How to Wrap a Gift Like a Pro

Make sure the presentation looks as great as what's inside your present with all of our best tips on how to wrap gifts.

If you have the perfect Christmas presents picked out for your friends and family, but you aren't sure how to wrap a gift, don't stress! Even though it sounds simple, gift wrapping can sometimes be difficult—so this season, we'll show you how to wrap a present you'll be proud to give. Plus, get our tips and tricks for making a classic bow to top your wrapped gift.

How to Wrap Christmas Presents Like a Pro

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All it takes is a few simple gift wrapping ideas to make your presents the prettiest ones under the tree. Plus, you can grab our free printable gift tags and package topper ideas for your wrapped Christmas gifts. So if you're ready to up your gift wrapping game with the best way to wrap gifts, grab a roll of wrapping paper and get started. We'll show you how to wrap a gift like a pro in just five easy steps.

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How to Wrap a Present

Step 1: Place Gift in a Box

Wrapping a Christmas present is easier if it's placed in a box. Don't leave strange-shaped packages on their own. If the present didn't come with a box, place it inside an appropriately sized gift box and securely tape the box shut. Next, get those little pieces of clear tape ready to go. Pre-rip tape and set on the edge of your table so that you're not having to fumble the tape dispenser as you wrap. You can also use double-sided tape to create neat edges (just place the tape under the flap rather than over it).

Step 2: Measure the Christmas Present

If you can, buy good quality wrapping paper that also has grid lines marked on the backside. This is one of our favorite gift wrapping hacks. It's easier to measure, won't rip as much when you're folding, and might save you paper in the long run. Next, determine how much wrapping paper you'll need to cover the present. To do this, place the gift on a large sheet of paper. Cut enough paper so that each side, when brought around the box, reaches slightly more than halfway across it. Having too much paper is just as difficult as having too little.

Step 3: Fold the Wrapping Paper

Fold over the edge of the paper about an inch to hide any sloppy cutting. This will create crisp lines and stronger seams since the paper is doubled. Place the gift box upside down on the cut sheet of wrapping paper. Position the seam on the underside of the gift box so it's hidden. Start on the bottom of the gift and secure paper with tape before you wrap. This hides the tape when you wrap. Bring the paper around the box and overlap edges 1 inch to cover the piece already taped.

Next, fold in the ends of the paper by laying the gift on its side. Starting at one end, fold a short side toward the center of the box, creating a crisp, pointed end at the corner of each long end of the paper. Crease wrapping paper to keep its shape and prevent tearing. Repeat this step for the remaining short ends on each side of the gift. Fold the bottom flap up on each side and secure with double-sided tape. Then fold the top flaps down, securing again with double-sided tape.

Step 4: Add Gift Wrapping Accessories

Once the Christmas present is wrapped, it's time to make it look pretty. Hide tape used to secure the sides of a gift with a thick ribbon. Dress up the present with a beautiful DY tiered bow made from a ribbon, or make any one of our other easy handmade gift bows.

Step 5: Add a Holiday Gift Tag

Now that you know how to wrap a present perfectly, it's time to add the finishing touches. Try downloading and printing our free printable Christmas gift tags. You can also finish wrapping the present with a handmade gift tag, like one of these easy handmade Christmas gift tags.

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