Gingerbread Houses

Kids can create their own gingerbread house with this easy-to-make cookie.
Everyone loves to decorate gingerbread houses.

You've heard of tree-trimming parties. Why not host a house-trimming party? Gingerbread house, that is. Think of this yummy gathering as a practice session for dolling up your big house. Try a colorful window treatment here; a swag of magical lights there; even a fanciful front door wreath -- all of it easy to gobble up and redo if you and the kids don't like the finished look. That's the beauty of our cookie decorating project.

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While you're at it, let the kids invite a few friends over to help. The cookie set-up is painless. Just have plain gingerbread cookie houses baked, ready, and waiting for the decorative details. You'll also want to have an assortment of colorful candies, cereals, and ready-made icings on hand. Our four designs get you going with can-do confidence.

North Pole Workshop

North Pole Workshop: Dressed in the latest reds and greens for the holidays, this little cottage sports lime and cherry gumdrops and shiny lollipop windows.

Techinicolor Palace

Technicolor Place: 'Tis a lively house clad in eye-popping hard-candy rounds, jelly candies, and peanut-butter-filled chooclates. What more can we say?

Grandma's Thatched-Roof House

Grandma's Thatched-Roof House: Cereal squares, tiny marshmallows, toffees, and candy rolls lend a woodsy look to this natural-hue house.

Princess Cottage

Princess Cottage: Crunchy pink cookie shingles, fruit-flavored oval jelly candies, and bright gumdrops add a magical flavor to a palace fit for royalty.


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