Holiday Food Gifts: Recipes & Wrapping Ideas Featuring Platters

Food gift ¿ paper
Make a holiday food gift on a dressed-up platter to share with family and friends. Browse our yummy recipes and presentation ideas -- sure to be a hit with your holiday gift list.

Envelope-Enclosed Platter for Brownies & Cookies

With a few folds, corrugated brown paper encloses a platter of treats like an envelope.

1. Arrange treats on a square platter. Place the platter diagonally in the center of a 10-1/2-inch piece of corrugated brown paper.

2. Fold in the corners of the paper to the center of the platter and attach all four corners by piercing through the paper layers with a single cufflink. Tie a sheer, beaded ribbon across the bottom third of the platter. See the next slide for a materials list.

Recipe Ideas:

Envelope-Enclosed Platter for Brownies & Cookies: Materials

What You'll Need:

9x9-inch square platter, 10-1/2-inch square piece of corrugated brown paper, cufflink, sheer ribbon

Editor's Tip: Write a Christmas message on one of the folded flaps of the corrugated paper.

Sheer Bag Cover for Cookie Platter

A sheer wine bottle gift bag makes a shimmery cover for a narrow platter.

1. Place cookies or bars on a long, narrow platter. Carefully slide the platter into a sheer wine bottle-size gift bag.

2. Thread small jingle bells and a gift tag onto the closure ties of the bag. See the next slide for a materials list.

Recipe Ideas:

Sheer Bag Cover for Cookie Platter: Materials

What You'll Need:

Narrow rectangular platter, sheer wine bottle-size gift bag, jingle bells, gift tag

Editor's Tip: Use a second gift bag to present an accompanying bottle of wine with the gift.

Framed Mirror Platter for Sweets

For a sweet reflection, a framed mirror serves as a treat platter or tray.

1. Place sweet rolls (we used Sticky Pecan Upside-Down Baby Cakes) in jumbo-size paper baking cups and arrange some of them on a framed mirror. Or place cake roll directly onto tray.

2. Cut sheer wire-edge ribbon into two long pieces and arrange them on a hard surface, forming an X. Set the framed mirror in the center of the X and bring the ends of the ribbon to the top; tie one ribbon into a knot and the other ribbon ends around the knot and into a bow.

3. Tie a holiday gift tag to the bow. (Carry the gift holding the mirror tray, not the ribbons.) See the next slide for a materials list.

Recipe Ideas:

Framed Mirror Platter for Sweets: Materials

What You'll Need:

Jumbo paper baking cups; small, framed mirror; sheer wire-edge ribbon; holiday gift tag

Editor's Tip: For maximum freshness, wrap your sweets in plastic wrap before arranging on the tray.

Ribbon-Adorned Plate for Cheese Balls

Ribbons and a gift bag dress up a basic plate for giving a delicious homemade cheese ball and crackers.

1. Wrap the cheese ball in clear plastic wrap and pack some crackers in a sheer gift bag; tie the bag closed with a spreading knife attached.

2. Arrange the cheese ball and bag of crackers on a round platter. Tie a sheer ribbon around the center of the plate. See the next slide for a materials list.

Recipe Ideas:

Ribbon-Adorned Plate for Cheese Balls: Materials

What You'll Need:

Clear plastic wrap, sheer gift bag, sheer ribbon, spreading knife, 8-inch round plate

Editor's Tip: Search secondhand stores for affordable and unique plates.

Paper-Trimmed Pedestal for Cakes

A plain pedestal cake stand is transformed into an eye-catching beauty with a simple paper trim.

1. Measure the distance around the rim of the cake stand. Using scissors, cut the length of a 3-inch-wide decorative paper strip.

2. Cut a wavy line along one edge of the paper strip. Affix the straight edge of the paper strip to the rim of the cake stand with double-sided tape. See the next slide for a materials list.

Recipe Ideas:

Paper-Trimmed Pedestal for Cakes: Materials

What You'll Need:

12-inch cake stand, measuring tape and scissors, decorative paper strip, double-sided tape

Editor's Tip: Use a cake pedestal as a way to present cupcakes or other paper-lined treats.

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