Fabulous Ideas for Christmas Tables

Use these Christmas tables as inspiration this holiday season. Check out these five festive Christmas table settings for easy, inexpensive decorating ideas that start with everyday items.

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    Poinsettia Pops

    Metallic gold accents and full red poinsettias make for a luxurious traditional Christmas table setting. Keeping the tablecloth and dinnerware simple allows the bright accents to shine. 

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    Shining Bright

    Make clear glass votives match gold plate chargers by brushing glue onto the bottom half of the outside. Sprinkle the wet glue with gold glitter and let dry. Cut poinsettia bracts from the plant and dab away any sap. Burn the ends of the stems to make them last longer in the glasses (usually 2 to 3 days).

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    Center Stage Display

    Create an easy poinsettia centerpiece in an urn. Place small, potted poinsettias into the urn still in their pots—that will make them last all season. Tuck silver sage leaves around the edges of the display, and add branches of red berries. For a glam look, tuck in small gold ornaments.

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    Dressed-Up Napkins

    Make your own paper poinsettias with simple folding, layering, and cutting. Wrap the wire stem around a rolled napkin for a colorful napkin ring. Or, use a faux poinsettia flower and wire for a similar effect.

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    Rustic Repast

    Create a Christmas table setting that echoes the unfinished woods and warm tones of a cozy log cabin. Traditional reds and greens are easy to come by with fresh evergreens, red ribbons, and red pillar candles. For a homespun centerpiece, fill unconventional containers, such as this old wooden toolbox, with florist's foam to hold casually mixed greens, candles of alternating heights, and a garland of beads or cranberries.

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    Burlap and Balsalm

    To make this simple holiday table decoration, nestle a small burlap-wrapped tree inside a red pail and garnish it with pinecones and tiny ornaments. Print name tags using your computer and spray-glue them to small squares of craft wood.

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    No-Sew Napkin Rings

    Fashion no-sew napkin rings by gluing together the short ends of a frayed strip of burlap. Tie a single thread of burlap through the holes in a button, then glue the button in place. This simple Christmas table setting finishes the holiday table look.

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    The Kissing Chair

    This is an easy Christmas table decoration to make in a pinch. Who wouldn't love to sit in a chair adorned with mistletoe? Dress up everyday chairs with red cushions, wired ribbon, sprigs of mistletoe, and shiny ornaments.

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    White-Hot Holiday

    A table blanketed in white lends sophistication and a sense of occasion to any gathering. Get the look by using clear glass and metallic elements against a backdrop of white table linens and china. An artificial tree spray-painted white, flocked with spray snow, and potted in a galvanized pail makes a modern centerpiece for this table. Lights and star ornaments hung on the tree add another layer of sparkle.

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    Snowy White Setting

    Test out this modern Christmas table setting idea. Stretch your holiday budget by setting the table with inexpensive solid-white plates, with more decorative salad or dessert plates set on top where they show most. Set out old-fashioned rock candy sticks to use as coffee stirrers.

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    Flames in the Snow

    Flickering votive candles are staples of holiday decorating, but they don't have to be plain. Dress up painted terra-cotta pots by coating them in glittering "snow," and add wax snow (made by whipping melted wax) to top off the candles.

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    Jingle-Bell Chairs

    For this Christmas table setting idea, drape silvery tinsel across the back of the chairs, hanging bells or star-shape ornaments on it for an extra bit of glitter. Depending on the shape of the chair back, it may be easiest to simply wrap lengths of tinsel around it.

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    Just for Dessert

    Dainty confections are the inspiration behind this whimsical Christmas table arrangement, from chocolate-brown place mats to sweet pink dots on the plates. For the centerpiece, hard-to-resist dessert pedestals are really metal candlesticks topped with clear glass plates. Fill them with chocolates, candies, cookies, or ornaments to enhance the playful mood.

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    Pretty in Pink

    Ideas for Christmas tables don't need to be entirely new. Make plain placemats more decorative by gluing on borders of pink ribbons or braids. Use a washable fabric glue for the job, applying thin lines with a toothpick.

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    Rosy Pink

    Create a sweet Christmas place setting by sandwiching a round of pink scrapbook paper and a red sticker-dot border between two glass plates. Personalized candies indicate where guests should sit.

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    Candies and Carnations

    Tuck dainty carnations into a slim florist's tube, and slip the tube inside a clear container filled with Jordan almonds for a surprising arrangement. Tie a simple pink ribbon around the container to make this a a cute take-home gift for guests.

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    Easy Elegance

    Go formal without going over the top with a table setting like this one. Small touches of iridescent accents and embellished crisp linens give a fresh yet refined look. Circle a centerpiece of all-white flowers with a border of green and red apple wedges. This arrangement contains pale hydrangeas, seeded eucalyptus, and a handful of strategically placed gold ornaments.

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    Alternating Apples

    This elegant christmas table setting idea is all about the details. Red and green apple wedges stand out against the white china backdrop. Dip the apple wedges in lemon juice to keep them from turning brown.

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    Stocking Favor

    Miniature stockings double as favors and a clever way to hold flatware. Stitched from green fabric, the stocking is personalized with metal letters hanging from sheer ribbon. If the small stockings are store-bought, customize them by simply hot gluing the ribbon charms under the top fold.

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    Deck the Chairs

    This Christmas table setting emphasizes clean elegance. Drape dining room chairs in simple white table runners tied in place with ribbon. This easy slipcover treatment is a high-style complement to gaily wrapped presents.

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