Christmas Food Gifts: Recipes + Wrapping Ideas Using Jars

Get inspired by our clever Christmas food gift ideas that pair decorated jars with delicious recipes.

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    Individual Brownie Cheesecakes in Jars

    These adorable snowmen are the perfect holiday gift for any chocolate lover -- the real treat is the brownie cheesecake inside!

    1. Screw lids onto baked and cooled cheesecake jars.

    2. Cut off the toe end from one baby sock, and wrap the cut end with a length of twine.

    3. Glue tiny pom-poms to the twine ends, and slide the sock hat over top of the jar lid.

    4. Make a small cone-shape nose using a scrap of orange construction paper; glue to jar.

    5. Glue tiny pom-poms for eyes and buttons, and stack jars to form a snowman.

    6. Tie a ribbon around the lid of the bottom jar to form the snowman's scarf.

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    Lemon Crispies

    These thin lemony cookies make a great, easy gift for anyone who loves to bake.

    1. Layer ingredients in jar, separating crushed lemon drops into a resealable plastic bag.

    2. Tie a ribbon around the top of the jar.

    3. Include baking instructions for the cookies with the gift.

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    Toffee-Pecan Cookie Mix

    These cookies have their own unique flavor thanks to toffee pieces, coconut, and toasted pecans.

    1. Layer ingredients in jar.

    2. Include baking instructions by tying a ribbon around the middle of the jar.

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    Toasted Coconut Drops

    These drop cookies are perfect for coconut-lovers. Even better, the easy jar decoration makes for a quick food gift.

    1. Layer ingredients in jar.

    2. Tightly wind thin colored ribbon or twine around the jar lid, and tie the ends into a bow.

    3. Include directions for making cookies.

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    Candy-Stripe Twist for a Jar of Cookie Mix

    Super simple: Red and white pipe cleaners add a candy-stripe twist to a canning jar.

    1. Trace a disk lid on a piece of scrapbooking paper; cut out.

    2. Layer the mix in a quart jar following the recipe.

    3. Place the piece of scrapbooking paper on the disk lid. Secure the rim lid around the paper-covered disk.

    4. Twist a white pipe cleaner onto each end of one red pipe cleaner. Position the center of the red pipe cleaner underneath the jar, and bring the white pipe cleaners up the sides of the jar, twisting the ends together at the top.

    5. Affix a scrapbooking label sticker to the front of the jar.

    6. Include baking directions for the mix.

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    Hot Chocolate Mix

    This cute reindeer hot chocolate mix will delight recipients of any age. Gift a big batch in one jar, or separate into individual small jars for a reindeer herd.

    1. Hot-glue googly eyes and a red pom-pom nose onto jar.

    2. Hot-glue brown pipe cleaners to the jar lid for antlers.

    3. Attach jingle bells with a length of ribbon around the top of the jar.

    4. Layer hot cocoa ingredients into jar, and include instructions for hot chocolate.

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    String-Wrapped Jingle Jar for Cookie Mix

    A simple colored string provides a no-frills finish for a gift in a jar.

    1. Layer the mix in a quart jar following the recipe.

    2. Write the directions for mixing and baking the bars on a recipe card.

    3. Attach the card to the front of the jar by wrapping colored string or twine around the center of the jar several times; tie the ends.

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    Towel Wrap for a Jar of Soup

    An old-fashioned flour sack towel tied around a jar of soup makes a gift filled with comfort.

    1. Fill a quart jar with cooled soup; fasten lid.

    2. Fold a flour sack towel several times to make a narrow band. Tie the towel band, topped with a colored ribbon, around the center of the jar.

    3. Tuck a gift tag into the towel.

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    String and Clothespin Wrap for a Jar of Spice Rub Mix

    A jar of spice rub mix takes on a new look when wrapped with colored string and classic twine, especially with a ribbon-covered clothespin as a label clip for added appeal.

    1. Fill a small spice jar with the mix; fasten lid.

    2. Cut a piece of narrow ribbon to the length of a clothespin and adhere using crafts glue.

    3. Wrap colored string and/or twine around the jar several times, and attach the clothespin to the twine.

    4. Clip a gift label with the clothespin.

    5. Include directions for using the mix.

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    Silver Spoon Finish for a Condiment Jar

    A trio of festive ribbon, a scrapbooking sticker, and a tiny silver spoon transform a small jar into a real treasure.

    1. Fill a half-pint jar with the condiment.

    2. Tie a ribbon around the jar like you would a present. Add a scrapbooking sticker in the center of the lid where the ribbons cross.

    3. Slide a small spoon underneath the ribbon.

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    Gingerbread Snow Globe City

    This beautiful gift looks just like a snow globe! Gingerbread cutouts make a perfect wintry (and edible!) scene.

    1. Fill the bottom of a large jar with 2 or 3 inches of granulated sugar to stabilize cookies.

    2. Arrange gingerbread cutouts into desired scene.

    3. Tie a colored ribbon around the lid of the jar.

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    Cheesecloth Cover for a Jar of Pickled Veggies

    A cheesecloth-covered lid tied with natural twine gives a humble jar an earthy look.

    1. Cut a square of 100-percent-cotton cheesecloth to fit over the lid of a pint jar.

    2. Place the cheesecloth square over the top of the jar, and tie twine around the jar lid to secure.

    3. Attach a paper gift tag using twine.

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    Jingle Bell Decorations

    Couple an old Christmas card with a few bells to create a jar with a lot of jingle.

    1. Trace the lid of the jar onto a vintage Christmas card; cut out. Adhere the card to the top of the lid using crafts glue.

    2. Pour the desired sauce or pie mixture (see below) into the jar and let cool; fasten the lid.

    3. Thread small decorative bells onto a colored string tied around the jar.

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    Parchment Paper Label for Jar of Quick Bread Mix

    The formula for an easy jar wrap is to write the recipe name over and over on a piece of parchment paper for a wallpaper-print look.

    1. Layer the mix in a quart jar following the recipe.

    2. Use a permanent marker to write the recipe name several times on a piece of parchment paper to create a pattern.

    3. Tie the parchment paper around the jar using ribbon

    4. Include the directions for making and baking the mix.

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    Ribbon-Tied Jar for Brush-On Sauce

    The real work is in making the sauce, so the gift wrapping stays simple with a piece of ribbon and a basting brush add-on.

    1. Fill a pint jar with sauce.

    2. Tie a ribbon around the jar, then slide a basting brush underneath the ribbon.

    3. Add a sprig of rosemary to the top of the jar for a festive touch.

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