Fresh Holiday Decorating Theme: Blue and Orange

Give your Christmas decorating a fresh twist with a blue-and-orange color scheme.

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    Winter Blues

    Use clever, colorful accents to transform your living room from bleak beige to brilliant blue and optimistic orange.

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    All Wrapped Up

    Coordinate your gifts with your holiday decorations. Use blues, oranges, and whites to add pizzazz to your holiday gift-giving.

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    Clever Tree Accessories

    Make this Christmas tree one to remember by decorating the tree to match your room's decor. Hang plates, birds, and flowers instead of using traditional ornaments.

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    Display Fine Goods

    Use fine china and crystal to bring in blues and whites. Hang china plates and display large vases and vessels.

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    Decked-Out Ottoman

    Cover your old ottoman with ornate blue-and-white fabric. Use grommets and ribbon for a tailored, detailed finish.

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    Modern Topiaries

    Create these modern topiaries in an afternoon. Simply cover a Styrofoam ball with strips of fabric, insert the stick and affix in a decorative pot. Anchor the stick using green florist¿s foam and top with decorative moss and soap shavings.

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    Place Setting

    Use a collection of china plates to create a unique, decorative piece. Adhere the plates to the board using crazy glue.

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    More Decorating Theme Ideas

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