Crafts for a Beautiful Christmas Table

Make your table sparkle and shine with these creative ideas for centerpieces, chairs, napkins, and more.

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    Serve in Style

    A stocking favor serves as both a place setting and a flatware corral. Stitched from two pieces of green iridescent fabric, the favor is personalized by attaching a pair of metal letters with a piece of sheer ribbon.

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    Letter Perfect Cloche

    Add your monogram to plain glass cloches with a letter stencil and etching cream, available at crafts stores. The dressed-up cloches can be used any time of year, but you can easily make them the star of your Christmas table. Simply arrange a few glass ornaments on a plate and top with the cloche. Go to the next slide to learn more about this centerpiece.

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    Sparkling White

    Capture the look of snow-covered trees indoors without the melting mess. Cover an artificial tree with white spray paint; let dry. Then coat with a layer of spray snow. Once dry, pot it in a galvanized pail and add white and silver star ornaments and a string of battery-operated lights.

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    Holly Napkin Rings

    Let these handsome napkin rings set the tone for a festive table. Wool and velvet felts team with checked ribbon and miniature jingle bells for a classic holiday table setting.

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    Go Green

    Present holiday guests the gift of nature with a evergreen sapling. These Arborvitae seedlings were planted in small tins, which were then wrapped with strips of scrapbook paper bearing a Christmas greeting.

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    Have a Seat

    Dining chairs become pretty as packages wrapped with ribbons and adorned with ornaments. Wrap a wide velvet ribbon layered with narrow ribbons around each chair, hold it in place with repositionable adhesive, and tie into a bow. Embellish the bow with ornaments tied to ribbon and hot-glued to a star-shape ornament.

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    Sweet Surprise

    For a fun favor, make simple pockets from scrapbooking paper. Cut two papers to size, then stitch the smaller front piece onto the back piece. Stick a candy cane or other small treat inside and display the gifts upright in a napkin holder.

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    O, Tannenbaum

    Decorate your table with these fun felt trees. Cut evergreen shapes from green felt, cutting some of the trees in half lengthwise. Cut circles from red felt; glue onto the trees. Place a white runner in the center of your table, and then layer the trees onto the runner.

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    Santa Hat Place Cards

    Perk up any table with a bell-topped Santa hat that holds each guest's name.

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    Luxe Linens

    Keep the holiday table merry with ornament-adorned napkin rings. Tie a narrow ribbon through each ornament cap, then attach them to a wider ribbon tied around a cloth napkin.

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    Scaling to New Heights

    The monogrammed cloche from the previous slide joins two others atop a vintage wooden sled for this Christmas centerpiece. Evergreen sprigs are a fragrant and colorful addition to the spread while candles in glass votive cups light up the elegant table.

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    Paper Pocket

    Rummage up a few scrapbooking supplies for these easy silverware caddies. The simple project adds instant Christmas flare to any table setting.

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    Wrapped in Color

    Present basic white cloth napkins with a punch of Christmas color. These holly bead napkin rings take just a few crafting supplies and are finished with a sweet candy cane as a favor for guests.

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    Places Everyone

    Bright ribbon and scrapbooking paper star in these pretty place cards. But rather than grace the table, the elegant craft takes its place on the back of dining room chairs, leaving more space on the table for the essential plates, silverware, and serving dishes.

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    Dinner Party

    Advertise your menu to party guests on a pretty display. Print the food list onto plain paper and then decorate it with scrapbooking stamps or rub-ons. Glue the sheet to a background paper and embellish with buttons.

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    Pepperberry Place Card

    Invite guests to their spot at the table with a simple pepperberry place card. Tie a ribbon around the fresh sprig and add a silver-rimmed tag with each guest's name.

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    What a Card

    Give holiday spirits a home of their own. Pick up a coaster kit at a crafts store or online. Sandwich a trimmed holiday card between two glass pieces and secure with metal tape. Attach rubber feet to the bottom to prevent skidding.

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    On Edge

    Dress up basic red-and-white table runners by adding embroidered snowflake designs. Lightly sketch the shapes with pencil or use a stencil, and then stitch over them with red yarn.

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    Cute As a Button

    Fashion these charming no-sew napkin rings by gluing together the short ends of a frayed strip of burlap. Tie a single thread of burlap through the buttonhole, then glue the button in place.

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    Dine in Style

    Mark a special spot for each diner with festive chair dressings. Hang an ornament from a strip of tinsel garland, tie the ends of the garland to the top of the chair, and embellish with evergreen sprigs.

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    Fun Favors

    Inexpensive green peat pots hold handfuls of sweet treats enclosed in candy-cane-stripe tissue paper tied with green satin bows.

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    Styled Tree Napkin Holder

    Wire and torn fabric combine to make a stylish napkin holder. The country-style rings can be made using any color scheme.

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    Tied Up

    Red bows tied with a few sprigs of greenery and a snowflake ornament are a quick dining chair decoration.

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    Tiny Snowmen Place Cards

    Greet guests at the table with cute little snowmen place cards made from paper.

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