Gifts to Buy for Budding Bakers

If your idea of baking is adding oil to a boxed mix and putting it in the oven, knowing what to gift your baker friends could be a challenge. We've taken out the guesswork for you with this list of crafty, useful, and creative gift ideas. The best part? When you get your favorite bakers gifts, they'll probably repay you in cupcakes -- yum!
  1. Pinned Perfection. Pinterest is the motherboard of bakers' dreams come true. Pin your favorite baking recipes to gather inspiration for a homemade recipe book, or download one of our mini cookbooks. Get our best dessert recipes. Print our free bite-size desserts cookbook.
  2. Hit the Books. Cookbooks not only have page after page of tasty recipes to try, but they often give great tips for budding bakers. Buy them recipe books based on the type of baking they like best, such as a cupcake recipe book for your sweetie with a sweet tooth.
  3. Go into Eco Mode. Every baker is going to be making countless trips to the grocery store and crafts stores for supplies. Eco-friendly shopping bags and gift cards to their fave places can be gifts that keep on giving.
  4. Get Classy. No matter how well any baker can bake, presentation is everything -- or at least that's what they say on all those bake-off TV shows. Decorating classes can inspire their inner artists and help them learn the tips and tricks on how to decorate cakes, cupcakes, and other baked goods.
  5. Homebaked Love. We're taking bets right now on how your bakers were first drawn to the oven -- and a good percentage is voting on a family member like you or Grandma. If you're gifting your kiddos, build them recipe books or boxes filled with all the best homemade recipes that you and your mother used to bake. If they're friends, seek out their family members for special recipes. (And make sure they keep it a surprise!)
  6. Tools to Get the Job Done. We all know that the stand mixer is a baker's best friend. But there are other kitchen utensils that are great tools to have in the kitchen. Follow baking bloggers to find out the best buys.
  7. Tasteful Jewelry. Baking-inspired jewelry exists, and it's a surefire hit for your buddies who bake. Search crafting sites, such as, for unique ideas or jewelry makers who can create a custom piece just for your pastry chefs.
  8. Mix It Up. Though baked goods usually have structured recipes, there are always the bakers out there who like to push the recipe boundaries with unique ingredients (think beer, cheddar, bacon). Give them a combination of ingredients they can play and bake with that they wouldn't normally buy for themselves. See Bacon-Laced Chocolate Cake recipe.


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