Simple Step-By-Step Christmas Decorations

No time to deck the house for Christmas? No worries. Use basic holiday decorations and everyday items to get your home ready for company.

Simple Solution

All you need is the basics. Mix clay pots with glassware and ball ornaments for an easy mantel display. Use a variety of glassware to show off candles, ornaments, pinecones and greenery. Drape red ribbon in glassware and drape throughout. The next four slides show you step-by-step ways to create this holiday scene.

Old is New Again

Keep those clay pots. They make great decorating tools for mantel displays and centerpieces. Create a unique "flower" in a clay pot with a wine glass, ornaments, and tissue paper. Simply place a wine glass in the clay pot and crumple tissue paper around the base of the glass. Fill the glass with mini ornaments for a flowerlike effect.

Elegant Glassware

Pretty glassware is a simple way to decorate at the last-minute. Small ornament balls look elegant on a Christmas table when put in glassware. Don't limit yourself to wine glasses. Beer, martini, or glass bowls make elegant decorating tools.

Ornament Balls

Decorating has never been so easy. Just choose a variety of ornament balls in different sizes to begin. Make sure to pick a color scheme and stick to it. Mini ornaments fit nicely in martini, beer, or wine glasses. Add greenery with the ornaments for instant elegance.

Doorway Display

Didn't have time to buy a wreath this year? Don't fret. Dig through the closet and find a large purse or bag. Use ribbon, ornaments, and greenery to quickly embellish it. The next four slides show you how.

The Bag Wreath

A large bag no longer in use makes for easy, quick decorating. Choose a bag that can easily hang on a doorknob and that complements the colors of your holiday decorating. Line the inside with a plastic bag and stuff with newspaper.

Ready Ribbon

Have the ribbon ready. Make sure to choose ribbon that coordinates with your bag of choice. Purchase a variety of ribbon with different textures and widths. Layer them as you tie the ribbon into a bow around the handle of the bag.

Glistening Ornaments

Attach two ornaments near the bow of the ribbon with wire. The clean white of these sparkling ornaments goes well with the red ribbon and neutral tones of the bag.

Go Green

Clip twigs and evergreen branches from trees in the yard. Place inside the tote so they lay to one side. To protect the door display from winter's elements, bring the tote inside overnight.

Tiered Celebration Centerpiece

Prepare a seasonal arrangement with ready accessories in the kitchen. To make this look, see the next three slides.

Editor's Tip: Instead of using place cards at the table, try bright-color wide ribbons to mark each place setting. Write names on them with a white or silver fabric paint pen, then drape across each plate.

Stack Away

Stack mixing bowls, cake plates, cake pans or gelatin molds and dress them with your own holiday baubles. In this tiered centerpiece, we stacked four mixing bowls together. Place a cereal bowl upside-down between each layer to separate them and keep them stable (see previous slide).

Fill Them Up

Fill up mixing bowls with mini glass ornaments. We used white ornaments for the top layer and red ones for the middle layer.

Natural Texture

Add a variety of nuts, dried pods, and greenery to layers of the centerpiece to play off of the glossy white and red ornaments.

Pillow Present

Tie wide ribbons around solid-color pillows as if they're gifts going under the Christmas tree. Place them on chairs, sofas, or beds for instant holiday color.

Christmas Boots

Dress up your Christmas boots with twigs, greenery, and ribbon for a welcoming entry. To protect the boots, layer plastic bags and stuff newspaper on the insides. Add weight with rocks or marbles to keep the boots from tipping. Tie a bow around each boot with ribbon, and secure a small piece of an evergreen branch to drape down one side.

Editor's Tip: Use bright red or green children's rain boots for a more playful arrangement.

Tied Twigs

A bundle of wintry brown twigs makes a great hanging decoration to put on a door, above a mantel, or on a wall above a buffet table. Wrap a wide rubber band around to secure the cut ends of the twigs. Tuck one branch of greens inside the rubber band (we used eucalyptus). Wrap a pretty ribbon around the top to hide the rubber band. Make a loop at the top of the ribbon to hang from a nail.

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