Editors' Picks: 15 Toys Kids will Love

Check out our editors' favorite toys for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and grade-school kids.

Parents Circus Express

What: The best first train set ever -- with wooden track pieces making an oval shape, a complete set of 6 die-cast trains, and lots of accessories.

The Twist: This train pulls in with a circus animal in each car. Universal magnets make stringing the cars together easy for little hands.

The Cost: $59.99

Where: Target

Product Number: 10370700


Parents Bee Bop Band

What: The angel says "Giving a child the gift of music is a wonderful, thoughtful act." The devil says "Yeah, give a DRUM kit and see how long it takes for the parents to stop speaking to you."

The Twist: We're listening to the angel. Here's the buzz: Each instrument is shaped like a different friendly insect, and they all fit neatly inside the drum.

The Cost: $29.95

Where: Sensational Beginnings

Product Number: M 9 137X


Bilibo Toy

What: Don't be offended if you hear "What the heck is THAT?" after you give this unique gift. A child (age 2-7) will know exactly what to do with the Bilibo Toy.

The Twist: Designed to encourage tots' creative play, these funny-looking shells rock, spin, stack, can be worn as hats...all sorts of stuff.

The Cost: $30

Where: Uncommon Goods

Product Number: 15769


Parents Bristle Blocks

What: We love toys that prompt kids to use their imaginations. This collection of 75 easy-to-connect blocks is right up that alley, and comes packed in a reusable bin.

The Twist: Classic bristle blocks go modern with twist-and-turn bases, whimsical shapes, and funny-faced blocks perfect for creating one-of-a-kind characters.

The Cost: $29.99

Where: Target

Product Number: 10370710


Water Blocks

What: A child without building blocks is like a cake with no frosting, a bird with no song. This set boasts fun shapes and something special inside.

The Twist: Each block is filled with brightly colored water. Kids not only gain fine motor skills by building masterpieces, they also get to learn about color mixing.

The Cost: $20

Where: Simply a Boy

Product Number: PT-WATERBLOCKS


Dwell Baby Blocks

What: You can't go wrong giving a child a set of blocks. Even the youngest on your gift list can play with these: They're soft.

The Twist: The soft blocks have fanciful stitched fabric shapes, numbers, letters, and animals in the signature fabrics of the Dwell Baby line.

The Cost: $37

Where: Dwell Baby


Parents Busy Zoo

What: This solid wood, five-sided learning machine will keep little hands and minds engaged for hours on end.

The Twist: This toy is big enough to occupy a pair of toddlers, and includes everything from beads and beastie paths to alphabet spinners, peek-a-boo doors, and a silly puzzle.

The Cost: $49.99

Where: Target

Product Number: 10370711


Alligator Push Toy

What: Think of how much glee a 2-year-old will have pretending they are nipping at your heels as he or she pushes this wooden toy behind you.

The Twist: This Chomp and Clack Alligator push toy has features to help a child's motor skills and coordination at the critical baby-to-tot stage.

The Cost: $39.99

Where: Melissa & Doug


Fishbowl Fill & Spill

What: Infants 6 months and older will giggle as they rattle, jingle, squeak, and crinkle these ocean pals, helping develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

The Twist: This tactile toy is fairly compact, lightweight, and self-storing -- and therefore great for travel. It's also machine washable!

The Cost: $19.95

Where: Melissa & Doug

Product Number: MD708


Parents Hog Heaven Bicycle

What: Whee! Check out this ultra sturdy, first ride-on toy for tots.

The Twist: More than foot-to-floor ride-on action, this ride-on toy includes a bead-run gas tank, easy-to-toot horn, a never-lose ignition key, and gears that spin.

The Cost: $49.99

Where: Target

Product Number: 10064662


OFFI Kapsule Chair

What: Curvy and colorful, this tot-sized chair gets an "A" in the fun department.

The Twist: And it gets an "A+" in the sneaky department, because pop open the top and there's plenty of storage for dollies, art supplies, plush toys...everything a child needs to keep close by.

The Cost: $49

Where: OFFI


Play Wonder Workbench

What: This handy workbench set comes with a 24-piece accessory set that includes a hammer, wrench, screwdriver, and more.

What: This handy workbench set comes with a 24-piece accessory set that includes a hammer, wrench, screwdriver, and more.

The Cost: $59.99

Where: Target


Parents Ready, Set, Go! Cars

What: These 4 soft speedsters zoom based on an easy, pull-back action.

The Twist: Each colorful car makes a special sound: chime, squeak, rattle, or ring.

The Cost: $24.95

Where: Sensational Beginnings

Product Number: H 3 9145


Sports Car

What: There are lots of reasons to love this little toddler-size sports car ride-on toy. One: It's darn cute. And two: Peddling around helps kids burn off energy!

The Twist: The third reason to love this toy? It's made by PlayToys, the first wooden toy manufacturer to successfully use recycled rubberwood.

The Cost: $99

Where: Simply a Boy

Product Number: PT-SPORTSCAR


Wagon Wooden Toy

What: Give the gift of an old-fashioned toy that lets kids use their imaginations. This wagon has magnets under each piece so they stay put as the wagon moves.

The Twist: Go west, young man...and woman! We love that this set has as many cowgirls as cowboys, so the little ladies on your list can have high-plains adventures too.

The Cost: $28

Where: Baby Goes Vintage


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