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Tinsel-Topped Bucket for Candies: Materials
Use versatile metal tins in all shapes -- from buckets to boxes -- to present delicious food gifts to family and friends for Christmas.

Sticker-Topped Tin for Sweets

With a sticker-topped lid and a ribbon-wrapped base, a plain tin gets decked out for the holidays.

1. Adhere a die-cut scrapbooking sticker to the top of a tin¿s lid. Add a magnetic clip with a holiday card attached.

2. Using fabric glue, attach a ribbon around the base of the tin and let it dry.

3. Cut a circle of parchment paper or waxed paper to fit inside the tin. Fill the tin with treats (we used baklava) and cover. See the next slide for a materials list.

Sticker-Topped Tin for Sweets: Materials

What You'll Need:

Round tin, die-cut scrapbooking sticker, magnetic clip, holiday card with envelope, ribbon, fabric glue, scissors, parchment paper

Editor's Tip: If there's not a scrapbooking store in your area, look online for scrapbooking supplies to order. Or improvise and use permanent marker pens to draw a design on the top of the lid.

Picture-Perfect Tin for Cookies

A plain tin becomes pretty enough for a picture when adorned with festive paper, ribbon, and a framed message.

1. Trace the lid of a tin onto a piece of decorative wrapping paper and cut it out. Using spray mount, adhere the paper to the lid.

2. Measure a small picture frame and create a holiday greeting using a computer and printer, keeping the size of the frame in mind when you choose your font size. Print the greeting and slide it inside the picture frame.

3. Arrange cookies or bars inside the tin and cover with the lid. Attach a ribbon around the center of the tin and clip the picture frame to the ribbon. See the next slide for a materials list.

Picture-Perfect Tin for Cookies: Materials

What You'll Need:

Rectangular tin, decorative wrapping paper, pencil, scissors, spray mount, small picture frame, computer and printer, ribbon

Editor's Tip: If the frame you select does not have a good clip on the back, use crafting wire to attach it to the ribbon before tying the ribbon around the tin.

Stackable Tins for Seasoning Mixes

With assorted scrapbooking paper and coordinating rubber bands, a trio of tins takes shape as a darling tower filled with homemade goodness.

1. Find three stackable metal tins, such as a mint tin, a chewing gum tin, and a jewelry tin. Fill each tin with a different rub or seasoning mix.

2. Trace around the lids onto scrapbooking papers. Cut and affix the papers to the lids with crafts glue.

3. Attach a gift tag to a rubber band. Stack the tins and stretch coordinating rubber bands around the tins to hold in place. Include directions for using mix. See the next slide for a materials list.

Stackable Tins for Seasoning Mixes: Materials

What You'll Need:

3 stacking metal tins, scrapbooking papers, pencil, scissors, crafts glue, gift tag, rubber bands

Editor's Tip: Although the stackable tins make an eye-catching gift, you can scale back your efforts and give one tin filled with your favorite of the three mixes.

Paper Cuff for a Quick Bread

Two strips of paper and a handmade gift tag create a merry cuff to slip around a carrier for a quick loaf.

1. Place the loaf of bread in a metal box lid.

2. Cut a 4-inch-wide strip of paper and a contrasting 3-inch-wide strip. Using two small brads, attach a gift tag to the 3-inch-wide strip.

3. Wrap both pieces of paper around the lid and loaf; attach to the bottom of the lid using tape. See the next slide for a materials list.

Paper Cuff for a Quick Bread: Materials

What You'll Need:

Metal box lid (or loaf pan), scrapbooking paper, scissors, brads, gift tag, tape

Editor's Tip: If you can't find a metal box lid, use a loaf pan (which also makes a great gift for bakers).

Taped-On Design for Seasoning Mix Dispenser

Decorative packing tape and a matching ribbon turn a plain, metal shaker into a stunning kitchen tool.

1. Wrap a piece of decorative packing tape around the center of a metal shaker container.

2. Fill the container with the seasoning mix (or colored sugar) and tie a ribbon around the top lid. See the next slide for a materials list.

Taped-On Design for Seasoning Mix Dispenser: Materials

What You'll Need:

Metal shaker container, decorative tape, ribbon

Editor's Tip: Seek out decorative packing tape at local crafts or hobby stores, or take your search online. You'll find tape decorated with patterns of everything from squiggles and swirls to polka dots and plaids.

Bucket of Snacks

When belted with fabric and dangled with an ornament, a metal bucket becomes a stylish stash.

1. Fill a metal bucket with popcorn.

2. Using a small piece of fabric or ribbon, tie a letter ornament around a yard of fabric.

3. Gather the fabric and tie it around the center of the bucket. See the next slide for a materials list.

Bucket of Snacks: Materials

What You'll Need:

Metal bucket, letter ornament, fabric scrap or ribbon, 1 yard of fabric

Editor's Tip: Choose fabric that is thin enough to gather and tie in a bow. Depending on the size of the bucket, the fabric may need to be trimmed to wrap easily.

Vintage Tin for Cookies

A few wraps of ribbon around a vintage tin imbues old-fashioned warmth.

1. Stack cookies in a vintage cookie tin.

2. Tie a colored sheer ribbon around the center of the tin. See the next slide for a materials list.

Vintage Tin for Cookies: Materials

What You'll Need:

Vintage cookie tin, sheer ribbon

Editor's Tip: Being vintage adds charm, but it also means the inside of the tin may not be perfect. Before adding an edible gift inside, line the interior of the tin with parchment or waxed paper.

Beaded Canister for Nuts

A holiday greeting made of beads transforms a pencil organizer into a messenger of good cheer.

1. Fill a cellophane bag with nuts, tie with colored needlepoint string, and set aside.

2. Alternately thread letters and crafting beads onto a piece of needlepoint string to spell out a holiday greeting.

3. Tie the greeting onto the pencil organizer (or weave the string through the metal screen if you use a mesh organizer). Place a bag of mix or nuts in the container. See the next slide for a materials list.

Beaded Canister for Nuts: Materials

What You'll Need:

Cellophane bag, needlepoint string, metal pencil organizer, charm bracelet letters

Editor's Tip: Look for a mesh pencil organizer where office or school supplies are sold. If you can't find one that's similar, opt for another style. Instead of threading the string through the mesh, simply tie it around the organizer.

Tinsel-Topped Bucket for Candies

Make a bucket of bling by adding silver tinsel garland, ball ornaments, and silver bells.

1. Thread five or six small bells onto a 12-inch piece of jewelry crafting wire and twist each of the ends of the wire around the handle of a short metal bucket.

2. Using clear tape, tape one end of silver garland to the bottom of the bucket and wind the garland around the bucket to cover. Tape the other end of the garland to the bucket.

3. Hang mini ball ornaments on the garland around the bucket, and fill the bucket with treats. See the next slide for a materials list.

Tinsel-Topped Bucket for Candies: Materials

What You'll Need:

Small jingle bells, crafting wire, metal bucket, crafting wire, silver tinsel garland, mini ball ornaments

Editor's Tip: If you're traveling very far with the decorated bucket, secure the ball ornaments to the tinsel with jewelry crafting wire instead of ornament hooks.

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