Gifts to Buy for World Travelers

They eat strange local foods and adventure to wherever their hearts take them, so it's hard to imagine gift ideas for them. Whether they're coming in from China or Chicago, here are eight gift ideas that are sure to give the jet-setters in your life a warm welcome home.
  1. Map It Out. Chances are good that the wanderlusts you know will have a fondness for maps. Before buying just any map, consider their style. If your friends are artistic, look for different representations of the world on paper, such as black-and-white or a compilation of dots to create the map. Do they have a more traditional style? Look for classic maps of their favorite locations, and frame them for awe-inspiring gifts.
  2. Book It. It's OK to do a little stalking -- they're your friends, right? Scan through their travel photo albums on Flickr, Picasa, or Facebook, and download your favorite images from their recent endeavors -- including some funny (but not too embarrassing!) pics. Compile the pictures to create custom memory books.
  3. Make It Picture-Perfect. Everyone can point and click, but photography classes can help your friends perfect the way they share their travels and make their memories. Do a little research and find a studio that holds classes close to home so the photos from their trips will be better than ever.
  4. Propose a Toast. Give your beer- or wine-loving travelers a worldly tour of booze from the destinations on their to-go-to list. Not sure what the local brew is in Munich or Costa Rica? Watch "Three Sheets" on, where you can not only get the beer and spirits listed to buy based on location but also the rules of the local drinking games and the hangover cure (which we're sure they won't need…) to share.
  5. Gift a Local Treasure. A trip is best remembered by the experiences shared there. Tickets to a show or concert at a local hot spot, or a gift certificate to a local bicycle or scooter rental company will give them a night on the town that will be hard to forget.
  6. Make the Call. If you're able to find out specifics for their next trip (like where your jet-setters will be dining on a particular evening), call ahead to the establishment and pay for bottle service for their table. Whether it's sparkling water or champagne, the gesture is sure to be showstopper.
  7. Get the "Write" Stuff. Though Internet is world wide, it may not always reach remote locations for instant blog posts and digital journaling if 5G network isn't available. Personalized or custom bound stationery allows them to record and recount their favorite daily sagas without having to worry about making connections.
  8. Bag It Up. Find out the travelers' next destinations and create ultimate gift bags accordingly. Are they taking things lakeside? Gather up goodies that will help deter cabin fever, such as playing cards or board games, their favorite magazines, a swimsuit, sun screen, inflatables, a good book, or iTunes gift cards.

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