15 Gifts Cooks will Love

Whether you're shopping for an expert chef or a beginning baker, these 15 creative gift ideas will spice up any cook's kitchen.

Apple-Shape Baker

What: For the Yankee Doodle Dandy on your list, give this apple-shape piece of bakeware that's as American as apple pie. And apple cobbler, and apple fritters...the list goes on and on.

The Twist: It's safe for the freezer, oven, microwave, and dishwasher. (Is there any place this thing CAN'T go?!)

The Cost: $29.99

Where: Chefs Catalog

Product Number: 22797


Cattail Salad Server

What: When entertaining, home cooks like to make a presentation with every course. Give these servers, made from Pennsylvania cherry wood and folk-art style, to help with the salad course.

The Twist: Handmade in the Shaker style prevalent in the Northeast, these servers have the Shakers' signature cattail design on the handles.

The Cost: $48

Where: Shaker Workshops

Product Number: 12K42


Hinged Cookbook Holder

What: You don't have to be a professional chef to appreciate how absolutely handy and well-designed this holder is.

The Twist: Two features give this cookbook holder a leg up: It adjusts to fit even thick books, and a hinged acrylic front tilts forward for easy Slide-turning.

The Cost: $24.99

Where: The Container Store


Anyone Can Cook

What: This cookbook from the experts at Better Homes and Gardens® includes nearly 1,000 step-by-step photos that empower aspiring cooks.

The Twist: The easy, relaxed attitude of this cookbook will keep you flipping the pages, even when you're not cooking.

The Cost: $24.95

Where: Meredith Books

Product Number: (ISBN): 978-0-696-23293-0


Stay Cool Rolling Pin

What: Roll, roll, roll your dough gently without seams. Merrily merrily merrily merrily, this pin's quite a dream.

The Twist: Avid bakers know they have to keep their cool...when rolling pie dough. This Cuisipro pin can be filled with ice water to keep the surface cold, preventing the dough from sticking.

The Cost: $38.99

Where: Kitchen Kapers

Product Number: 22188



What: When someone has spent time crafting the perfect little cupcake, it's a shame to let it get jostled and smushed in a lunchbox or picnic basket. These containers will keep your cupcake fresh and perfect.

The Twist: Don't even pretend like you wouldn't LOVE to find one of these in your lunchbag one day at work. We know we would.

The Cost: $2.99

Where: The Container Store

Product Number: 10033650


Cupcake Holder

What: Serving cupcakes to a crowd can be sticky: These little bites of confectionary joy don't exactly stack well on a cake plate, which is where this server with three tiers comes in handy.

The Twist: Not only does this Celebrations tiered server adjust to hold just a few cupcakes or 20, it includes four different finials to top the ensemble.

The Cost: $29.99

Where: Better Homes and Gardens® Collection through Home Interiors

Product Number: 75087


Collapsible Cutting Board

What: Cutting boards get so much everyday use that switching to a new board now and then is actually a great idea. This large rugged polypropylene number is a surefire hit.

The Twist: When the chopping's done, this board is the one. Why? The sides fold up so ingredients just slide off into a pan, pot, or bowl. No more scraping food off the board with a knife

The Cost: $24.99

Where: Chefs Catalog

Product Number: 22699


Fridge Timer

What: Half the battle of serving a yummy meal is making sure it all gets to the table on time. Enter the kitchen timer: an unassuming little gadget that no chef can be without.

The Twist: Stainless steel and a rubber backing help this timekeeper blend in with today's sleekest modern kitchens. And the magnet inside allows the cook to place the timer wherever it is needed.

The Cost: $35

Where: Uncommon Goods

Product Number: 14660


Steel Kitchen Utensils

What: Fun and Funky, these utensils are perfect for all cooks. Our favorite? The Lasagna Server with the serrated edge and squared shape that lifts a hot hunk of lasagna right out of the pan, no worries.

The Twist: Show off your good taste. Handcrafted of steel by metal artist Alan McIntosh, this quintet of utensils brings a touch of art-gallery finesse to the kitchen.

The Cost: $45 cake server, $40 berry spoon, $40 coffee scoop, $40 tea strainer, $55 lasagna server

Where: The Guild

Product Number: A6519-001


Mimi Sugar Bowl

What: A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down -- and this bowl holds that sugar (and spoon) in the most delightful way.

The Twist: Created by well-known designer Kazuyo Komoda, this sleek glass piece caught our eye with its spoon-in-handle design.

The Cost: $75

Where: DriadeKosmo


Recipe Box Oven

What: A recipe box is a classic gift choice for the culinary wizard on your list.

The Twist: This box has whimsy to spare with its mini-oven disguise. Peek inside and the red painted interior reads "What's cookin."

The Cost: $26

Where: Tatutina

Product Number: RB30


Seed Remover

What: When it comes to prepping veggies, always use the right tool for the job. Wouldn't it be great to have a seed remover in place of the spoon you usually use for scraping?

The Twist: Sharp loops on either end make the Calphalon seeder a great addition to the gadget drawer. It zips out the fleshy centers of cherry tomatoes and cucumbers, as well as hard-to-handle squash.

The Cost: $9.99

Where: Calphalon


Vintage Orange Juicer

What: There's nothing like a tall glass of fresh-squeezed juice in the morning...with a plate of warm French toast oozing maple syrup and melted butter, and a sprinkle of plump blueberries on top.

The Twist: Squeeze the life out of oranges and other yummy fruits with this vintage style juicer. Even the color says "Yum, drink up!"

The Cost: $24.99

Where: Chefs Catalog

Product Number: 21113


Waffle Stand

What: If there's one thing that can ruin the holidays, it's soggy waffles.

The Twist: Give the gift of waffle protection: a waffle stand inspired by English toast racks. Keep those breakfast beauties vertical and they won't get soggy while you fetch the butter and syrup.

The Cost:$19.99

Where: Chefs Catalog

Product Number: 22199


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