40+ Gifts for the DIY Man in Your Life

Forget about the ties and cufflinks he will rarely wear—this year-round gift guide for the DIY man is perfect for the on-the-go guy ready for a new adventure or hobby. 

Give Mr. Fix-It the ultimate gift that matches his “I-can-do-that” lifestyle. Whether he strives to master his at-home bartending skills, execute the outdoor hiking adventure of his dreams, or finally organize the garage, we have a comprehensive list of presents he will actually want to receive. This gift guide for guys includes a range of affordable items—like indestructible smartphone accessories to keep at the office—and personalized splurge presents, such as a new multipurpose pocket tool and an adjustable work table.

We're here to help you discover useful and entertaining gift ideas for holidays, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, and just-because moments. This year, he'll be extra-eager to use the hands-on gift you picked out with him in mind.

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1. Potting Knife

Give your garden-loving guy a stainless-steel potting knife that ensures your bulbs are always at the right spot to blossom. This Japanese blade is engraved with 1-inch marks to quickly and consistently measure soil depth, and it features a sharp point and serrated edge that slices through weed roots, garden rocks, and tough soil with ease. The long-lasting tool is easy to store thanks to a case and hanging notch. When it comes to gardening gifts, this is an accessory everyone can dig.

Buy It: Stainless-Steel Gardening Knife, $25

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2. Magnetic Tool Holder

Never misplace a garage tool again! Small appliances are easily secured to workbenches and tool chests with flexible silicone fasteners and magnetic anchors. This gift comes with six 1-inch bands and six smaller varieties to secure flashlights and wrenches. The magnetic set also works well to secure kitchen utensils, gardening instruments, and messy grill items, since they can be tossed in the dishwasher to clean. We recommend these StickQuick accessories as an ideal stocking stuffer during the holidays or small item for gift exchanges.

Buy It: StickQuik Magnetic Tool Holder Set, $20

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3. Ultimate Bartender Tool

If your guy is determined to create the next classic craft cocktail, he will relish this monogrammed 10-in-1 bartending tool. The device comes complete with a muddler, knife, reamer, stirrer, channel knife, strainer, jigger, corkscrew, zester, and bottle opener. Grab this tool for your aspiring DIY mixologist, then complete the gift with the ingredients to whip up an artisanal mojito or custom martini. Add a few recipe cards to get him started, and you can sit back and enjoy the products of his new bartending skills. Cheers!

Buy It: 10-in-1 Bartender Tool, $39

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4. Whiskey Guide

The 15th annual edition of The Whisky Bible bills itself as the “most comprehensive whiskey guide ever written” with thousands of entries on the world’s best spirits. If you are shopping for a whiskey lover who already owns sophisticated cocktail tools, this pocket-size reference book will make an ideal present. Whiskey aficionados and beginners alike will appreciate the detailed analysis that goes into rating both popular and undiscovered alcohols, and they might just discover a new favorite (like our New Fashioned)!

Buy It: Whiskey Bible 2019, $13.17

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5. Desktop Darts

For a businessman looking for a dose of whimsy, a small magnetic dart board will brighten the office space. This miniature game is perfect for a midday break or letting off steam at the end of a long day with coworkers. The tiny, collapsible case makes it easy to keep in a desk drawer, and it comes with its own stand. Snag this dartboard for an office gift exchange or as a playful stocking stuffer during the holiday season.

Buy It: Mini Magnetic Desktop Dartboard, $11

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6. Portable Campfire

Toast marshmallows to perfection with a transportable campfire that will keep adventurers warm and cozy. This lightweight, waterproof campfire is easy to carry and lasts up to five hours while burning. Your nature-loving partner will appreciate the compact campfire for its functionality and convenience on hiking trips and chilly gatherings. This gift is made from recycled soy wax and converted paper pulp to create a new environmentally friendly outdoor essential.

Buy It: Radiate Portable Campfire, $28

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7. Memo Notebooks

Jot down innovative DIY ideas in the famously durable Field Notes memo books. These bright, pocket-size notebooks feature dot-grid pages for easy writing, list making, or bullet journaling. Anyone can tuck the waterproof, 48-page notebook in their back pocket or toss one in a travel bag when on the go without fear of it being destroyed. We especially recommend the Expedition pack for its rip-proof design, and you can pair it with a set of ballpoint pens as a gift.

Buy It: Waterproof Field Notes Expedition Pack, $13

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8. Lego Mug

Pick out a comical gift for the man who is not-so-secretly still a child at heart. This black LEGO-style mug is an inexpensive toy that will make adults giddy as they construct their coffee cup brick by brick. The style is compatible with brand-name LEGOs, too, so you can bust out the old sets from childhood and build a whole scene. The low-cost coffee cup is ideal for an office gift exchange or gag gift among family and friends.

Buy It: Build-On Brick Lego Mug, $12

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9. Rechargeable Flashlight and Carabiner

If you are searching for a multifunctional splurge gift, consider investing in a reliable item like this rechargeable flashlight and carabiner. The titanium loop secures around a belt loop or backpack to hold keys, water bottles, or paracords. A small flashlight built into the carabiner lasts six hours between charges, and a small ledge on the keychain allows users to crack open a beer between projects.

Buy It: Titanium USB Rechargeable Flashlight and Carabiner, $130

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10. Cord Organizer

Sometimes the best gifts are items you never realized you needed, like a simple cord-management system. The 3-inch leather “cord tacos” feature a silver snap to keep your headphones and phone charger cords securely wrapped. This gift is ideal for the man who owns more cables than he can keep straight, but it’s a versatile item anyone will appreciate. Students of any age will enjoy opening the high-quality leather cord organizers, which come in a variety of colors and styles.

Buy It: 3-Pack Leather Cord Organizer, $16

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11. Coffee Table Book

If your man appreciates the technology that powers ordinary items, he will love this photo-heavy book, “Cut in Half: The Hidden World Inside Everyday Objects.” This educational book showcases sliced versions of gaming joysticks, a spark plug, and even a waffle iron. With quick diagrams and item overviews, this book is sure to delight any person with an insatiable interest in how the world functions.

Buy ItCut in Half: The Hidden World Inside Everyday Objects, $20

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12. A Durable Charging Cord

Phone chargers are anything but indestructible—until now. If someone in your life is a little tough on charging cords, get them one that can finally handle the wear and tear. The self-proclaimed “most durable lightning cable” is made out of bullet-proof fiber built to handle twists that break other chargers. It stretches 3 feet, so you can finally keep your phone within arm’s length while being certain the charge will hold.

Buy It: The World's Most Durable Lightning Cable, $12

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13. Hex Key Wrench Set

For the man who is always rummaging through drawers searching for a hex key wrench, this is the last set you will ever need to purchase. Whether your guy is perpetually assembling furniture or tinkering with new technology, a collection of long-arm, ball-end hex key wrenches will help him get the job done. Our favorite part of this tool set might be the plastic case—while it is simple in its design, it holds the wrenches snug so they will not get lost in your tool chest.

Buy It: Long-Arm Ball Hex Key Wrench Set, $11

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14. Magnetic Nut and Bolt Tray

Keep small nuts and bolts from getting away while working on DIY auto projects. This magnetic dish can be secured upside-down or sideways to hold everything from wrenches and screws to keys. For people who appreciate completing automobile fixes on their own, it will be a welcome relief to have everything within an arm’s reach. It’s a practical gift that will get a lot of use, and it solves a common problem for DIY mechanics.

Buy It: Large Magnetic Nut and Bolt Tray, $11

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15. 18-in-1 Pocket Tool

When you are shopping for the minimalist man, get a small and useful gift that can do it all. This 18-in-1 (yes, actually) credit card tool slides into a wallet with ease and promises to never rust or bend. The device offers six hex wrenches, a can opener, fruit peeler, bottle opener, ruler, letter opener, box opener, phone stand, a screwdriver for eyeglasses, a Phillips head, and a flathead. And that’s not counting all the creative ways your DIY man will think to put this clever gift to the test!

Buy It: 18-in-1 Multipurpose Credit Card Size Pocket Tool, $12

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16. Cooler and Grill Set

Fire up the grill, but don’t forget about the food! Outdoors-lovers will appreciate this two-in-one chrome grill carrier that doubles as a small cooler. Adventurers can pack the collapsible grill with ease, and at 3.2 pounds, it won’t be hard to carry on a picnic or camping trip. The watertight cooler works perfectly to hold a few drinks, chilled hot dogs, and chocolate bars for s’mores.

Buy ItPicnic Cooler and Grill Set, $41

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17. Tool Chest

There is something so rewarding about having all your tools exactly where you remember them. Thanks to this 105-piece carbon-steel tool chest, builders can carry every instrument they need from job to job. A handle on top makes the chest easy to transport, and the well-organized design will make a cherished gift for the handyman in your life.

Buy It: 4-Drawer Tool Chest, $60

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18. Smoker Box

Holy smokes—this DIY meat smoker will delight every grillmaster. This hands-on gift helps to add a delicious savory flavor to grilled meat, fish, and vegetables. To customize the smoky palette, just place apple, hickory, mesquite, or Jack Daniels wood chips in the smoker box, then follow the directions to heat to perfection. The sweet smoked meats will have your family wanting to grill outside for the whole season.

Buy ItDIY Meat Smoker Box, $22

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19. Cheese Kit

Say cheese! Every recipient of this mini DIY cheese kit will be grinning from ear to ear when they open this recipe kit. The Urban Cheesecraft Mini Farmers Cheese Kit allows recipients to quickly create three batches of cheese, each about 1 pound. Guys will love experimenting with the different flavors, then adding the homemade cheese to their own recipes. We recommend using the cheese blocks as party appetizers, salad add-ons, or in pasta dishes. Other cheese-kit options include classics like cheddar and mozzarella, but you can also choose more sophisticated varieties, like Brie, feta, or goat cheese.

Buy It: Mini DIY Farmers’ Cheese Kit, $14

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20. Craft Beer Kit

There is something undeniably exciting about getting to brew your own craft alcohol. The Gallon Craft Beer Making Kit offers your DIY guy the chance to brew his own Irish Red Ale, Caribou Slobber Brown Ale, American wheat beer, pumpkin ale, or IPA. No matter which kit you decide to gift, it comes with everything needed for first-time brewers. Plus, learn how to pair beer with food.

Buy It1 Gallon Craft Beer Making Kit, $57

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21. Cooler

If you trust OtterBox to keep your smartphone from shattering, consider relying on them to protect your camp food, too. The 25-quart Day Trip Cooler features a splurge price tag, but it promises to be among the best camping accessories on the market. The compartmentalized cooler keeps ice from melting for multiple days, while rubber feet on the bottom prevent it from unintentionally moving. Further proof of perfection: The OtterBox even comes with an attachable bottle opener and quick-drain screw for easy cleanup.

Buy It: OtterBox Day Trip Cooler, $280

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22. Work-Height Table

We adore this adjustable-height work table for its multiuse design. Technically, this Home Depot staple is advertised as a workbench, but it can easily be transformed into an adjustable office desk or DIY hobby room table. The industrial workstation features a manual crank to lift and lower, which allows it to be turned into a standing desk with ease. The 62-inch width is precisely what your guy needs to begin his next big project.  

Buy It: Adjustable-Height Work Table, $249

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23. Monthly Planner

Make a list, check it twice—no matter the season, this simple life planner will help ensure every goal is accomplished. For the man who does it all, there is nothing more beneficial than an undated organizational planner with goal cards and free space for planning. Give it to him when he is ready to sketch the next DIY design or entrepreneurial idea.

Buy It: Simple Monthly Goal-Setting Planner, $34

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24. Card Deck with Leather Case

Here’s the deal: A plaid card deck and sturdy leather case will go a long way during a holiday gift exchange or Secret Santa swap. Everyone remembers a favorite card game, and this Magnolia design from Joanna and Chip Gaines is a Christmas classic. Whether he loves playing Solitaire or hosting a Crazy Eights showdown, this gift will always be considered a good hand.

Buy ItCard Deck with Leather Case, $17

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25. Chore Pants

The man who does everything needs a go-to outfit that won’t rip when he takes on a new challenge. Buy him a pair of organic cotton pants with the durability to survive a DIY construction project or fishing trip. The Taylor Stitch double-knee pant promises that the fabric strength doesn’t come at the expense of dexterity or comfort, making it a clear winner as a gift.

Buy It: Extremely Durable Chore Pants, $98

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26. Mini Flashlight

The best gifts come in small packages, and this tiny flashlight is among the most miniature of them all. This already-funded Kickstarter project markets itself as the world’s smallest flashlight with lasting brightness. Order up the magnetic device as a quick stocking stuffer or handy novelty gift that everyone can find a household use for. This flashlights begin shipping in February 2019, but if you cannot wait, there is another tiny tactical flashlight available on Amazon

Buy It: The World's Smallest EDC Flashlight, $16

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27. Binoculars

Get a bird-watching aficionado a set of binoculars that can do it all, from sightseeing to star-gazing. This set of binoculars is the ideal gift before a family vacation, or pick them up for a hobbyist who wants to see the stars in a whole new way. At $26, this gift is easily one of the best pairs of binoculars you will find within this price range.

Buy It: Day-to-Night Binoculars, $26

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28. Wet/Dry Vac

Every DIY dad knows that fun family projects come with a little mess. Thankfully, the wet/dry vacuum and leaf blower from RYOBI can hold up to three gallons of debris. This convenient three-in-one tool is designed for simple stacking and storage.

Buy It: Wet/Dry Vacuum with Accessory Storage, $89

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29. Sliding Match Safe

This holiday gift can light up a room! The sturdy metal box keeps strike-anywhere matches dry while the knurled-brass knob doubles as a firestarter. The steel box is attractive enough to store in the living room or near a wooden stove, making it a gift that any guy will be fired up to receive.  

Buy It: The Sliding Match Safe, $32

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30. Firewood Splitter

Get the lumberjack man in your life an effective-and-easy firewood splitter. This clever cast-iron device makes it safe to quickly split kindling with a few whacks of a hammer. Forget hours of dangerous logging—this device makes it easy for your DIY guy to cut firewood and get back to enjoying the fire.

Buy It: Kindling Cracker Firewood Splitter, $90

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31. Bluetooth Speaker

Finally, a music player that can accompany any adventurer through the rain and shine! The waterproof Pulse 3 speaker stars a wraparound light show that can be adjusted to match any mood. The rechargeable speaker boasts 12 hours of sound, allowing people to link multiple speakers together for an all-around sound effect. Toss the bluetooth speaker in a beach bag and the next journey begins!

Buy It: Pulse 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker, $200

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32. Headlamp

This versatile headlamp is a necessity while completing projects in low lighting, and it works perfectly for rock-climbing and spelunking trips. The waterproof and dust-proof headlamp transitions effortlessly to home improvement projects, and it features brightness alterations, a strobe setting, and RGB night vision.

Buy It: Icon Headlamp, $100

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33. Seed Balls

This sweet-smelling gift allows people to replenish the bee population in their communities with nectar- and pollen-rich flowers. Toss the seed balls on soil, then use water to dissolve the clay and allow the nutrients to take hold. The floral arrangements include sunflowers, borage, cosmos, asters, coreopsis, marigolds, poppies, and forget-me-nots. Before you know it, bees will be buzzing about the stunning yard.  

Buy It: Bee and Pollinator Seed Balls, $17

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34. Bat Shelter

Because he’s a bat man, right? Puns aside, building this cedar shelter will give every environment-loving man a perfect chance to welcome a small colony of bats to the backyard. The mammals are known for eating mosquitos and insects, which helps to manage local pest populations.

Buy It: Audubon Bat Shelter Model NABAT, $29

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35. Bamboo Cutting Board

A lifetime guarantee accompanies this set of three pristine bamboo cutting boards. The largest board, measuring 17x12.5 inches, features a small groove to catch juices and three cubbies for storing chopped items. The antibacterial and antimicrobial boards are elegant enough to be used as serving platters, making them a practical present from start to finish.

Buy It: Mess-Free Bamboo Cutting Board, $21

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36. Brisket Trimmer

Aspiring BBQ pitmasters will embrace the opportunity to carve their meat with a little more ease thanks to this tool. The Qwick Trim brisket trimmer produces perfect strips of meat while remaining safe for the user, making it an easy win for guys who grill. Don't forget to read up on our brisket cooking basics, too!

Buy It: Qwick Trim Brisket Trimmer, $20

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37. Pull Saw

Any DIY builder can make smooth, precise cuts with the use of a double-edge Japanese pull saw. We love this instrument for its ability to slice straight lines regardless of user strength, as well as the craftsmanship that enables people to work without power tools. If you are shopping for a person who appreciates exactness, they will love this exceptional tool from Suizan.

Buy It: Double-Edge Japanese Pull Saw, $36

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38. Water Leak Sensor

Here’s one thing your handy man does not want to fix: leaky appliances. Invest in a smart home water leak sensor to never again be surprised by a flooded bathtub, washing machine, or basement. The device immediately sends a smartphone alert when moisture is detected, and users can turn off the machine virtually or quickly respond.

Buy It: SmartThings Water Leak Sensor, $20

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39. Multitool

The pocket tool to rule them all: The Leatherman Wave is high-quality and versatile, which makes it a consistently popular gift. Fans love the 18-in-one device for its reliability in every activity from electrical work to everyday tasks. It’s a multitool that no one would be disappointed to open, and with pliers, wire cutters, knives, a pair of scissors, files, and a flurry of other uses, it’s easy to understand why.

Buy ItLeatherman Multi-Tool Wave, $100

Courtesy of The Home Depot

40. Woodburning Tool

DIY woodburning projects are having a comeback moment among crafters. The art of woodburning, also called pyrography, is a simple skill to learn and allows people to customize wood accessories in their home. Pick up a wood burner as a gift for your friend, and the crafting options are limitless.

Buy It: Pyrography Wood Burning Tool, $20

Courtesy of Best Made Co. 

41. Brass Measuring Tape

Make quality measurements guaranteed for precision with a brass measuring tape from Best Made Company. The 60-inch measuring tape is emblazoned with the words, “Measure Twice, Cut Once,” and the small stocking stuffer remains an attractive tool to keep on display in the home or office.

Buy ItSolid Brass Pocket Tape, $58


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