Personalized Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas pillow
Make the season extra special with a personalized gift. We're sharing 20-plus personalized DIY gift ideas that everyone will love. Whether you're looking for monograms or maps, we've got a gift for everyone on your list.

Hand-Lettered Art

Create a whimsical monogram drawing with just colored paper and a black marker. Freehand a letter surrounded by two twigs. We bordered this version with a rustic oval frame, perfect for adding interest to a gallery wall. 

Personalized Pillows

From initials to a holiday message, premade pillows and pom-pom trim make quick work of these personalized gifts. To make the pom-pom-edged pillow: Use a large pom-pom maker to make twenty-four 2-1/2-inch-diameter pom-poms, or purchase pom poms. Sew a pom-pom to each corner of a purchased pillow. Fill in evenly around the perimeter with remaining pom-poms. For the message pillow, use white chalk to trace a word onto a purchased pillow, and adhere mini pom-pom trim with slip stitches along the outline.

Encourage birds to stay awhile with an adorable vintage birdhouse. The secret to its design? A ready-made jewelry box!

Camper Birdhouse

It starts as a wooden box, it ends as an homage to camper-style travel that feathered friends can enjoy. It's the perfect DIY gift for the traveler in your life.

Kids' Artwork Becomes Artwork

Have a chance to enlist the recipient's kids in a project? This is the perfect way to celebrate the creativity in the family: Scan a collection of art pieces and import them into image-editing software. Crop and shrink art to desired size and take to a print shop to print into a poster you can frame.

Framed Monogram

A gilded frame and bold monogram makes this a stunning holiday gift. We like to place it on a shelf or bookcase for maximum impact. To create, paint the frame white and let dry. Paint the bottom third of the frame gold and let dry. Using stencils, paint a letter and border onto cut fabric. Frame the fabric and wrap with a gold ribbon. 

Living Wreath

Hang this living wreath indoors or out! The form is made from a plywood back, 2-inch cedar boards, and chicken wire. Spray-paint the form and fill with moss and succulents. Add hooks to the back for easy removal for cleaning and refilling. 

Colorful Letter Art

Transform crafts store letters into cheery works of art with bright paint and paper. Simply trace the letter on the back of patterned paper and cut out. Paint the wooden letter and let dry. To finish, glue the patterned paper to the painted letter and hang!


Near-and-Far Art

Create this sweet embroidered wall hanging for your favorite travel buff. Simply trace the state of your choice onto fabric and outline with thread. Make it special with felt hearts and a frame. 


Message in a Candle

Use these doily-wrapped candles to send a personalized holiday message. Measure the height and circumference of candle; add 1/2 inch to each measurement. Cut out a piece of a doily that size, centering the doily motif if desired. Fold one long edge of the doily piece under 1/2 inch. Secure the unfolded long edge to jar with double-sided tape. Wrap doily around jar, overlap edges, and secure with double-sided tape under folded edge. Stamp a word onto a metal-rim tag with silver ink and letter stamps; let dry. Place a line of crafts glue on the metal portion of the tag. While the glue is still wet, liberally sprinkle with silver glass glitter. Shake off excess; let dry. Thread tag onto twine. Wrap twine around candle jar multiple times, positioning tag where desired. Tie twine ends in a bow.

Embroidery Sampler

Send a message or create a monogram craft with basic embroidery skills. Choose a fabric and contrasting embroidery floss. Trace a message onto fabric, sizing to fit the embroidery hoop. Use six strands of embroidery floss and simple split stitches to embroider the message onto the fabric. Remove fabric from hoop. Using a warm iron and working on wrong side, press finished embroidery. Insert embroidery back into hoop, centering design and pulling fabric taut.  Trim fabric 2 inches beyond hoop edges. Glue the fabric to the back side of hoop; let dry. Trim excess fabric as needed.

Use glass paint to jazz up plain dishes.

Pretty Plates

Dine in style with these sweet hand-painted plates. 

Handmade Stockings

Transform simple, undecorated stockings into personalized gifts in minutes. Left: Cut lengths of red and white pom-pom trim to fit around the cuff of a plain, undecorated stocking, allowing for slight overlaps. Starting at the bottom back side of cuff and alternating colors, wrap and glue trim around cuff. Center: Cut an 18-inch length of red and an 18-inch length of cream yarn. Hold the lengths together, and tie a bow in the center. Tie each pair of tails to knotted yarn in the center of a pom-pom. Trim knotted yarn ends even with the pom-pom, and trim pom-pom yarns as needed. Stitch the bow to a stocking cuff. Right: Hand-stitch pom-poms of various sizes to the cuff of a stocking.

Perfect Pillow

Create a one-of-a-kind monogrammed throw pillow -- it's easier than you think! Simply trace and cut a letter on paper and attach it to a neutral pillow using a small pin. Use fabric paint to cluster small paint dots all the way around the paper letter. Let dry and remove the paper. 

Monogram Ornament

Trim the tree with stunning personalized ornaments. To create, simply take cut log sections and paint a strip down the middle. Let dry. Using a stencil, paint a letter with gold glitter paint over the strip. Finally, drill a hole through the top and tie with ribbon. 


Framed Maps

This gift is perfect for world travelers. Frame antique maps of the places they've visited. For an extra-special touch, use pins to mark the specific places they've been. 

Pick a letter, any letter. This nifty, crafty wreath starts with as monogram and finishes as a seasonal wreath you made yourself!

Monogram Wreath

This beautiful gift starts as a letter and finishes as a monogram wreath you made yourself!

Chic Case

You'll never guess what this tablet case is made of. Duct tape! Get the kids involved in this easy craft. To make, find a scrap of fabric to use as your guide. Wrap it around your tablet and cut to fit. Lay the fabric flat and cover one side end to end with duct tape in your desired pattern, folding tape ends around both edges. Wrap fabric around tablet, tape side out. With flap open, tape the length of the sides, finishing edges. Add adhesive hook-and-loop tape; embellish as desired. 

Welcome Mat

Welcome! Transform a plain mat into a chic monogrammed greeting. Print your chosen letter onto cardstock and cut it out. Attach the remaining cardstock stencil to the mat, and spray-paint the letter opening. Cover the painted letter and repeat the process to add dots.

Individual Tea Kit

This cozy gift is perfect for the tea-lovers out there! Make it special with a custom blend. Start with individual-size heat-seal tea bags. Create a loose tea blend, and spoon it into the bags. Insert a length of yarn or twine into the bag, keeping it in the center of the bag opening. To seal, press down on the edge with an iron. Don't forget to add a decorative gift tag and honey sticks! 

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