Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Homeowner and interior designer Shana Smith loves the holiday season almost as much as she loves vintage decor. Here's how she marries the two come Christmastime.

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    Home for The Holidays

    Shana Smith's passion for holiday decorating is apparent before guests even enter the house. Two festive urns brimming with bright green apples extend a warm welcome for visitors to Shana's Michigan home.

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    Take a Bough

    Shana isn't afraid to use scale to her advantage. Large evergreen boughs studded with sprays of white roses make for a stunning stairway scene.

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    Queen of Green

    Traditional red and Christmas green tones are absent from Shana's holiday d├ęcor. Instead, she employs crisp lime green and lots of black-and-white pattern to complement her home's year-round palette.

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    Twinkle, Twinkle

    Shana's vaulted ceilings call for an extra-tall Christmas tree. She takes a full day to string nearly 50 strands of glittering white lights around the tree. "I always start with one style and make sure they are placed evenly," Shana says.

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    Warm Wishes

    Shana's greatest holiday joy is spending time with her daughters. "Nothing is more rewarding than watching your kids gasp with joy as they open their presents," says the mother-of-two. "They have no concept of money or wanting more, but as their mother, I want to give them everything and make it last all day."

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    Beyond the Mantel

    Shana dressed up this boxwood wreath with black-and-white polka-dot and lime-green ribbons. She topped off her holiday creation with an elegant bundle of white roses. Fresh hydrangeas, shown here in a classic vase, are a must for Shana's holiday vignettes.

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    Vintage Christmas

    Shana loves to create new traditions for her family. Instead of suspending stockings from the mantel, Shana hangs them from the vintage ladder in her living room. Even the stockings are cohesive with Shana's Christmas color palette. "I couldn't resist them," she says of the funky graphic prints. "I'm a sucker for polka-dots."

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    Zesty Holiday

    Fresh limes and Granny Smith apples add a sweet pop of color to the dining room, while glitter-tipped pinecones make the tabletop sparkle.

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    Feast for the Eyes

    Vases and urns in all shapes and sizes create a pretty focal point on the dining room table. Each guest is welcomed to dinner with a personalized place card.

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    A Place at the Table

    Why limit holiday cheer to the top of the table? Chair backs present an excellent opportunity to add dazzle to the dining room. Shana fashioned these pretty decorations from sprigs of pine and short lengths of ribbon.

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