Christmas Decorations for Every Room

Have fun decorating the whole house this Christmas. Our tips will help you take it one room at a time. We'll show you how to tackle Christmas decorations in the main rooms, as well as how to dress up forgotten areas, such as the hallway or bathroom.

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    Family Room: Use Antiques and Family Heirlooms

    Keep the Christmas decorations in your family room cozy and casual so it still feels like a place to relax. Sweet knit stockings line the mantel, and a fun stack of gifts in the fireplace welcomes you-know-who down the chimney. For your Christmas tree decorations in the family room, think more cute crafts than family heirlooms.

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    Entry: Welcome Holiday Guests with a Message

    Use a bold typographic element to welcome friends and family. This dramatic arrangement also features items that could easily last beyond the season, such as the vase full of berry twigs and a faux-pear display. 

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    Video: Secrets to a Gorgeous Front Door

    Charm guests at the entrance -- here's how!

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    Dining Room: Add Drama with Christmas Ornaments

    As party central for most of the holidays, your dining room deserves some glamour. Dangle snowflake ornaments from your chandelier for a dramatic effect, and add greenery to create a lush look. Then, use metallic place settings to add sparkle.

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    Dining Room: Decorate with Greenery

    Greenery makes a traditional dining room feel even more classic during the holiday season. Here, miniature trees add height and a garland creates a dramatic window treatment.

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    Kitchen: Keep Decorations Practical

    The kitchen is the heart of your home, so keep decorations minimal and out of the way of cooking and conversation. The funky reindeer sculptures in this kitchen create a fun look, and they're easy to move when needed.

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    Bedroom: Use Your Current Decorating Scheme

    Your bedroom is a calming spot, so whatever decorations you choose should be simple and reflect the room's existing atmosphere. Here, a classically decorated Christmas tree and a simple window wreath echo this room's simplicity and traditional style.

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    Formal Living Room: Decorate with Metallics

    Friends and family are sure to spend some time in your living room, so why not make it a showstopping space? The key is using an overall color scheme. A white tree echoes the muted tones in this living room, while metallic and sky blue accessories keep the glamorous spirit.

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    Formal Living Room: Use Your Color Scheme

    We love the way the Christmas decorations in this formal living room pick up the room's existing decor. The warm colors on the Christmas tree pick up the taupes and natural wood, while the shots of lime green in the gift wrap complement the curtains and pillows.

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    Bathroom: Coordinate with Metals

    Give your bathroom a modern look for the holidays by matching the metallics of your plumbing. Bright silver reindeer and ornaments on the wreath look right at home in this cool white bathroom.

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    Hallway: Makeover a Hall Table

    Don't let the high-traffic areas in your house go unnoticed. A hall table or bench is the perfect spot to add a little extra cheer. Small items like pillows, greenery, or Christmas figurines dress up the space and are easy to remove once the season's over.

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    Video: Holiday Decor on a Dime

    If you're decorating the whole house, inexpensive options are a must. Follow our video for cute Christmas crafts that won't empty your wallet.

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    Mudroom: Small-Scale Decorations

    A back entry or mudroom is a great spot to add a few small Christmas decorations. It's also an easy spot to store the gifts you need to take to holiday occasions. Pile them under a mini Christmas tree for a simple but festive look. 

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    Basement: Make Small Decorating Changes

    Dress up your basement in a few easy steps. Inject some candy-cane red into the color palette, and use a short length of garland to make a festive candle wrap.

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    Bedroom: Wake Up to Holiday Cheer

    Don't leave your bedroom out of the Christmas decorating fun! From a simply chic tree to festive throw pillows, celebrate the season with bedroom decor, too.

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