Craft a Snowman Bucket with a Rubber Stamp and Card Stock

Create a cheery container for Christmas goodies by embellishing a clear bucket with snowmen rubber-stamped onto card stock.

What You Need:

  • Perfectly Clear Stamp: Jumbo Snowman SSC1009
  • Acrylic handles: Large SSH46, Small Rectangle SSH38, and Mini SSH12
  • Black inkpad
  • White and blue cardstock
  • Watercolor paintbrush pens; pale blue, red, orange, lime, gold, and black
  • Glue pen
  • Ultrafine crystal glitter
  • Crafts glue
  • Clear 1-gallon pail with handle

Editor's Note: By distorting the snowman stamp before pressing it onto the acrylic handle, you can create an assortment of different snowmen. Only the center snowman on the pail is not distorted.

How to Make It:

  1. Stamp the snowman: Press the stamp on the black inkpad, and stamp the center snowman onto white card stock. Remove stamp from the handle. For the skinny snowman, distort the snowman stamp and press it onto a handle. Stamp the snowman. Repeat for the short snowman, distorting the snowman stamp. Stamp the top hat, knit cap, two scarves, and one pair of mittens as directed above.
  2. Decorate the snowmen: Color the left edge of each snowman body and head with the pale blue watercolor paintbrush pen. Color the snowmen details and the accessories as desired with watercolor paintbrush pens. Using the glue pen, cover pale blue areas of each snowman with adhesive and sprinkle with crystal glitter. Cut out snowmen and accessories. Using crafts glue, adhere accessories to snowmen.
  3. Create the sky: Cut two 4 1/2x11-inch pieces from the blue card stock for the sky background. Tear along one long edge of each piece. Using crafts glue, join a short end of each blue piece to make one long strip. Bend the strip around the pail and adhere ends.
  4. Make the banks of snow: Cut 2 1/2x11-inch pieces from white card stock for banks of snow. Tear along one long edge of each strip. Glue together short ends to make one long strip of each height. Cover torn edges with adhesive and sprinkle with crystal glitter. Bend the 2 1/2-inch strip around bottom of pail and adhere ends.
  5. Finish the pail: With crafts glue, attach the base of each snowman to the banks of snow. Adhere the remaining white strip around the pail, covering the bottoms of the snowmen. Adhere ends together.


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