Fruits of the Season

Cutting boughs from the bottom of your holiday tree to fit it into a tree stand, is a delightful way to give those branches a longer life.

What You Need:

Use several varieties of greens to add visual interest to this large display.
  • Large copper pot or wooden bucket
  • Blocks of floral foam or crafts foam to fill container at least 2 layers deep
  • Branches of fresh fir and cedar to fill container
  • 9 oranges (or as many as desired)
  • 9 small sturdy sticks or long floral picks (for securing oranges)
  • Knife (for whittling sticks to a point)


1. Stack blocks of floral foam or crafts foam in the container.

2. Place greenery as desired.

3. Skewer oranges on sticks or long floral picks. If necessary, whittle one end of each stick to a point to make insertion easier. Place oranges amidst greenery as desired.

More Ideas:

  • Another orange-centered display: Untwist the top of a coat hanger, and thread about 11 oranges onto the wire. Use medium-gauge floral wire to fasten the fruit ring onto a purchased twig wreath.
  • Add branches of cedar, juniper, pine, or other evergreens onto a chandelier. Tie the branches in place with floral wire, then add a bow made of gold or silver wire-rimmed ribbon.


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