Christmas Decorating Using What You Have

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Decorate your home for Christmas using glasses, ornaments, and other items that you already own. Check out these inventive Christmas decor ideas that won't deplete your pocketbook.

Paper Mantel Winterscape

What You Have: cardstock

This paper town will transform your mantel into a cozy winter scene. Simply cut the patterns from cardstock, then decorate your enchanting display with miniature wreaths.

Fabric Advent Calendar

What You Have: fabric ornaments, round wood discs, paint, string

Count down to Christmas by using fabric ornaments to create a mantel garland. To keep track of the days, burn or paint numbers on the side of small wood discs. Keep treats in each ornament pocket to add a sweet surprise to your advent calendar.

Transform wood pieces -- from home accessories to furniture -- with beautiful designs created with a wood-burning tool.

How to Use a Wood-Burning Tool

What You Have: wood, a wood-burning tool

Once you master the wood-burning tool, you can design stunningly rustic wood decor just in time for the holidays. Learn more in this one-minute video.

Pine Cone Holder

What You Have: a ceramic plate, evergreen branch, gold-leafed kraft paper, skewer, bone folder, scissors, pencil

This makeshift centerpiece dresses up any end table or shelf with Christmas charm. Gold-leafed paper petals are stacked to create handmade pinecones, and an evergreen branch brings lush simplicity to your display.

Holiday Glass Jar

What You Have: a glass jar, red ribbon

Simple glass jars can store anything from puppy treats to holiday spices! Dress up these clear storage containers with a holiday-colored ribbon for extra festivity.

Paper Book Snowman

What You Have: an old book, felt, twigs

To transform an old book into a snowman, remove the cover, trim the pages to form a snowman shape, and glue the ends together. Fan out the pages, and accessorize Frosty with felt and twigs.

Framed Santa Wall Decor

What You Have: glittered cardstock, frame

Cut a glittery, metallic Kris Kringle from glittered cardstock, then mount it in a frame for emphasis. This easy craft definitely makes our holiday nice list!

Holiday Throw Pillow

What You Have: white craft felt, red craft felt, pillow, fusible web or white thread

Upgrade your seating area with a sweet accent pillow. Cut tree trunks and branches from white craft felt, as well as any additional elements, like a bird. Use heavyweight fusible web to attach the trees to the pillow, or handstitch the pieces individually.

DIY Gold Tinsel Ornament

What You Have: clear ornament, tinsel

This is the easiest ornament to create -- just use leftover tinsel, push it into a clear ornament, then secure the top with hot glue. Hang it on the Christmas tree, or make several for an ornament garland!

Warm and Cozy Banner

What You Have: red cardstock, white paint, sparkle glitter, string

This printable pennant is fully customizable -- just print letters on cardstock in a color of your choice. Paint the details with white paint and add glitter to the edges.

Framed Paper Tree

What You Have: heavyweight cardstock in green, craft glue, watercolor paper, frame (ours is 16x20) 

Cut pale green, mint, and forest green cardstock into tiered strips between 1 and 1-1⁄2 inches wide. Cut the tree trunk and star from gold cardstock, and glue them against watercolor paper. Frame the finished product to emphasize the Christmas craft.

Recycled Sweater Ornament

What You Have: old sweater, foam ball, string

Old sweaters aren't just for ugly christmas sweater parties anymore! When you're ready to retire a sweater or cardigan, cut the fabric and wrap it around a foam ball. Sew the edges together, and use a hot glue gun to stick a bow to the top.

Hanging Snowflakes

What You Have: snowflake cutouts, clips

Snowflake cutouts reminiscent of Christmas celebrations past can be put to good use -- hang them from a wall, a frame, or a window for an indoor touch of winter wonderland.

Ribbon-Wrapped Pillow

What You Have: pillow, ribbon

Wrap a wide ribbon around a pillow to add an instant Christmas touch to your home. Place pillows on chairs, sofas, or beds for cute Christmas charm.

Christmas Tree Toppers

What You Have: tree toppers

Have more toppers than trees? No problem. Just group a few favorites atop a mantel or shelf. If some of the toppers tend to fall, use pea-size balls of clear candleholder wax to hold them upright.

Christmas Card Pitcher Display

What You Have: pitcher, Christmas cards, clips

A simple white pitcher becomes a base for this Christmas card display. Fill with small branches, and slip clips onto the branches to attach Christmas cards. Drape a strand of zigzag red ribbon around the branches as a festive garland.

Red Ornament Centerpiece

What You Have: ornaments, candlesticks, footed compote

Silver candlesticks, a footed compote, red ornaments, and sprigs of foliage create a festive centerpiece that brings Christmas to any table. Pick your favorite holiday color, and then rummage through your Christmas decorations for ornaments that match the color scheme.

Scrabble Season's Greetings

What You Have: Scrabble pieces

You'll be the winner with these fun board-game-inspired Christmas decorations. Hot-glue (or just arrange) Scrabble pieces to wish guests "Season's Greetings" or any other holiday message you can think up.

Editor's Tip: With the right letters on hand, you can use this Christmas decor idea to create place cards for your next holiday meal.

Raised Ornament Centerpiece

What You Have: glasses and glass vases, ornaments, footed cake plate

Use unique glasses and colorful ornaments for this appealing centerpiece. Bells, small candles, and a handful of decorative bulbs cover the base of the cake plate, creating a cohesive look for this Christmas eye-catcher.

Ribbon Candy Candle Dish

What You Have: ribbon candy, decorative plate, candleholder, candle

All it takes is a candleholder, a plate, a candle, and ribbon candy to create this simply festive Christmas decoration. Your guests will have a hard time keeping their eyes -- and hands -- off this tasty bit of decor.

Peppermint Bouquet

What You Have: peppermint sticks, vase

A red rose bouquet looks even more gorgeous when wrapped with peppermint sticks. Hot-glue candy sticks around a vase; then encircle with a red-and-white ribbon. A round peppermint ball hot-glued at the center of the bow completes the look.

Candle and Clementines Centerpiece

What You Have: oranges, candles, mirror

This candle centerpiece looks intricate but takes just minutes to create. Gather candles of varying heights and then nestle them among clementines, pinecones, and small evergreen branches for a fun Christmas decoration. Use a beveled edge mirror as a sparkling base.

Oven Mitts on the Mantel

What You Have: oven mitts

These mitts look just right hung over the fireplace with care. Decorate bold-color oven mitts with fabric, shiny sequins, bells, and bows for an original take on your typical Christmas stocking. Fill mitts with themed items like cooking utensils for a spin on holiday sparkle.

Blue Ribbon Chair and Napkin Accents

What You Have: ribbon, ornaments, chairs

All it takes is some ribbon and a few flashy ornaments to create eye-pleasing -- and matching -- napkin and chair wraps. Dangle the ball ornaments and add a fun element, such as a snowflake ornament or pretty broach, for a bit more pizzazz.

Colorful Christmas Glasses

What You Have: glasses

You don't need brand-new dishes to create an exciting Christmas table setting. Mix and match your favorite holiday drinkware for a fresh and lively array of glasses for your Christmas table.

Blue Floral Can and Wine Decoration

What You Have: wrapping paper, coffee can

All you need is some wrapping paper, ribbon, and an empty coffee can to create a pretty but minimalist floral table display. Bright, glittery yarn and wild stickers adorn a bottle of wine for a fun winter touch.

Editor's Tip: Additional ribbon can be used as a colorful and unique table runner. Match the ribbon with a cluster of ornaments for extra Christmas flair.

Green-and-Silver Ornament Bouquet

What You Have: tin can, ribbon, ornaments

Use a simple tin can and a foam cone to transform leaves and a variety of ornaments into a green-and-silver Christmas ornament bouquet. Tie a red ribbon into a bow to complete the decoration. Use as a centerpiece or as a part of your holiday side-table decor.

Editor's Tip: To expand on the display, decorate two smaller cans to place alongside the larger ornament bouquet.

Cookie Cutter Holidays

What You Have: cookie cutters

Use letter cookie cutters to spell out "Holidays" or any other merry wishes you have this Christmas. Stand the cookie cutters up on a shelf or counter, using wax or putty to hold in place if necessary.

Editor's Tip: Tie yarn around holiday cookie cutters to create clever and simple Christmas ornaments.

Gift-Wrapped Centerpiece

What You Have: ornaments, clear glass container, serving tray

Any clear glass container can become a gift-wrapped centerpiece. For an eye-catching and cohesive look, use ornaments in a trio of colors. Place the container on a silver tray, wrap it with a bow, add a few more balls to the tray, and fill in with shredded tissue paper for a snowlike effect.

Christmas Sled

What You Have: old sled

When not in use, your wintertime sled can serve as a simple and picturesque part of your Christmas decor. Embellish with foliage, pinecones, and pomegranates to transform your sled into a fun outdoor display.

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