15 Gifts Crafters Will Love

Help your favorite crafter get busy scrapbooking, knitting, stamping, or painting with these clever tools, kits, and storage totes chosen by our editors.

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    Vituri Urban Shoulder Bag

    What: Smart urban styling, a detachable shoulder strap, and a gusseted outside pocket are just three of the features that make this bag a winner.

    The Twist: Inside, padding protects a laptop, and pockets hold paper, tools, and more for the scrapbook fiend on the go.

    The Cost: $99.99

    Where: All My Memories


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    Freestyle Kit 6000

    What: It's true: Scrapbookers are into cutting paper. This blade kit comes with a self-healing cutting mat to protect your household surfaces.

    The Twist: This blade allows scrappers to simply apply pressure and cut shapes freehand. The safety lock keeps blades (and digits) safe.

    The Cost: $39.95

    Where: Purple Cows

    Product Number: 6000


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    Jack Frost Needles

    What: Hand-painted snowflakes grace these limited-edition needles. What a nice winter holiday gift for the knitter on your list.

    The Twist: In case the sweet snowflakes don't tip the scales for you, note that each needle is adorned with a pearlescent winter white finial and finished with a sealant for years of use.

    The Cost: $38

    Where: Bella Blue


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    Tool Kit II

    What: Crafters sometimes describe their hobby as an addiction. A happy addiction, we say. Get a beginner started off on the right foot.

    The Twist: The perfect gift for a beginner crafter, this kit has all the tools a person needs to get started in scrapbooking or cardmaking.

    The Cost: $29.99

    Where: Making Memories


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    Stamp Pad Case

    What: Tim Holtz created a line of portable storage cases for the stamper's ink pad. All cases include identification tags and see-through windows to identify supplies.

    The Twist: Holtz describes the creative work of crafters like this: "Creativity is an endless journey where we should always take the scenic route."

    The Cost: $34.99

    Where: Cropper Hopper

    Product Number: TH92384


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    Tote-ally Cool! Tote2's

    What: We'd take on crafting as a new hobby just to have an excuse to use this faboo tote. It has 35 pouches and pockets to accommodate all kinds of tools and supplies.

    The Twist: This tote even has a lazy Susan carousel stand that attaches magnetically to the bottom so you can spin the tote to get your supplies.

    The Cost: $29.99

    Where: All My Memories


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    Scraparatus Starter Set

    What: We all know you can't be all things to all people. But this pink tool is giving it a try. Different tips allow it to die cut, punch holes, set eyelets, and more.

    The Twist: We like the fact that this gadget comes with a "stomp pad" and a "stomp stone." Who knew that scrapbooking could help us release our inner anger?

    The Cost: $24.99

    Where: Karen Foster Design

    Product Number: 3015


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    Desktop Organizer

    What: Your workspace will always be dressed for success, thanks to our Desktop Organizer.

    The Twist: A true friend of the scrapbooker, this organizer neatly stores 12-x-12-inch paper and tools. Stickers, embellishments, and ribbons stow away in removable drawers with label holders.

    The Cost: $19.99

    Where: Making Memories


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    Eraser Maker

    What: From the name Sculpey you can probably guess this is a crafty kit for kids who like to make things with their hands.

    The Twist: When the kids finished modeling this clay into their unique creations, they don't just have another silly doodad to stash in their dresser. They have an eraser they can take to school and actually use.

    The Cost: $12.99

    Where: Sculpey


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    Spring Tape Measure

    What: Knitters and crafters often reach for a tape measure to...well...measure stuff!

    The Twist: We like to think this hue-happy tape measure is the tape measure Dr. Seuss would make, if Dr. Seuss made such things.

    The Cost: $8

    Where: kpixie.com


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    Calendar Kit

    What: As the year comes to a close, calendars are an insanely useful gift.

    The Twist: This calendar has a DIY aspect: all the paper, embellishments, stickers, and die-cuts are included, and the recipient gets to put her own spin on the pages.

    The Cost: $7.99 to $19.99

    Where: Making Memories


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    Corner Squeeze Punch

    What: Paper crafters and scrapbookers will love you if you give them a punch -- as long as it's a tool like this that can be used to create crisp, cut shapes and designs.

    The Twist: Squeeze punches are already very popular among crafters, but now Fiskars has introduced a squeeze punch that works on corners. Keen!

    The Cost: $11.50

    Where: Fiskars


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    Pop-Up Scrap Can

    What: Visit an avid scrapper at work on a project, and you'll notice the fragments of her craft fluttering to the ground. It's a potpourri of scraps to toss away. Enter the Pop-Up Scrap Can.

    The Twist: In two sizes, the Scrap Can gobbles all those bits and scraps that projects create. And when not in use, it folds down into a half-inch-thick disc that tucks into a craft bag or drawer.

    The Cost: $9.99 for small can; $12.99 for large can

    Where: Croppin' Cutie


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    The Secret Language of Knitters

    What: Did you know more than a third of American women knit? If someone in that demographic is on your shopping list, this book is a great gift.

    The Twist: Author Mary Beth Temple weaves her fun dictionary for fellow knitting fanatics into her new book. We also love the motto of the Stress Knitter: "When the going gets tough, the tough get knitting."

    The Cost: $19.95

    Where: Andrews McMeel Publishing

    Product Number: 740768735


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    Go Paint

    What: While you're enjoying your hobbies, let the kids in on the fun. They might not be ready for scrapbooking, but they'd love to sit next to you and color while you stitch and snip.

    The Twist: Mess Free Go Paint! works only on Go Paint! Paper, so the vibrant, insta-dry colors won't paint on skin, walls, carpet, or clothes. Whew.

    The Cost: $5.99

    Where: Elmer's

    Product Number: E1755


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