Don't limit the greens to the Christmas tree: Deck the halls (and gifts and table) with fir cuttings that add scent, texture, and jolly spirit to your Christmas decorations. Here's how blogger Kelly from Talk of the House fir-ed up her home.

By Sydney Price

Fir branches make your Christmas tree beautiful, but they can add color and scent to your other holiday decorations, too! For a budget-friendly option that will liven up the whole house, take a few discreet trimmings from the back of your tree. If you need more, purchase additional fir cuttings or go with faux fir. Here's how to use this classic Christmas material to wrap gifts, decorate candles, and more.

More Budget-Friendly Christmas Projects

1. Wrap a Gift

Rather than a plastic bow, give guests the gift of fresh evergreen on their present. Tie a sprig of greenery—we used four-inch sections—to each package with a small strip of ribbon. If you're worried about it staying in place, stick a piece of double-stick tape underneath to hold it down. Use faux fir if you're wrapping gifts ahead of time, so the sprig doesn't dry out.

2. Mini Table Trees

Make your own tiny tabletop trees! Fill a plastic bag with pebbles or sand to weigh it down, then stick a few fir cuttings upright inside. Wrap a piece of burlap around the bag and tie it with a twine bow for a rustic touch. Display the fir bundles as a centerpiece, on the coffee table, or at a desk.

3. Seat Swags

Don't leave the chairs out of your Christmas table setting! Wrap floral wire around a handful of fir sprigs to use as seat swags. Wrap a ribbon bow over the wire and hang on the back of each chair. For a fun place card, attach a gift tag to the bundle with each guest's name written on their chair. Feel free to include additional touches, such as a small ornament or bell.

4. Traditional Wreath

You can't go wrong with a classic fir wreath. DIY it or buy a plain wreath and add your own ribbon bow. Wire together the bow first, then attach it to the wreath and hang on your door. For more red accents, include berry sprigs.

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5. Berry Merry Centerpiece

Cranberries and fir sprigs are a natural combo of traditional Christmas red and green. For this holiday centerpiece, fill a tray with fresh cranberries and sprinkle with sanding sugar to resemble snow. Tuck in a few fir cuttings throughout. The lit candles mixed with the woodsy scent of evergreen will have your house smelling fragrant in no time.

6. Evergreen Candle

Dress up a plain hurricane candle holder with a ring of evergreen branches. (Note: Evergreen trees with flatter leaves, such as arborvitae, will work best for this project, but you can press fir needles flat if needed.) Coat each piece with spray adhesive to attach around the base, then trim off the excess.

7. Globe with Greenery

A tiny DIY hanging terrarium sets the stage for an adorable holiday scene. Fill with faux craft snow, then add deer figures. A few fir sprigs trimmed from your tree make a forest for the miniature animals. Tie a red or green ribbon to the top for hanging.

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