This confetti cookie house is everything you didn't know you needed this year. A rainbow cookie house decked out in every kind of candy imaginable will put all other gingerbread houses to shame this cookie-decorating season. Plus, we'll show you how to get the pieces just right, every time!

Confetti Cookie House

This year, ditch the traditional gingerbread house and whip up a delicious confetti house, complete with rainbow sprinkles and a mountain of candy. Plus, our free template makes it so easy to make perfectly-proportioned cookie pieces.

What You'll Need

Step 1: Make dough

Confetti Cookie House cutting out walls

Prepare regular sugar cookie dough with rainbow sprinkles. When the dough is prepped and chilled, roll and cut each of the house shapes and bake according to the directions. When the baked house shapes are cool, trim the edges to create straight lines; try to cut the same amount off of each side of each piece, so they fit together when it's time to assemble. 

Get the free template. 

Step 2: Assemble house

Confetti Cookie House joining walls together

To assemble the house, lay the back piece of the house flat on a tray; once you build the house, this is how you'll move or transport it safely. Use a frosting bag to pipe a small line of frosting down the edge of either side, and attach the smaller rectangle cookies to both lines of frosting. You may need to hold these in place for several minutes until the frosting has set. Use the same technique to add the front side and the roof pieces.

Step 3: Decorate house

Confetti Cookie House attaching roof

Let the decorating begin! Once the house has been assembled, use frosting and assorted candy to decorate. Use frosting to attach candy directly onto the house, and switch out the tip of your frosting bag to create different patterns. Keep larger candies toward the bottom (or lean them up against the house) to avoid putting any extra weight on the top of the house. Only one more step until the house is finished—and until it's time to start munching on it!

Step 4: Add lollipop chimney

Confetti Cookie House decorating roof

To add the finishing touch to your confetti cookie house, add a lollipop with a large stick to the roof of the house. With the point of a sharp knife, twist the blade through the cookie; apply pressure gently so the roof of the house doesn't fall in. Once you've made a hole large enough for the large lollipop, add the final piece of candy, give the house one last dusting of sprinkles, and enjoy!


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