DIY No-Knit Pom-Pom Hat

<p>Inspired by floral swim caps from the '60s, this DIY pom-pom- covered winter hat is a playful holiday gift this year!</p>

Give a hat a playful makeover with pom-poms—no sewing or knitting required! We are deeply in love with pom-poms, so we covered the whole hat for a colorful floral look. If you want something a bit more subtle, try adding a grouping of three pom-pom flowers to one side of the hat instead!

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What You'll Need

pom-pom hat supplies
  • Plain winter hat
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Pom-pom maker (1-3/8" or similar)
  • Mini pom-poms (1/2", about 200)
  • Fabric glue


Step 1: Make Pom-Poms

winding yarn to create pom-pom's

Start by making handmade pom-poms for the centers of the flowers. You will need about 24, depending on the size of your hat.

Making pom-poms is quick and easy with a pom-pom maker. Simply start by wrapping yarn tightly around each wing until completely covered. Once each wing is wrapped in yarn, fold them back to the center. Use a pair of sharp scissors to cut through the yarn-wrapped edges.

Step 2: Tie the Pom

pom-pom hat step 3

Cut a piece of matching yarn and tie tightly around the pom-pom maker in the gap between the plastic discs. Make sure to tie a double knot, and pull tightly so the finished pom-pom is secure. To remove the pom-pom from the maker, open up the wings and pop the top half of the pom-pom maker off the bottom half.

Step 3: Shape Poms

pom-pom's and scissors

Once the pom-pom is removed from the maker, use scissors to trim the yarn to form a nice round shape. Continue making pom-poms, using different colors of yarn if you wish, until you have approximately 24 pom-poms (or as many as you need for your hat).

Step 4: Arrange on Hat

pom-pom hat step 6

Arrange the pom-poms on your hat. We found that nine 1/2-inch mini pom-poms fit perfectly around the outside of each handmade pom-pom, but you can adjust this as needed. Play around with different color combinations until you're happy with the look. Use fabric glue to attach each pom-pom to the hat, following the manufacturer's directions.

Step 5: Fill Hat

close up of  diy pom-pom hat

Continue arranging and gluing pom-pom flowers to cover the entire hat. Let glue dry completely, following the manufacturer's directions.

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