiday trim. Use removable spray adhesive so you can remove the ribbon after Christmas.

Christmas Photographs

Favorite photos from Christmases past team up with ribbon for a simple and sentimental holiday decoration. Make photo frames by layering striped and solid cardstock paper over an all-red ribbon using double-stick tape. Top it off with a photo taped in place.

Gift Box Decor

Creating simple decorations such as this package tree adds festive flair to any holiday house.

More Fun Decorating Ideas

Jingle bells are a tried-and-true holiday classic. This year, use them in a few unexpected ways to jazz up your Christmas decor.

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