Simple Christmas Food Gifts

Christmas food gifts aren't just for your favorite foodies. A special homemade treat presented in a decorative container deepens the meaning of giving for any loved one. Share these Christmas food gifts with teachers, friends, neighbors, and -- of course -- your family.

Reindeer Hot Chocolate Mix

You can never go wrong with food gifts in a jar. Give your friends this adorable Rudolph by filling a glass jar with homemade hot cocoa mix.

To make this simple Christmas food gift:

1. Layer ingredients in jar, then cut four 3-inch pieces of brown chenille stem and wrap them around a longer piece.

2. Tie on additional 1-1/2-inch pieces to form Y-shape antlers, then hot-glue finished antlers onto the lid.

3. Cut out eyes from white and black construction paper. Glue eyes and a red pom-pom nose onto the jar.

DIY Gingerbread House Kit

Little helpers will love putting together this (actually) edible gingerbread house kit. All it takes is a batch of cookies, some classic candies, icing, and some festive finessing.

To make this simple Christmas food gift:  

1. Make the gingerbread cutout cookies and icing as directed.

2. Assemble the cutout cookies, placing a paper sheet the same shape of the cookies on top. Doodle on house “shingles” and wrap with a ribbon.

3. Decorate a craft box like a house, using metallic markers and glitter to dress it up. Fill the box in with cookies, bagged candies, and piping materials (such as a disposable decorating bag and a small star tip).

Christmas Cookie Mix Gift

Dress up a Mason jar with simple embellishments to make a festive holiday food gift in a jar.

To make this simple Christmas food gift:

1. Use embroidery floss and a running stitch to attach two decorative baking cups together, and place over the lid.

2. Layer a doily, a trimmed and flattened baking cup, and a white paper circle cut with pinking shears.

3. Starting at the center, use a needle or tiny hole punch and embroidery thread to secure all pieces together on each side. Tie a bow in back to finish.


Truffle Box

Ditch the store bought box for these homemade salted-nut truffles. The Christmas food gift not only tastes better, but looks nicer, too!

To make this simple Christmas food gift:

1. Prepare the truffles as directed, then pop each into festive cupcake holders within a foil muffin tin.

2. Using a long strand of thick ribbon, tie a bow like you would a present. Hook in a favorite ornament for keeps.

Polka-Dot Christmas Cookie Tin

Present your Christmas food gift in this perfectly polka-dotted Christmas cookie tin.

To make this simple Christmas food gift:

1. Tape off a 1-1/2-inch-wide strip on a window tin. Paint the strip white; let dry.

2. Use a pencil eraser dipped in crafts paint to make dots on the strip; let dry completely.

3. Line tin and fill with your favorite cookie sandwiches.

4. Add a holiday word bubble and a manila tag for festive flair.


Granola Gift Container

Tasty granola can be enjoyed on the go in this adorable food-container-turned-gift-box.

To make this simple Christmas food gift:

1. Cut decorative paper to fit around a clean, empty bread crumb canister; adhere with glue. Cut red burlap to fit around the middle of the canister; glue ends to secure.

2. Bend thyme sprigs to form a mini wreath, and hot-glue it to the burlap band.

3. Loop a ribbon through the top of the wreath and hot-glue ends inside canister. Add another ribbon around the lid.


Quick Bread Christmas Gift Wrap Idea

Transform delicious quick bread into delightful Christmas food gifts.

To make this simple Christmas food gift:

1. Bake your favorite bread in a giftable loaf pan; let cool. Wrap parchment paper around the middle of pan.

2. Craft trees from construction paper, and draw on snow and a winter sentiment with white marker; glue trees to toothpicks.

3. Insert paper trees into bread through parchment paper.

S'mores Kit Food Gift

Homemade graham crackers make s'mores just that much better!

To make this simple Christmas food gift:

1. Break chocolate bars to fit into an acrylic box, leaving enough room for the crackers and marshmallows.

2. Tie up the Christmas gift with baker's twine and add festive star-embellished roasting sticks.

Cake Christmas Food Gift Idea

The shelves at the grocery store are filled with store-bought items that make quick and easy Christmas food gift ideas.

To make this simple Christmas food gift:

1. Wrap your favorite cake mix in a Christmas-theme fabric; sew or hot-glue closed.

2. Add handles by sewing or hot-gluing ribbon to package.

3. Attach small bags of decorations for a finishing touch.

DIY Soup Kit

Keep friends warm this winter with an edible Christmas gift: soup. With a doodled mug and fun soup mix-ins, coworkers will be calling you a souper-star in no time!

To make this simple Christmas food gift:  

1. Using permanent oil-base paint markers, freehand a repeating design around your ceramic bowl or mug.

2. Fill bags with soup mix-ins and tie each with a bow for festive flair.

3. Download and print the “Souper” gift tag then tie to the mug’s handle. Finish it off with a fun jingle bell.

Christmas Liqueur Food Gift

Friends and family will feel the "spirit" of Christmas when they receive this delicious gift. Plus, it’s just the thing to help round out their holiday bar cart.

To make this simple Christmas food gift:

1. Pour liqueur into a screw-top jar, and tie a strip of corduroy fabric around the jar neck.

2. Hang a manila tag adorned with an old-school label around each jar with an expiration date on the back.

Nuts and Honey Gift

Crunchy honey-kissed hazelnuts are the perfect addition to post-holiday breakfast oatmeal or muesli. Try it drizzled over ice cream or cheese. 



Paper Cuff for Quick Bread

Give a Christmas food gift that's merry and bright with this easy, quick bread wrapping.

To make this simple Christmas food gift:

1. Place loaf of bread in a giftable loaf tin.

2. Cut a 4-inch-wide strip of paper and a contrasting 3-inch-wide strip. Using two small brads, attach a gift tag to the 3-inch-wide strip.

3. Wrap both pieces of paper around the lid and loaf; attach to the bottom of the tin using tape.

Christmas Curd Food Gift Idea

A dollop of delicious citrus curd or jam can cheer up any Christmas bread.

To make this simple Christmas food gift:

1. For this simple Christmas food gift, fill hinged jars with the rich and creamy curd.

2. Use a pretty ribbon to tie on a vintage silver spoon; glue a decorative paper topper to the lid.


Ready-to-Make Dinner

Because one can never be too busy for pasta. Give this edible food gift to the busy bee or non-cook in your life. Besides, nothing beats a delicious two-ingredient dinner!

To make this simple Christmas food gift:

1. Fill one glass jar with homemade pesto and one with dry pasta. Nestle the jars in a colander alongside one or more dish towels.

2. Using a ribbon, tie a wooden spoon to one handle of the colander.

3. Fill in colander holes with white yarn for a snowflake look, then add a printed gift tag for a personalized finish. 

Scallop-Edge Gift Bag for Cookies

A scallop-cut edge, a polka-dot ribbon, and a Christmas ball ornament transform this simple paper bag into a festive food gift container.

To make this simple Christmas food gift:

1. Trim the top off a white paper gift bag using scallop-edge scissors for a decorative edge. Roll a piece of parchment paper and place inside as a liner.

2. Add colorful ribbon to the the bag and tie on a small ball ornament. Fill with your favorite Christmas cookies.

Grilling Rub Food Gift

Fill recycled or purchased glass bottles with a homemade meat rub for a well-seasoned Christmas gift for the grill master.

To make this simple Christmas food gift:

1. Hot-glue twine to bottle lid in a circular pattern.

2. Download, print, and trim instructions; hot-glue to a strip of burlap.

3. Wrap strip around bottle and secure with twine.

Cup of Tea Food Gift

For the tea lovers in your life, give them a cozy cup full of festive flavor this holiday season. Pinkies up!

To make this simple Christmas food gift:

1. Fill tea filters with premade Spiced Apple Tea mix, and tie to close using natural string. Embellish with a cinnamon stick.

2. Using store-bought metal clips, attach our printable tags to simple paper cups before placing tea bag inside.

Christmas Nut-Butter Food Gift

Spread the love with this sweet, simple, and homemade edible gift for Christmas.

To make this simple Christmas food gift:

1. Wrap homemade nut-butter logs in parchment paper, and tie ends with twine.

2. Create a box from cardboard rectangles and wrap with embroidery floss. Hot-glue a label to the box.

3. Nest the nut-butter log on decorative tissue paper inside the box.

Biscuit Gift Bag

Surprise any dog-lover with a bag of tasty hush puppies, hush puppy mix, or puppy chow.

To make this simple Christmas food gift:

1. Using acrylic paint, make a paw print on a muslin bag; let dry. Write a pup-friendly phrase or the recipe name on the bag.

2. Replace the cord of the bag with pretty ribbon.

3. Place a cellophane bag filled with your gift into the decorated bag. Include preparation directions if necessary.

Premade Dip in Ribbon-Wrapped Ramekins

Ramekins, oven-safe pots, or mini cocottes (pictured here) can be used as practical gift wrap for delish dishes.

To make this simple Christmas food gift:

1. Mix the homemade Asiago-Artichoke Dip in the mini pot; wrap with silk ribbon.

2. Include instructions and pair with yummy crackers or sliced bread for dipping.

Simple Christmas Food Gift Bag

Good homemade granola makes the perfect edible food gift to make in advance. Gift to the foodies and nature lovers in your life.

To make this simple Christmas food gift:

1. Pour 2 cups of cooled granola in a cellophane bag, and tie closed with Christmas ribbon.

2. Add a tree tag made from a decorative sticker and cardstock.

Peanuts and Beer Pairing Gift

Specialty beer and salted peanuts combine to make a Christmas food gift any beer lover can appreciate.

To make this simple Christmas food gift:

1. Package salted peanuts in the shell in a cellophane bag tied with a simple tag.

2. Gift it with a specialty beer embellished with ribbon or twine.

Repurposed Paper Milk Carton

Give your friends a Santa-worthy food gift this year, cookies and milk!

To make this simple Christmas food gift:

1. Cut away one side of a quart-size paper milk carton, and line the inside with brown parchment paper.

2. Tie together fun patterned straws with a gift tag and tuck inside the carton with the cookies.

Window Bread Bag

Your loved ones will enjoy getting a sneak peek at their hearty Christmas food gift through the handcrafted window of this gift bag.

To make this simple Christmas food gift:

1. Cut an opening on the front of the bag. Glue a piece of clear cellophane to the inside of the gift bag to cover the opening.

2. Tie a holiday tag to one of the handles of the bag.

3. Fill with scones or dinner rolls.

Christmas Cookie House

Gingerbread houses can’t have all the fun. Ditch the tray and give your annual plate of Christmas cookies an even cuter place to live: a DIY box house.

To make this simple Christmas food gift:

1. Cut the ribbon off of a glittered white take-out box.

2. Draw door and tree shapes onto colored paper, then glue onto the box and doodle on the finishing touches.

3. Cut a strip of polka dot paper and fold down the middle. Open back up and place the “roof” over the box.

4. Using the box’s previous holes, thread string through and tie a bow at the top, looping in a gift tag. 

Christmas Cookie Mix in a Jar

Nothing shows you care like cookies. Share that famous recipe of yours as a food gift in a jar! This batch packs in all the goods, such as white chocolate and red and green candies.

To make this simple Christmas food gift:

1. Layer the following ingredients in a 1-quart glass jar: white baking pieces, oats, candy-coated chocolate pieces, brown sugar, granulated sugar, and flour mixture.

2. Tap the jar gently on the counter to settle the ingredients, then cover with a lid. Look to a paper cupcake holder and a pipe cleaner to add a festive touch.

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