Holiday Food Gifts: Recipes & Wrapping Ideas Featuring Plastic Containers

Cozy Cover for a Container of Spread: Materials
Get creative with your gift-giving this Christmas season -- present family and friends with delicious food gifts, wrapped festively in seasonal plastic containers.

Beribboned Container for Bars & Cookies

A plain container gains holiday adornment with a  festive paper bow and matching recipe card.

1. Cut 12x2-inch strips from three coordinating scrapbooking papers. Glue together the ends of each strip to form rings.

2. Turn the paper rings on their sides; stack the three rings on top of one another to form an asterisk shape. Insert a decorative brad through the center of the paper asterisk to hold it together.

3. Measure the lid of the plastic container, and cut a piece of scrapbooking paper to fit. Glue the cutout to the lid.

4. Print the recipe card, available on the next slide. If you're using a different recipe, use the card as a design example. Cut a 4x6-inch piece of coordinating scrapbooking paper. Glue the recipe to the front and back, leaving room at the top for embellishment. Glue a piece of ribbon and a brad at the top to finish. See the next slide for a materials list.

Recipe Ideas:

Beribboned Container for Bars & Cookies: Materials

What You'll Need:

Large plastic container, 4-5 coordinating scrapbooking papers, decorative brads, ribbon, glue stick and/or crafts glue

Editor's Tip: Adjust the size and number of paper rings to suit your container. For a larger container, cut longer strips and consider using five rings for the bow. For a smaller container, cut the paper strips slightly narrower and shorter.

Santa-Topped Container for Appetizers

Pieces of coordinating scrapbooking paper and fluffy cotton balls come together to make a whimsical Santa atop a plastic storage container.

1. Fill a large, flat rectangular plastic container with appetizers.

2. To make a Santa, cut coordinating pieces of scrapbooking paper into a mustache, hat band, and stocking cap. Adhere all of the paper pieces to the top of the container using a glue stick.

3. Using crafts glue, attach one cotton ball at the peak of the hat and nine cotton balls, stacked in descending rows of four, three, and two, underneath the mustache to create a beard. See the next slide for a materials list.

Recipe Ideas:

Santa-Topped Container for Appetizers: Materials

What You'll Need:

Large rectangular plastic container, scrapbooking papers, scissors, glue stick, crafts glue, cotton balls

Editor's Tip: If you have scrap pieces of scrapbooking paper, this is a good way to use them up. You'll need long, narrow pieces for the mustache and hat band, and a larger piece for the hat top.

Reindeer-Decorated Container for Cookies

A rectangular plastic storage container can be transformed into a piece of art with simple crafts supplies and a headband.

1. Fill a rectangular plastic storage container with cookies. Cut a triangle of brown felt the width of the lid. Attach the triangle to the top of the container using fabric glue.

2. Add two googly eyes and a large black pom-pom for the nose using fabric glue.

3. To create the antlers, twist a 3-inch piece of brown chenille stem around each end of one long brown chenille stem (about an inch from each tip). Twist the long chenille stem around a thin brown headband, and stretch the headband over the width of the container. See the next slide for a materials list.

Recipe Ideas:

Reindeer-Decorated Container for Cookies: Materials

What You'll Need:

Rectangular plastic storage container, brown felt, scissors, fabric glue, googly eyes, black pom-pom, brown chenille stems, brown headband

Editor's Tip: Look for an inexpensive, thin headband to create the antlers. Test out the headband (without breaking it!) before you purchase it, as it needs to be flexible enough to stretch the width of the container.

Tall Tree Container for Snack Mix

Felt pieces easily assemble into a darling tree on a tall snack container.

1. Fill the container with snack mix. Cut three equal-size triangles from three shades of green felt. Cut a piece of brown felt into a thin rectangle.

2. Adhere the brown felt for the tree trunk to the container using fabric glue, then stack and glue on the green felt triangles to form the tree.

3. Use colored string to tie a metal-frame gift tag around the lid. See the next slide for a materials list.

Recipe Ideas:

Tall Tree Container for Snack Mix: Materials

What You'll Need:

Tall plastic container, brown and green felt, scissors, colored string, metal-frame gift tag

Editor's Tip: If you don't find colored string in your supply of crafts materials, use yarn or thin ribbon to tie on the gift tag.

Stackable Snowman for Snacks

Decorated and stacked, coordinating plastic containers in three sizes give the illusion of a frosty winter guy.

1. Using crafts glue, attach one large button to one side of a large square container. Fill the container with snacks (we used corn chips).

2. Attach two buttons vertically on one side of a medium-size container. Fill the container with dip (we used salsa).

3. Glue two small buttons horizontally onto a small (1-cup-size) container. Fill the container with another dip or a snack mix.

4. Stack the containers, and tie a ribbon around the base of the top container to be the snowman's scarf. See the next slide for a materials list.

Recipe Ideas:

Stackable Snowman for Snacks: Materials

What You'll Need:

Stackable plastic containers in three sizes, crafts glue, assorted buttons, ribbon

Editor's Tip: Using mismatched buttons adds character. If you don't have a button jar filled with extras, check out fabrics stores, thrift stores, antiques stores, or flea markets for buttons in various shapes, sizes, and colors.

Cozy Cover for a Container of Spread

A container of homemade jam or flavored butter takes cover with a sweater sleeve and a tied-on spoon.

1. Cut the sleeve off an old sweater 1 inch longer than the height measurement of a plastic container filled with jam or flavored butter.

2. Slide the sleeve over the container. Tuck under the cut edge of the sleeve at the bottom of the container.

3. Tie a ribbon around the middle of the container. Use the ribbon to attach a small jam spoon, tying the ends into a bow around it.

4. Attach a paper snowflake to the top of the lid using crafts glue. See the next slide for a materials list.

Recipe Ideas:

Cozy Cover for a Container of Spread: Materials

What You'll Need:

Old sweater sleeve, 2-cup plastic container, ribbon, vintage jam spoon, paper snowflake, crafts glue

Editor's Tip: You can opt to use a sterilized small canning jar instead of a plastic container. If you use a small jar, use an old child-size sweater for a snugger fit for the sleeve.

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