Top 15 Gifts for Pet Lovers

Don't paw your way through the local pet-store aisles. Check out these 15 gifts for dogs and cats that our editors picked as their favorites.

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    Fishy Feline Feeder

    What: What feline lover doesn't enjoy a little frivolity for her kitty's feast? Cat bowls get funky with this fishy feline feeder.

    The Twist: Available in a variety of colors, this mini piece of art will make even cat food look appealing.

    The Cost: $100

    Where: Posh Living

    Product Number: 12735

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    Lily Bone Top Toy Box

    What: Any dog lover knows that dogs sometimes make messes -- from spilled dry food to leashes and collars scattered around the house. This box keeps anything canine-related neatly put away.

    The Twist: This practical storage option by Whitney Works is another way to accessorize man's best friend.

    The Cost: $99

    Where: Chimpfeet

    Product Number: 11024

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    Double Pet Carrier

    What: Here comes double trouble! Or maybe not. A pair of pooches ride comfortably in this double carrier.

    The Twist: Two zippered entries, a removable divider, and top openings are just a few of the features we like in this carrier. Plus, pets will love relaxing on the faux lambskin liners (and yes, they are washable).

    The Cost: $95

    Where: through AKC

    Product Number: 84412

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    City Dog: The National Hotel & Resort Guide

    What: The title says it all: This book will give the pooch lover in your life a great reference for traveling with Spot.

    The Twist: Lots of hotels are dog friendly, but some do have weight restrictions. Ditto on airlines. Giving this book is a thoughtful way to help a friend traveling with dogs.

    The Cost: $13.95

    Where: Sellers Publishing

    Product Number: BTP-809

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    Cat Scratch Wall Art

    What: Is it art or a way to keep Mittens from destroying your dresser? It's both! A modern steel frame holds corrugated cardboard perfect for scratchin'.

    The Twist: When the cat has done all the damage it can to this piece, just order refills (they're $24 each).

    The Cost: $90

    Where: Uncommon Goods

    Product Number: 14873

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    Folding Wicker Pet Steps

    What: Creaky joints, tired muscles -- we're not talking about ourselves. In this case, we're talking about the ailments that can afflict a precious pet, making it hard for it to climb up to a bed or chair. Miniature staircase to the rescue!

    The Twist: Made from wicker-look resin weave that provides traction, this happy contraption is easy to clean and folds for storage or travel.

    The Cost: $69.99

    Where: Alsto

    Product Number: 1005800

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    Leash Hanger

    What: Let's face it, some people just insist on treating their pooches like princesses. Why not help them in their efforts to pamper their pet by adding an animal accessory to their arsenal?

    The Twist: This Princess Crown leash hanger is perfect for the pet lover who wants things posh and pink for her furry friend.

    The Cost: $40

    Where: Posh Living

    Product Number: 15798

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    Thermo Kitty Cabin

    What: Help a friend on your gift list treat her little Sheba like a queen. This heated cabin will do the trick.

    The Twist: A thermostat controls the temp, and the pyramid shape provides a den-like refuge for cats. What more could they ask for? (Sluggish mice, we suppose.)

    The Cost: $59.99

    Where: Drs. Foster & Smith

    Product Number: 9B-29914

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    Oreo Kitty Neck Wrap

    What: Dog and cat owners know that nothing is as snuggly as a pet curled up on the couch with you. But not every animal feels like cuddling. Enter these animal neck wraps.

    The Twist: After being heated in the microwave, these neck warmers are soothing and help relieve stress. Maybe the real animals will get jealous and snuggle up more often.

    The Cost: $39

    Where: Kits 'n Kaboodle

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    Birth Gem Bones

    What: Sparkle and bling to make dog lovers sing: Gemstones adorn dog-bone-shaped charms to be worn by pet owners or their pets.

    The Twist: Birthstone-themed bones will bring flair to any outfit that a pet lover or his/her pet would wear.

    The Cost: $35.95

    Where: Glamour Dog

    Product Number: HAV-JWL-BBN

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    Mud Pup Travel Kit

    What: Fresh drinking water? Check. Rawhide bones? Check. Dog food? Check. This travel kit by Mud Pie helps owners make sure that when it's feedin' time, there's a place to chow.

    The Twist: Packs up like a small hat box, so it's chic for owner and hungry dog alike.

    The Cost: $33

    Where: Chimpfeet

    Product Number: 10202

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    Towel with Pockets

    What: People towels leave something lacking in the dog-drying department. Enter the Soggy Dog towel.

    The Twist: Made of absorbent fabric, the Soggy Dog has four pockets where the owner can place the dog's paws, making it easier to hang onto Rover with one hand while drying with the other.

    The Cost: $31.99

    Where: Pet Project LLC

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    Treat Box for Cats

    What: Even though they act as though they couldn't care less about their human roommates, most cats seem to come running when they hear a treat being offered.

    The Twist: This painted wooden box keeps Whiskers' tuna nibbles and turkey bits in clear view.

    The Cost: $18

    Where: Tatutina

    Product Number: TB23

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    Comfort Pals Puppy

    What: It's hard to justify skipping work to make sure the little scrapper doesn't leave your house in shambles. The answer can be found in a faux puppy.

    The Twist: A simulated heart beat and soft coat make this stuffed animal a genius solution to any dog owners who love their new "babies" but want to wring their necks for wigging out when left alone.

    The Cost: $17.50

    Where: Chimpfeet

    Product Number: 10086

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    Talk to Me Cat Treat Ball

    What: Record a message with the built-in microphone and this treat ball will play it every time Whiskers bats the toy -- plus it drops out a treat. Good choice for a kitty with separation anxiety.

    The Twist: As tempting as it might be, we do NOT think you should record messages like "No, Felix! NO! BAD KITTY!"

    The Cost: $12.99

    Where: Drs. Foster & Smith

    Product Number: 9B-25566

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