Christmas Decorating for Small Spaces

Cheer up small corners of your holiday home with our designer tricks for outfitting a bookcase, side table, mirror, and more!

Cheer up small corners of your holiday home with our designer tricks for outfitting a bookcase, side table -- even a mirror!

There's no need to fret about holiday decorating in a small space. The key is to take advantage of furniture you already have available—mirrors, windows, tables, and shelves. Think tabletop trees and kitchen window displays. With these five simple ideas, your small house or apartment will be holiday-ready in no time!

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Side Table Spruce

Opt for faux miniature or tabletop Christmas trees if you don't have the floor space for a full-size one. A shimmery tinsel tree is reusable year after year and adds plenty of sparkle to your space. Here's how to know if it's the right size for the room: Select one that's slightly smaller in diameter than the side table you plan to display it on and that's tall enough to extend about two-thirds of the way up to the ceiling. Make sure your ornaments match the scale of the tree as well. For a stunning, ornament-packed effect, space them evenly along the branches. Do away with blah wire hooks and hang each with a decorative ribbon instead.

Tasteful Tomes

Your Christmas village or nativity collection doesn't need to sit gathering dust in the closet. Why not display it on your bookshelf? To get this look, first take out about one-third to one-half of the books from your shelves—this prevents it from looking too cluttered. Arrange the remaining books by color, or select books to display in a holiday color scheme. Take a peek under the dust jacket; you may find an interesting spine underneath! Keep the arrangement interesting by stacking some books vertically and others horizontally. Place your village or nativity pieces in between or atop the arranged books. For a finishing touch, add a few sprigs of greenery and an ornament here and there.

Merry Mirrors

Make your mirrors reflect your festiveness in more ways than one! Outfit every mirror in the house with an inexpensive topper. To make it yourself, gather the following:

  • Small sprigs of greenery (2)
  • Florists wire
  • Hand-tied ribbon bow
  • Scissors

Step 1: Attach two greenery sprigs together with a piece of florists wire. You can use faux or real branches, depending on whether you wish to reuse these toppers.

Step 2: Wire a ribbon bow to the center of the branches.

Step 3: Hang the decoration on the wall hook that holds the mirror, or use double-sided foam tape to stick it to the top of the mirror frame.

Cook Up Some Kitchen Decor

Decorate a small kitchen with a few quick additions. Hang a wreath in the window. This one is made from silver ball ornaments and subtly matches the cabinet hardware. Use narrow pots to display seasonal plants, such as paperwhites, Star of Bethlehem, and amaryllis. You can buy them from a nursery or force the bulbs yourself several weeks in advance. A small evergreen tree is low-maintenance and adds additional color. Tie Christmas-y ribbons around ordinary vases and pots to give them a seasonal touch. For the final flourish, drape a holiday dish towel over the side of the sink.

Stockinged Staircase

No mantel? Don't stress. Hang stockings along a staircase wrapped in garland instead! Drape the railing in traditional evergreens or opt for a DIY garland you can bust out every year. We've rounded up garland ideas for every style and budget, from rustic farmhouse to ultra-modern.

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