If you are looking for ideas for handmade holiday gifts, we have the perfect one for you this holiday season. Learn how to make this Scandinavian inspired hand stamped tree tea towel. We used a cookie cutter, potato and black paint to create this tree design. We love using flour sack dish towels to create our own patterns and designs with potato stamping. Read on to see just how easy this DIY Christmas gift is to make!

By Alice and Lois
DIY Hand Stamped Tree Tea Towel

This DIY Christmas gift idea is as easy as peeling a potato! Use a cookie cutter to create any pattern you like and get stamping. These printed tea towels are festive, inexpensive, and easy to make. Gift them as fun stocking stuffers or use them to wrap your holiday gifts. 

What You'll Need

  • Flour sack dish towel
  • Black fabric paint
  • Sponge brush
  • Potato
  • Tree shaped cookie cutter
  • Paring knife
  • Freezer paper

Step 1: Make the Stamp

DIY Hand Stamped Tree Tea Towel step 1

Cut your large baking potato in half, length wise. Next, press a tree shaped cookie cutter into the potato. Using a paring knife, cut about a quarter inch down from the top of potato to create a stamp. Cut down from the edges of the tree and around the edge of the potato. Now you have your stamp.

Step 2: Paint

Step 2

Lay the ironed flour sack towel onto a working surface. We placed the towel on top of a large piece of freezer paper for a quick cleanup. Dry off the stamp with a paper towel and apply paint to the stamp using a sponge brush. Press firmly onto the towel. Repeat pattern as desired. Let dry overnight and iron when dry (use another plain towel to place between the iron and the newly stamped towel).

Step 3: Wrap and Gift


Once you've ironed your handprinted tea towel, it's time to get gifting. Try using your towel in place of wrapping paper for a quick and creative DIY gift idea. Wrap kitchen items like mugs, serving spoons, and food gifts for a holiday present you'll be proud to give. 


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