Real Kids' Photos: Spooked by Santa

To some kids, that jolly guy with rosy cheeks and the long beard is, well, freaky! Check out some of the funniest scared-by-Santa Claus photos, submitted by moms (trust us: you'll want to send this one to a friend).

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    Emily, Meet Santa

    Emily's first meeting with Santa? Not the best first impression. --Sara R., Oviedo, Fl.

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    Losing It

    Joseph is not happy about being on Santa's lap. --Kristy M., Concord, N.C.

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    The Candy Man

    Santa tried to bribe Samuel with candy canes. It didn't work. --Mellissa A., Fort Lewis, Wa.

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    That's Not My Daddy!

    As you can see, Maia Lula was not having it. --Michaela C., Germantown, M.D.

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    Holiday Howler

    A very unjolly Christmas for Laurel. --Melissa D., Maple Valley, Wa.

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    Pig Tailed and Pouty

    Alyssa is definitely not a fan. --Michelle B., Ridley Park, Pa.

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    Snowed By Santa

    Even Malcolm's favorite book can't distract him from his fear of Santa. --Melissa D., Maple Valley, Wa.

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    I Don't Think So

    Samuel got spooked! --Rebecca F., Rutherfordton, N.C.

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    Big Red

    Aubrey screamed until her face matched Santa's outfit. --Melissa D., Maple Valley, Wa.

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    Santa's Little Helper

    William wanted to be Santa's little helper -- until he found out he'd have to sit in some strange-looking man's lap! --Martina T., Edgartown, Ma.

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    Dad in Disguise

    Poor thing -- Katelyn didn't know that Santa was her own daddy! --Jamie V., Cutler Bay, Fl.

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    Even Santa's helper couldn't help this little Ben. --Melanie R., Brooklyn, N.Y.

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    Rescue Me

    Jack screams even as his dad reaches in to get him.--Jennifer B., Chaska, Mn.

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    Not Your Typical Christmas Card

    Everything matches except for, well, Dana's and Santa's expressions. --Melissa D., Maple Valley, Wa.

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    Hands Off

    Not quite sure Memphis Sky was ready for Ol' St. Nick this year! --Tiffany R., Hollowrock, Tn.

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    Two Down, One to Go

    We finally got Ian and Riley to like Santa, just need to keep working on that little one, Trey! --Julie M., Weyers Cave. Va.

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    Twice the Tears

    Addison and Aidan just love Santa (not).
    --Ashlee G., North East, Md.

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    Get Me Out of Here!

    Even though his cousins were posing happily with the Big Guy, baby Terence was having a meltdown. --Cathleen B., Northport, N.Y.

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    Crying Cousins

    Olivia (with her baby cousin) does not trust this Santa guy. --Luke W., Gillette, Wy.

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    Making a Break for It

    Hard to believe, but Alexis, the older one, loves him. Madeline is definitely not a fan. --Alyssa W., Arlington, N.J.

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    Dressing the Part

    Even her look-alike outfit couldn't help Kayla warm up to Santa. --Shawn P., Sanatoga, Pa.

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    Santa's Not Looking So Happy Either

    Taylor's second visit to Santa -- still not OK with the big guy. --Amanda C., Lubb, Tx.

    Text by Chrissy Mahlmeister. Copyright © 2008 Meredith Corporation.

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