Christmas Food Gifts: Recipes + Wrapping Ideas Featuring Foil Pans

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Foil pans have the benefit of being portable and disposable and the added bonus of being shiny, a perfect finish for the holidays. See 7 ways to use these versatile containers, plus recipes to go with them, for Christmas food gifts

Simple Bags for Beautiful Pies

There's no need to cover up gorgeous pies just because they're for gifting. Show them off instead with these simple yet seasonal bags. Mini-pies with festive toppings bring extra holiday joy.

1. Place pie inside of clear bag. Close with twist-tie.

2. Attach a silver star or sprig of red berries with colorful twine for added flair.

3. Use a sticker label to write a quick note to the recipient, or just the basic details. Attach to the bag.

Recipe Options:

Simple Bags for Beautiful Pies: Supplies

What You'll Need:

Clear cellophane bags with twist-ties, star tags, scrapbook stickers, red berry sprig, mini-pie tins, twine

Tip: In lieu of red berries, use trimmings from your Christmas tree or wreath for a festive touch.

Ribbons and Flags Muffin Carrier

Rows of ribbons and homemade paper flags transform a foil muffin pan into a delightful carrier.

1. Bake muffins in a foil muffin pan. When the pan is cool, tie colorful ribbons around it between the rows of muffins.

2. Using a rubber stamp, stamp holiday wishes onto scrapbooking paper. Cut the paper into triangles. If you wish, cut slightly larger triangles and glue the two together with a glue stick.

3. Adhere the paper triangles to toothpicks. When the paper flags have dried, place them in the tops of the muffins.

Recipe Options:

Ribbons and Flags Muffin Carrier: Supplies

What You'll Need:

Foil muffin pan, scrapbooking paper, ribbons, rubber stamps, stamp pad, toothpicks.

Tip: You'll want to use a light color of paper to stamp on, so choose a brighter color or even a print for a second layer. For a simpler look, skip the rubberstamping and just use papers.

Apron Wrap for Toteable Casseroles

A few fabric markers and some childhood ingenuity, turns a white canvas apron into a darling casserole wrap.

1. Gather the kids to decorate a canvas apron using fabric markers.

2. Bake the casserole in a 13x9x2-inch foil baking pan that comes with a lid. Let the casserole cool. Add the lid to the pan.

3. Fold the apron so the design is displayed on top. Tie the apron around the pan, securing with the ties from the apron.

4. Fill a 1-quart plastic bag with the crumb topping, tie with a ribbon, and add a gift tag. Be sure to include serving directions with the gift.

Recipe Options:

Apron Wrap for Toteable Casseroles: Supplies

What You'll Need:

Apron, 12x9x2-inch foil baking pan with lid, fabric markers, ribbon, ID tag

Tip: Crafts and hobby stores carry plain white aprons for decorating. Wash, dry, and iron the apron before decorating. This will help release any deep wrinkles from packaging, making it easier to fold the apron to display the design.

Clever Covers for Pies

With a few decorative brads, two foil pie pans are converted into a shimmery container.

1. Using a paper punch, punch a few aligning holes into the edges of two 9-inch foil pie pans.

2. Bake the pie in one of the pie pans.

3. After the pie is baked and cooled, use decorative crafting brads to fasten the other pie pan over the pie to resemble a lid. Tie a purchased or handmade tag around one of the brads.

Recipe Options:

Clever Cover for Pies: Supplies

What You'll Need:

Two 9-inch foil pie pans, decorative brads, purchased or handmade gift tag

Tip: Make sure the tops of the decorative brads are larger than the punched holes. Otherwise, the brads with slide through the holes.

Foil Pan Cradle for Baked Goods

A foil pie pan dressed up with a ribbon and a holiday ball ornament creates a cookie cradle.

1. Line the inside of an 8x4x2-inch foil baking pan with tissue paper.

2. Arrange the sandwich cookies in the pan. Tie a wide ribbon around the center of the pan, adding a holiday ornament to the tied portion of the ribbon.

Recipe Options:

Foil Pan Cradle for Baked Goods: Supplies

What You'll Need:

8x4x2-inch foil baking pan, tissue paper, ribbon, holiday ornament

Tip: If you wish, individually wrap each cookie in plastic wrap before arranging them in the pan. Turn the cookies on their sides to showcase the layer of snow-white frosting.

Perfect Package for Sweets

A tied ribbon and a sticker label give a basic foil pan with a see-through lid some holiday frills, but they don't steal the show of what's inside.

1. Bake the rolls in a 13-1/4x9-5/8x2-3/4-inch foil baking pan that comes with a lid. Let the rolls cool. Add the lid to the pan.

2. Tie a ribbon around the sides and top of the pan to resemble a package.

3. Attach scrapbooking stickers to the top of the lid and label as desired.

Recipe Options:

Perfect Package for Sweets: Supplies

What You'll Need:

13-1/4x9-5/8x2-3/4-inch foil baking pan with lid, ribbon, scrapbook stickers

Tip: Keep it simple with one label-style sticker or really go crazy with several stickers for decoration. Scrapbooking stores are a great source for stickers -- they are often sold in sheets or can be cut individually from a roll.

Pretty Papers for Presenting Bite-Sized Treats

Colorful paper bake cups and coordinating ribbon ties turn a particle foil pain into a pretty present.

1. Place fudge squares in mini paper bake cups. Arrange pieces in an 8-inch round foil pan.

2. Cut a circle of scrapbooking paper to set inside one of the paper bake cups and attach cutout words "from our kitchen" to the paper.

3. Tie ribbon around pan.

Recipe Options:

Pretty Papers for Presenting Bite-Sized Treats: Supplies

What You'll Need:

9-inch round foil pan, mini paper baking cups, scrapbook paper, cutout words, ribbon

Tip: Go beyond the basic paper bake cups found at the grocery store and check out those at crafts and hobby stores. They come in a variety of colors and dazzling designs.

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