Gorgeous Holiday Place Settings

Red and Metallic Place Setting
Ready to set your prettiest holiday table ever? We're here to help! You'll find our favorite ideas for stunning place settings, including napkin-folding instructions and free printable banners and tags, right here for your inspiration.

Santa Letter Place Setting

You've got mail -- from Santa! (Spoiler alert: He says "Bon appetit.") A white napkin folded into an envelope takes center stage in this candy-striped place setting, while metallic cookie-cutter reindeer pose nearby. Creating a crisp-corner napkin envelope is easier than you think. Click below to get the napkin-folding instructions and download our free Santa label.

Birch Log Place Setting

Who says woodsy picnics are over when the weather turns cold? Bring woodland colors and textures to the dinner table with a few easy elements. Crafts-store birch logs create quick seasonal candleholders; just drill a hole in their tops to fit a taper candle. A frayed-edge runner and woven place mat keep the look natural. Want to learn how to fold a tree-shape napkin? Click below -- and download our free tag while you're there!

New England Place Setting

There's nothing like a New England Christmas! And no matter where you live, snagging the traditional look is easy. We kept to a red, white, and green color scheme, accented with silvery pewter chargers and mugs. Pine clippings peek from a tartan plaid lunch box, and utensils stay cozily grouped in a warm, woolen mitten. And those pretty bark accents around the plate? That's driftwood!

Board Game Place Setting

If you're a fun and funky holiday hostess, flaunt it! Classic board games make trendy place mats, and Christmas crackers look gorgeous wrapped in scrapbook paper and decorated with Scrabble tiles. Stick to solid-color plates and cups to avoid overloading on pattern; we used red, black, and yellow to coordinate with the board's color scheme. Scatter a few small ornaments for extra cheer!

Guests won't have to guess where they're seat is when you spell out their name with lettered tiles. Creating the craft on a clothespin means you can clip their place setting directly on their napkin.

Easy Scrabble Tile Place Settings!

Love Scrabble tiles for decorating? Us too! Try another easy place setting featuring those tiny letter tiles -- just grab some wooden clothespins and hot glue.

Modern Gray and Maroon Place Setting

Want a touch of sophistication on your holiday table? This gray and wine-hue place setting has you covered. Plates, runners, and napkins coordinate in cool shades of silver and gray, and red vases and a small wrapped gift create warm contrast. We threw in a bowl of frosted red fruit, created by brushing with slightly beaten egg whites and sprinkling superfine sugar over the top, for powdery sparkle. Click below to download the free napkin banner and get our napkin-folding instructions.

Log Slice Place Setting

Form a wintry forest on your tabletop with shaved-bark trees and a few cleverly placed log slices. Lacy-edge white china pops against a log-slice charger; tiny slices form place cards and wine coasters. Wrap white napkins in jingle-bell rings to complete the setting.

Glimmer and Green Place Setting

The most wonderful day of the year deserves a place setting equally special -- and this glimmering green setting fills that bill! We taped deep green magnolia leaves to white pillar candles, then secured them with gold ribbon and set them atop spray-painted candleholders. A mossy green mat supports festive dishware, topped with a mini thyme wreath and wreath-hanger folded napkin. Click below to download our free wreath banner, get our mini wreath tutorial, and more!

Gold Place Setting

Not all that glitters is gold, they say -- but this striking place setting is pure decorating gold! A nestlike golden charger supports a simple gold-trimmed white dinner plate outfitted with a hand-stamped Christmas present and a pretty goldfinch ornament. Chevron wrapping paper forms an easy table runner, and sunburst ornaments stand sentry alongside.

Nothing to buy here! Pretty place cards welcome guests and take you just a few minutes with a few on-hand supplies.

Make Place Cards from Crafting Scraps!

Craft-lovers, search your closet: You probably have all the supplies on hand to make these lovely place cards. We'll walk you through the process!

Snowman Place Setting

Delight the kids' table with these gorgeous snowman place settings. You can even use disposable plates and napkins for easy cleanup! Align a large plate and smaller salad plate to form a snowman body, and position a knife and patterned paper napkin above the salad plate to form a hat. Fluff an additional paper napkin and secure it underneath the plates to form a scarf. Extend a fork and spoon outward from the body as snowman "arms," and add facial features with baby carrots and gummy candies.

Elegant Linen and Greenery Place Setting

Never underestimate the power of greenery to enhance a place setting. Strew freshly cut evergreen boughs at the head of each place setting, and place a twig or two on each napkin for emphasis. Keeping remaining colors natural or neutral -- such as these frayed-edge burlap place mats, soft gray linen napkins, and ivory ironstone plates -- allows the evergreen colors to shine.

Silvery Place Setting

Snowfall, eat your heart out -- the prettiest flurry is on your table. Set silver glitter snowflakes over a woven silver place mat, then stack a white art frame on top as a whimsical charger. Office-supply labels and ball ornaments make quick and easy place-card favors; just write guests' names on each label with a silver pen, and attach it to the ornament with ribbon and a jingle bell. Pile extra jingle bells in a snowflake cookie cutter, and set it alongside a silvery reindeer to tie the look together.

Stocking Place Setting

Miniature stockings form charming silverware holders for these easy holiday place settings. You can buy petite stockings at a crafts store, or make your own mini stockings by drawing a 7-inch-tall stocking shape and using it as a pattern to cut stockings from festive fabric; sew or glue the stocking sides together to secure. Coordinate plates, chargers, napkins, and place mats with the stockings' color scheme, and add a few sprays of twigs and berries for a natural touch.

Metallic Place Setting

Every piece in this elegant holiday place setting speaks for itself. Silver trays support white chargers and dappled metallic plates, accompanied by fine silverware and a pewter chalice that are as functional as they are beautiful. Handwritten place cards, fruit, and flowers finish the look with understated grace.

Woodsy Children's Place Setting

Set down the long rolls of kraft paper -- the kids' table deserves some decorative love! We arranged cute badger and hedgehog figurines alongside log slices, bark place mats, and embroidered-leaf napkins to create a charming woodland place setting for little hands and big imaginations.

Festive Red Place Setting

We used a palette of brilliant red and glittering metallics to create this cheery holiday place setting. Jewel-tone chalices are echoed by coordinating ruby chargers and miniature glittery gift boxes. Silvery trees and metal-rimmed china provide additional sparkle.

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