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Box up some yummy treats to give friends and family this Christmas season. Not only are these packaging ideas brimming with holiday cheer, each one has recipes to go along with it.

Wooden Crate Carrier for Desserts

An antique crate and spatula make a unique keepsake container.

1.Place a piece of fabric in the bottom of a shallow wooden crate.

2. Arrange a piece of accenting fabric across the top of the fabric.

3. Tie a ribbon around a serving spatula. Place the pie and the spatula inside the crate.

Recipe Options:

Wooden Crate Carrier for Desserts: Supplies

What You'll Need:

Vintage wood crate, fabric, ribbon, vintage serving spatula

Tip: The beauty of giving an old-fashioned crate is that the recipient has something delicious to eat and a treasure to keep. Look for the just right crate at flea markets and antiques stores.

Handsome Hatbox for Cakes

A paper covering turns a plain hatbox into an eye-catching treasure.

1. Using crafts glue, cover a hatbox or large circular box and lid with decorative paper.

2. Affix ribbon around the edges of the box to help hide the paper seams.

3. Cut an end off of a Styrofoam ball. Attach the flat side of the ball with crafts glue to the bottom of the box to form a handle.

4. Place the cake on the inside of the box lid; set the box on top of the cake.

Recipe Options:

Handsome Hatbox for Cakes: Supplies

What You'll Need:

12-inch-round papier mache hatbox, 20x30 sheet of paper, decorative ribbon, white Styrofoam ball

Tip: Because the handle on top serves just for looks, be sure to carry the box with one hand underneath and hand on top.

Snowflake Pizza Box for a Cookie Wreath

Old-fashioned fun -- paper cut snowflakes crown a white pizza box for a wintry look.

1. Adhere paper snowflakes to the top of a 12-inch or larger white pizza box using a glue stick.

2. Cut a ribbon into four 4-inch pieces and angle cut the ends. Using crafts glue, attach the ribbon to the top of the box to create a frame.

3. Cut a piece of colored paper to fit inside the frame. Write a holiday greeting on the paper.

4. Use a decorative furniture tack to attach the greeting in the center of the ribbon frame.

Recipe Options:

Snowflake Pizza Box for a Cookie Wreath: Supplies

Tip: If you have festive scrapbooking brads on hand, use one instead of the furniture tack. You may need to precut a hole in the box lid before poking the brad through.

Berry Box Holder for Sweets

A velvety red ribbon grace the sides of a parchment paper-lined berry box for a fresh holiday look.

1. Tie a red velvet ribbon around the top edge of a quart-size berry box.

2. Place a folded sheet of holiday parchment paper inside the box. Carefully arrange whoopie pies inside the box.

Recipe Options:

Berry Box Holder for Sweets: Supplies

What You'll Need:

Holiday parchment paper, wooden berry box, velvet ribbon

Tip: You can find holiday-print parchment paper at You can use this easy-to-assemble gift idea throughout the year with a simple change of ribbon color and a parchment paper print to fit the season.

Double Wrapped Box for Quick Breads

With layers of a paper, ribbon, and an ornament trim, a humble box goes haughty.

1. Line the bottom of a rectangular white box with parchment or waxed paper. Place the uncut loaf into the box.

2. Wrap a piece of scrapbooking paper around the box and attach it on the bottom using clear tape.

3. Tie a ribbon around the center of the box and then add a holiday ornament and sticker to create a festive greeting.

Recipe Options:

Double Wrapped Box for Quick Breads: Supplies

What You'll Need:

Rectangular white box, white scrapbooking paper, off-white satin ribbon, ornament, holiday sticker

Tip: For a snowy white presentation, choose shades of white paper, ribbon, and ornament for the wrap. But to brighten things up a bit, go with a print paper, a solid ribbon, and a coordinating ornament tie on.

Snowman Box for Cookies

Two simple circle cutouts and ruby felt accents turn a white box into a cute carrier.

1. Cut two circles on the front of a handle-topped box, making the one on the bottom slightly larger than the one top.

2. Cut a piece of clear acrylic the size of the front of the box; attach it to the inside using a glue stick.

3. Using pinking sheers, cut a 6-inch-long piece of red felt, tie it in a bow, and glue it between the circles with crafts glue.

4. For the hat, cut a 2-inch-long strip of felt and a square piece of felt. Attach the hat pieces above the top circle on the box.

5. Place three sticker dots in the middle of the acetate in the bottom circle, making buttons.

Recipe Options:

Snowman Box for Cookies: Supplies

What You'll Need:

Tall white container, clear acrylic, felt, 3-D adhesive dots

Tip: For a variety of gift-giving boxes, look at crafts or hobby stores or online at You may be lucky enough to find boxes with the circles already cut.

Window Box for Cupcakes

Scallop-edge trim and printed acetate paper make whimsical add-ons to a window treat box.

1. Cut a piece of patterned acetate scrapbooking paper slightly larger than the opening in the box lid. Adhere the paper inside of the lid using a glue stick.

2. Measure each side of the box window and cut four strips of white scrapbooking paper to that length. Cut one side of the paper strips with scallop-edge scissors. Fold each strip in half lengthwise and tuck into the box at the edges of the acetate.

3. Place cupcakes in colorful paper bake cups and arrange them in the box.

Recipe Options:

Window Box for Cupcakes: Supplies

What You'll Need:

Treat box, patterned acetate scrapbooking paper, white scrapbooking paper, paper baking cups

Tip: You can find an assortment of treat boxes at Look for those that have a window-cut lid. They come in a variety of sizes, so pick one large enough to hold your kitchen delights.

Beribboned Box Lid Tray for Sweet Rolls

A metal box lid graced with ribbons makes a solid tray to coddle your creations.

1. Place a piece of parchment paper in the bottom of a square box lid.

2. Arrange the bowknots on the parchment. Tie ribbons around the package.

Recipe Options:

Beribboned Box Lid Tray for Sweet Rolls: Supplies

What You'll Need:

Square box lid, parchment paper, ribbon

Tip: If you can't locate a metal box lid, a cardboard or wooden box lid works the same.

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