Pretty Christmas Flower Arrangements

Red-and-silver poinsettia
Add one of these pretty Christmas floral arrangements to your holiday decor. These flowers, including poinsettias, roses, and amaryllis, will brighten your Christmas displays.

Poinsettia with Silver Touches

The queen of the Christmas plants, a poinsettia is a must for your holiday decor. The Ice Punch variety has white-and-silver leaves; or get the variegated look by adding silver spray paint to a red poinsettia. Place these Christmas flowers in a pretty silver pot to show off the sparkle.

Paperwhites with Twigs & Cedar Sprigs

Go French country vintage with stark-white paperwhites and slender twigs arching from aged terra-cotta containers. Add flowing sprigs of cedar along the base of your pots to create the perfect display for any mantel, shelf, or sofa table. 

Add some natural elements to your Christmas centerpieces. We'll show you how to combine cranberries and fresh-cut amaryllis for an easy holiday centerpiece you'll love.

Centerpiece Idea with Christmas Flowers

Watch natural elements like cranberries and amaryllis come together to create a crimson centerpiece perfect for your holiday celebrations.

White Parrot Tulips and Fern

Look beyond the usual colors of Christmas and flaunt the frilly, two-toned petals of the parrot tulip. Play off their chartreuse stripes by adding Plumosa fern to the bouquet and snippets of spruce at the base in a metallic serving tray. Continue the color theme by filling clear containers with blue, green, and metallic -- new or old -- ornaments.

Mini Woodland Setting with Roses & Hydrangea

Take cues from nature for a one-of-a-kind arrangement featuring red roses, white hydrangeas, hypericum berries, and pine branches. Be creative with your container by wrapping it with textured bark from fallen trees and accenting the base with various colors of reindeer moss.

Two-Toned Amaryllis with Greenery

Embrace the long stems of amaryllis by displaying its blooms in a tall and simple yet elegant pitcher or vase. Include various evergreen sprigs such as spruce and holly -- extra bonus if your holly branches are still holding their berries! Finally accessorize with decorations of the season: vintage ornaments, colorful bows, and keepsake tea towels.

White Roses & Pine

This Christmas flower arrangement is simple and sweet. Fill your favorite glass vase with cut roses and pieces of pine. For an extra merry touch, include cranberries in the vase.

Hydrangea & Eucalyptus Arrangement

This gorgeous Christmas arrangement commands attention with fluffy hydrangeas, fresh eucalyptus, and crisp snapdragon. Add touches of traditional red and green by slicing apples and using the slices to circle the base of your arrangement. Round ornaments in a variety of sizes create festive sparkle and shine.

Editor's Flower Tip: To keep your hydrangeas fresh, store them in medium light at temperatures below 70 degrees.

Winterberry & Amaryllis Arrangement on Mantel

Nothing says Christmas more than traditional red-and-green decor. Simple arrangements of red amaryllis, tulips, and winterberries look beautiful on your Christmas mantel. Drape pretty ornaments from the winterberries.

Editor's Flower Tip: To keep your amaryllis fresh, expose it to bright light as much as possible.

Cymbidium Orchid

This long-lasting breed of orchid is perfect for winter and early spring decorations. A fresh and bright color helps lift the winter blues and makes for a gorgeous Christmas display.

Editor's Flower Tip: Cymbidium orchids do best in bright light and when they are watered weekly.

Dahlia with Greenery

Greet your holiday guests with a beautiful arrangement of potted dahlias. Use a pretty sliver pot and tie oversize ornaments around the neck using a long red ribbon. A generous gathering of greenery fills out the display.

Long-Stemmed Red Amaryllis

A long-stemmed arrangement of red amaryllis is simple and elegant. There is a wide variety of red amaryllis plants you can choose from. The Benfica variety is rich in color, while the Monaco is bright. Make it a very merry Christmas display by tying a red ribbon around the group of stems.

Moth Orchid

Who doesn't love orchids? The wide range of colors and varieties makes them the perfect Christmas flowers for any holiday flower arrangement. Moth orchids are easy to care for and can bloom for as long as four months. Fill an oversize vase with your favorite color of orchid and a variety of small, shimmery ornaments.

Editor's Flower Tip: Watering once a week will keep your festive orchid fresh for the whole holiday season.

Hydrangeas & Candy Cane Arrangement

Pretty white hydrangeas are a beautiful complement to the vibrant colors in your Christmas decor. Enhance an arrangement with cheerful ornaments and with too-pretty-to-eat candy canes.

White Amaryllis with Evergreens

Pretty white amaryllis blooms look festive in a simple red vase. Place it on a round mirror with mini presents and ornaments to finish off the holiday feel. Complement the classic Christmas flowers with pieces of evergreen.

Red Poinsettias & Clear Jars

Simple groupings of the same flower or leaf in the same color make a huge holiday impact. Try arranging red poinsettia leaves in three or more vintage jars. Place them in a matching serving tray to create a gorgeous centerpiece.

Winter White Roses & Fresh Fruit

Nothing beats the fragrance of fresh roses. Include an arrangement in your holiday decorations by placing your favorite variety in a pretty, festive pot. Fill in with bits of fern and evergreen. Crisp fruit, such as pears or apples, make great fillers.

Pretty Pink-and-White Poinsettias

Display pastel-tone poinsettias for a softer take on the holiday in pretty white pitchers and vases. A string of seashells or a bowl of delicate ornaments is a simple complement.

Editor's Flower Tip: Cut poinsettias can last up to two weeks.

Roses, Tulips & Hydrangeas

This oversize Christmas dinner table arrangement is simpler than it looks. The roses and tulips add a spectacular pop of traditional color while the hydrangeas create volume. Let the pepperberries hang over for more texture and depth. Use extra pepperberries to create pretty place settings.

Cut Poinsettias

A holiday favorite, a poinsettia is a great addition to Christmas decor. Step away from the traditional potted poinsettia and create an arrangement with tiny vases. Mix and match varieties for a fantastic look.

Editor's Flower Tip: Cut poinsettias can last up to two weeks.

Sedum & Hydrangea

A bountiful mix of sedum and hydrangea is a neutral and natural addition to your Christmas decorations. Stick faux gold leaves and ornaments into the arrangement for a dash of glitz and glam.

Cut Roses

For a coffee table arrangement, cut roses short and place single stems in mini vases around a large pillar candle. Surround with ornaments and other greenery to bring in the traditional colors of Christmas.

Paperwhites & Cranberries

Paperwhites are among the easiest flowers to grow and maintain. Place your variety in a glass pot and fill with cranberries. Scatter evergreen pieces and cranberries around the arrangement for a pretty centerpiece or elegant side table display.

Red-and-White Amaryllis

Instead of solid red or white amaryllis, pick a multicolor variety like Candy Cane for your holiday flower arrangement. Place in a pretty white vase and accent with a small wrapped present.

Star-of-Bethlehem, Tulips & Roses

Full and merry, this arrangement welcomes the season in style. Gorgeous red tulips, fluffy white roses, and perky pieces of Star-of-Bethlehem blend to make a bountiful arrangement.

Red Amaryllis in a Silver Vase

Classic and beautiful, a simple arrangement of red amaryllis looks festive when placed in a shiny silver vase. Surround with other holiday elements for an easy Christmas display.

Red Poinsettia & Silver Leaves

A stand-alone poinsettia is pretty and poised. Blend with shimmery silver sage leaves and winterberries to make this festive plant even merrier.

Editor's Flower Tip: Cut poinsettias can last for up to two weeks.

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