15 Classic Red and Green Christmas Decorating Ideas

detail of decorated Christmas tree with red plaid, solid, and velvet ornaments
Photo: Lucy Ancheta

Whether your home is traditional, contemporary, or eclectic, these classic Christmas decorating ideas will inspire a simply perfect holiday style. These ideas for decorating with red and green will inspire you to deck the halls and trim the tree!

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Holly Wreath

traditonal christmas wreath
Adam Albright

This holly-inspired wreath uses felt in three shades of green for leaves plus tiny wool felt pom-poms for berries. Start with a floral hoop. Gather approximately 20 sheets of felt and cut into 1-inch strips. Use pinking shears and our pattern to cut look-alike holly leaves. Alternating colors, attach each leaf with florists wire. Once the hoop is full, adorn the wreath with the creamy berries using the same technique. Twist and pull the leaves to create dimension. Fashion a bow with pieces of red felt (the bow and tails); hot-glue a small piece to gather the bow's center.

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Classic Front Porch

front porch with christmas trees
Jeff Herr

A deep and wide front porch calls for statement-making full-size trees. For ease, homeowner Jenny Zacharewicz limits the palette to red, wraps a wide ribbon around them, then hangs little jingle bells so if guests brush against a branch, they chime. Vintage wooden barrels stay out all year, displaying a mass of faux berries in the winter.

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Red and Green Wreath

yarn ball wreath
Adam Albright

Celebrate your love of knitting by dressing your front door with a handmade Christmas wreath adorned in yarn. It's as easy as lighting a fire, turning on It's a Wonderful Life, and settling in to make myriad yarn orbs. Gather festive-color leftover yarn from your collection or buy new chunky yarn in an array of holiday hues. Small balls of fiberfill at the centers create a soft, round shape. Make 50 to 100 yarn balls depending on your wreath size. After covering a straw wreath form with coordinating felt, secure each ball with hot glue, making sure to snuggle them together for a cozy feel.

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Plaid Place Setting

plaid christmas place setting with pine garland
Marty Baldwin

The pulse of Christmas always beats with plaid. A velvet place mat with a silk border sets the tone for plates featuring variations of the structured pattern. A nod to Scotland, where tartan first made its mark, comes from a kilt pin that adorns the velvet-trimmed napkin. Buffalo plaid in red and black stretches under the Christmas centerpiece trimmings of winter greens, pinecones, and cardinals. Fluted flatware enhances the linear qualities of the plaid scheme.

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Elegant Living Room

antique Christmas décor in cottage living room with stockings, small trees, and gifts
Jeff Herr

Make Christmas decorating a snap by simply adding ready-made holiday items to your decor. Choose a collection of stockings in classic holiday colors, add a red poinsettia plant, and keep the mantel decor simple with small evergreen trees, ornaments, and pinecones.

Editor's Tip: Plan ahead for next year. Purchase red or green slipcovers, pillows, and glassware at after-Christmas sales. You'll be able to add bursts of holiday color at a budget price.

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Plaid Christmas Tree

detail of decorated Christmas tree with red plaid, solid, and velvet ornaments
Lucy Ancheta

Layering plaid and solid balls in glass and velvet add richness and texture. Finish the look by weaving in faux greenery branches and whimsical owl ornaments.

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Red and White Tree

white and red christmas tree and presents
Hector Manuel Sanchez

Traditional holiday symbols get a glossy makeover with simple shapes and loads of bright red and white. Dress branches with large red Gobstopper-like globes mixed with favorite holiday images. For an extra sweet touch, suspend candy canes from the frosted boughs. Try a homespun take on stars with a large matte wood Christmas tree topper.

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Festive Gingerbread

wreath behind christmas decorations
Jason Donnelly

You don't need to be a master cookie decorator to achieve this cute farm scene. Use white royal icing and a piping bag fitted with a small round tip to pipe simple dots and lines on trees and buildings.

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Small-Space Christmas Tree

candy cane christmas tree
Kim Cornelison

Transform candy canes into a festive wall Christmas tree. We tied several candy canes to four different lengths of string, then attached each string to the wall with pushpins or clips. For a classic Christmas look, stick to traditional red-and-white candies.

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Seasonal Settee

couch with christmas pillows against window
David A. Land

A simple pillow switch gives a rattan settee a seasonal look. Round out the classic Christmas decorations with a cheery red throw blanket, colorful pillows, and cut white paper snowflakes.

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Scandinavian Living Room

living room decorated for christmas
Frances Janisch

Small touches of red have a big impact in the family room. Petite red shades transform fireplace sconces into Christmas showpieces. The mirror between them reflects the colors of the room while making a red statement of its own. The simple white mantel provides the ideal spot to hang matching stockings.

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Red and Green Entry

Poinsettias on top of wrapped gifts
Marty Baldwin

Put classic red poinsettias to good use for a festive plant display. Place a potted poinsettia inside a decorative box. Place the plants on stacks of wrapped Christmas gifts. Finish the scene with simple ball ornaments and a cheery plaid throw blanket.

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Cheery Entry

christmas decorations around cabinet
Jeff Herr

"I imagined we had just gone ice skating and were going to have a cup of hot cocoa," says homeowner Jenny Zacharewicz. The skates and candy canes were on hand; she shopped for a cooler and thermoses to complete the look. Vintage wooden crates—her standbys for adding height and containing items—play a supporting role. "I use them for everything," she says. "They're a beautiful way to hide anything you want to cover up."

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A Wintery Scene

supporting role christmas centerpiece
Anthony Masterson

Cut evergreen branches make a big impact when tied to dining room chairs with bright red ribbon. Carry the classic red and green theme through to the table with cut red berry branches, seasonal dishes, and a festive gingerbread house.

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Red and White Tree

red and white christmas tree with gifts underneath
Adam Albright

You don't need a huge budget to make an impact this holiday season. Striped red and white ribbon ($5, Craft Outlet) stands in for the garland on this festive Christmas tree. Round out the display with an assortment of ornaments in coordinating hues.

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