Fresh Holiday Decorating Theme: Black and White

Give your Christmas decorating a crisp winter touch with a black-and-white color scheme.

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    Arctic Chill

    Touches of black and white bring an arctic feel into this cozy living room. Brown and red accents add warmth and appeal.

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    Decorate with Penguins

    Use an old fireplace to create this penguin focal point. Stack logs sprinkled with artificial snow in the fireplace opening and dot with penguins.

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    Tiny House Ornaments

    Craft tiny house ornaments out of recycled paper. Design a template and create tiny houses to hang on the tree. Vary the type of paper or ribbon to create a different effect.

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    Crystallized Creations

    Intertwine strands of crystal beads in your tree. They'll reflect the light and incorporate the arctic, icy theme.

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    Creative Christmas Tree

    Decorate a Christmas tree with repeated simple elements. Incorporate the crystallized theme with glass icicles and snowflakes, tiny white lights, and dots of red.

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    Frozen in Time

    Fill a clear glass jar with artificial snow and place in front of an oversize winter photograph.

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    Recycled Wrapping

    Use old newspapers to wrap gifts. Decorate with red, black, and white ribbon and accent with snowflake ornaments.

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    Framed Fabric

    Cut out simple, two-tone designs from fabric. Adhere to white paper and place in frame with ribbon hanger.

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    More Decorating Theme Ideas

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