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Make festive gift wrap from paper supplies, and fill your handcrafted packages with delicious treats from the kitchen. Recipients will admire the wrapping and love the yummy food inside!

Santa's-Belt Box for Pretzel Snacks

Deliver a gift that's as jolly as St. Nick himself. A red paper box and coordinating paper belt look like they're straight from Santa's wardrobe.

1. Get our materials list and the paper-box pattern on the next slide.

2. Using the pattern, cut a box from red scrapbooking paper and fold into shape. Glue the box together at the side and bottom flaps. Cut a belt from a strip of coordinating scrapbooking paper.

3. Using crafts glue, glue the ends of the strip together to make a belt. Attach a scrapbooking embellishment to the strip to serve as the buckle.

4. Slip the box into the belt, and attach the belt to the back of the box with glue.

Recipe Ideas:

Santa's-Belt Box for Pretzel Snacks: Materials

What You'll Need:

Red scrapbooking paper, coordinating patterned scrapbooking paper, buckle-shape scrapbooking embellishment, crafts glue

Editor's Tip: Crafts and scrapbooking stores carry everything needed for this jolly project. First find a frame-shape embellishment for the buckle, then select coordinating scrapbooking papers to match.

Peek-A-Boo Envelope for Cutout Cookies

A paper CD envelope provides a perfect wrapping (with a window!) for showing off Christmas cookies with character.

1. Cut a square of colored scrapbooking paper to fit inside a CD envelope; slide the paper inside.

2. Cut a piece of ribbon the width of the envelope and attach it across the front using a glue stick. Add a snowflake adornment to the ribbon using crafts glue.

3. Wait for the icing on a cookie to dry, then carefully slide it into the envelope. See the next slide for a materials list.

Recipe Ideas:

Peek-A-Boo Envelope for Cutout Cookies: Materials

What You'll Need:

Scrapbooking paper, scissors, paper CD envelope with a clear cellophane window, ribbon, glue stick, small snowflake cutouts, crafts glue

Editor's Tip: Cutout cookies not your thing? Any kind of Christmas cookie would look festive through this envelope window.

Printed Paper Bag for Crunchy Biscotti Snacks

Run a medium-size glassine bag through a printer to print on the recipe for the treats tucked inside the package. Our printable recipe and the materials list appear on the next slide.

Recipe Ideas:

Printed Paper Bag: Materials

What You'll Need:

Medium glassine bag

Editor's Tip: Search online for bags. is a good supplier.

Timeless Paper Stocking for Little Cookies

A photocopy of a kitchen towel gives the look of vintage fabric to a paper stocking.

1. Using heavy copy paper, make a photocopy of a vintage kitchen towel. Position the paper copy, printed side up, on top of a piece of printed-side-down scrapbooking paper. Using scallop-edge scissors, cut a stocking shape that is approximately 9x5 inches.

2. Cut accent pieces from scrapbooking paper: You'll need a 3x5-inch strip for the top band on the front and back, as well as toe pieces (a pair of semicircles) for the front and the back of the stocking.

3. Run a bead of crafts glue along the sides and bottom of the stocking, creating a pocket at the top. Use a glue stick to attach the top bands and the toe pieces.

4. Add ribbon to the band and the toe for added accents. Let the glue dry completely before filling the stocking. See the next slide for a materials list.

Recipe Ideas:

Timeless Paper Stocking for Little Cookies: Materials

What You'll Need:

Vintage towel, color photocopier and heavy copy paper, scrapbooking paper, scallop-edge scissors, crafts glue, glue stick, ribbon

Editor's Tip: If you don't have a vintage towel, a fun patterned paper is an excellent substitute.

Scrapbooking Paper Pocket for Savory Snacks

With a few snips and bit of glue, two pieces of scrapbooking paper create a charming pocket.

1. Fold a 10x7-inch piece of scrapbooking paper in half to measure 7x5 inches. Using a glue stick, glue closed the open long side and one open short side so the paper resembles a long pocket.

2. Cut another piece of scrapbooking paper into a 5-inch-diameter circle with scallop-edge scissors. Using regular scissors, cut the circle in half.

3. Glue both semicircles to the front side of the paper pocket on the envelope's short ends. Attach a decorative brad near the rounded edge of each semicircle. Run a piece of ribbon between the brads, wrapping the ribbon ends around them. See the next slide for a materials list.

Recipe Ideas:

Scrapbooking Paper Pocket for Savory Snacks: Materials

What You'll Need:

Scrapbooking papers, glue stick, scallop-edge scissors, scissors, decorative brads, ribbon

Editor's Tip: Wrap your treats in waxed paper before placing them inside the pocket for extra protection.

Die-Cut Basket for Savory Snacks

Create a cute treat basket for savory snack mix with die-cut pieces of scrapbooking paper and some simple assembly. Visit your local crafts store and select a festive piece of scrapbooking paper (one piece for each basket). Use a die-cut machine -- most crafts or scrapbooking stores have them available to use -- to cut the shapes needed for a standard small basket. Fold in the paper sides and attach the handle. See the next slide for a materials list.

Recipe Ideas:

Die-Cut Basket for Savory Snacks: Materials

What You'll Need:

Scrapbooking paper, basket die-cut

Editor's Tip: Many scrapbooking and crafts stores have die-cut machines for customers to use. Pick out a combination of scrapbooking papers, and use the store's equipment to make the baskets.

Paper Bake Cup Basket for Nuts

A frilly-edge paper bake cup with a ribbon handle makes a cute-as-can-be mini basket.

1. Using a paper punch, punch two holes on opposite sides of a bake cup. Thread one length of ribbon through each hole and tie the ends into bows to create a handle.

2. Affix a festive holiday sticker to the front of the cup. See the next slide for a materials list.

Recipe Ideas:

Paper Bake Cup Basket for Nuts: Materials

What You'll Need:

Paper bake cups, paper punch, ribbon, stickers

Editor's Tip: Skip the sticker and use festive Christmas-theme bake cups instead.

Coffee-Filter Cradle for Quick Bread

A ribbon and a decorative paper circle add finishing touches to an already-scallop-edge paper coffee filter.

1. Wrap a mini loaf of quick bread in plastic wrap and place in the center of a paper coffee filter.

2. Cut a circle from a sheet of festive scrapbooking paper, and center it on top of the bread loaf. Tie it all together with a sheer ribbon. See the next slide for a materials list.

Recipe Ideas:

Coffee-Filter Cradle for Quick Bread: Materials

What You'll Need:

Coffee filter, scrapbooking paper, scissors (or a circle die-cut), ribbon

Editor's Tip: Coffee filters make an affordable gift wrap -- you can get a pack of 100 filters for around $2 (or less). Use a stack of several filters to hold your bread loaf for a more sturdy wrapping.

Waxed-Paper Packages for Bar Cookies

A ribbon adornment converts a waxed-paper sandwich bag into a pretty little package.

1. Slide a square-cut bar cookie into a waxed-paper sandwich bag.

2. Wrap and tie a ribbon around the square to make it look like a small gift package. See the next slide for a materials list.

Recipe Ideas:

Waxed-Paper Packages for Bar Cookies: Materials

What You'll Need:

Waxed-paper bags, ribbon

Editor's Tip: With this simple wrapping technique, it's easy to make multiples of these little gifts to use as Christmas party favors.

Paper Cone Carrier for Treats

A rolled-paper cone with embellishments looks like an ice cream cone when crowned with an herb-coated cheese ball.

1. Position a square piece of scrapbooking paper with a corner facing you. Draw an arc from the corner on the left side to the corner on the right side. Use scissors to cut along the arc; discard the extra paper or save for another project.

2. Run a bead of crafts glue down one straight edge of the paper, and attach the other straight edge to the glue side, rolling to make a cone; let dry. Attach a ribbon embellishment to the top edge of the cone with crafts glue.

3. Using a paper punch, punch two holes in each side of the cone. Thread a sheer ribbon through both holes, and tie ends in knots to form a handle. Wrap the cheese ball in plastic wrap and place inside a paper bake cup. Fill the bottom of the cone with crackers, and set the cheese ball on the top of the cone. See the next slide for a materials list.

Recipe Ideas:

Paper Cone Carrier for Treats: Materials

What You'll Need:

Scrapbooking paper, pencil, scissors, crafts glue, two kinds of ribbon, paper punch, plastic wrap, paper bake cup

Editor's Tip: Pressed for time? Use pre-made paper cones (such as paper-cone drinking cups). Simply affix a few festive stickers to the outside of the cone, and complete the beribboned handle.

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