Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas

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We have loads of cheap Christmas gift ideas for you to give this holiday season, including homemade pillows and kid-crafted wall art! We'll help you maximize your gift giving without breaking the bank with these ideas.

Christmas Gift for the Organized Friend

Thrift store finds and a porcelain paint pen are all it takes to dress up ordinary servingware into impressive desk accessories.

Make this cheap Christmas gift:
Use items such as a saucer, gravy boat, and other small dishes for your masterpiece. Add a simple circle design to each piece using the paint pen.

Christmas Gift for Kids

What makes a better Christmas present for kids than a jar of homemade cookies just for them? We couldn't think of anything better, either.

Make this cheap Christmas gift:
Simply trim repositionable vinyl chalkboard to the desired size, round the corners with a punch, and stick it on a glass container. Or use chalkboard paint and a stencil. Include a box of chalk, too.

Christmas Gift for Mom

Have a favorite phrase or expression that you and your mom love? Use it to create a unique piece of artwork.

Make this cheap Christmas gift:
Gather a frame, foam-core board, tissue paper, and cutout letters from scrap paper or recycled magazines. Decoupage pieces of tissue paper around the foam-core board as a border, then glue your letters directly onto the foam-core board. When dry, frame the inspirational artwork.

Christmas Gift for Men

For the beer-drinking man in your life, turn to a pairing of specialty beer and salted peanuts to make a Christmas gift he'll appreciate.

Make this cheap Christmas gift:
Repackage jumbo peanuts in a cellophane bag tied with a simple tag. Gift it with a specialty beer embellished with ribbon or twine.

Make a cheap homemade Christmas gift this holiday season. We have an idea using old sweaters and coffee mugs.

Christmas Gift for the Coffee-Lover

Add a bit of warmth to your favorite coffee-lover's mug with this simple felt cozy. See how easy it is!

Christmas Gift for Grandparents

Capture the year for the grandparents with a handmade, inexpensive time capsule.

Make this cheap Christmas gift:
Gather souvenirs from a fun family moment or trip taken with the grandparents, such as concert tickets, seashells, photos, or a map. If you want, add a flash drive containing digital memories. Put the treasures into a simple box or glass jar. Date the time capsule, and take time to look through it on New Year's day.

Christmas Gift for Couples

Your neighbors and friends will relish the dinner-made-easy gift of this homemade pizza kit.

Make this cheap Christmas gift:
Prepare all the elements -- sauce, dough, toppings -- ahead of time. Place items in a pizza box and add our cute label download. Tie the box with ribbon for festive cheer.


Christmas Gift for the Musician

Deceptively simple, this inexpensive coaster gift idea can be adapted to any number of themes. Here, we've created versions for the music-lover; try flowers, kitchen images, or sports.

Make this cheap Christmas gift:
Download free clip art of instruments, and shade the shapes with a pencil. Flip the patterns over and trace around them to transfer the outline of the image to white ceramic tiles. Using a thin paintbrush and porcelain paint, fill in the image, or paint around each for a silhouette.

Christmas Gift for Grandma

These pretty sachets come filled with the scent of refreshing herbs for a charming addition to dresser drawers.

Make this cheap Christmas gift:
Cut 4x8-inch linen rectangle. Fold in half to make a square; iron. Tape off a 1/4-inch border on the front. Trim adhesive paper into a 3-1/2-inch square, cut out a cheery snowflake design to use as a stencil. Remove the backing and center the design on the linen. Apply acrylic paint with a stencil brush; let dry and remove stencil.

Christmas Gift for the Boss

Everyone needs a bit of cheery organization come Monday morning, and this simple cork caddy is a great gift for any boss.

Make this cheap Christmas gift:
Simply join two square pencil holders with permanent glue; let dry. Attach cork floor samples (available at local home centers) to the sides and ends of the dual caddy with permanent glue. Once dry, fill one side with pencils and create a planter on the other side. Line the bottom of the planter with a 1- to 2-inch layer of gravel or sand. Plant a succulent (or another plant that doesn't need a lot of water and maintenance).

Christmas Gift for the Chef

For your favorite cook, give her the gift of distinctive artwork to dress up her kitchen.

Make this cheap Christmas gift:
Simply cut out shapes of kitchen items (search for free clip art online) from dark cardstock. Ideas include spoons and spatulas, teakettles, pots, and blenders. Back each cutout with photocopied pages from an old cookbook; set in frames that match her kitchen.

Christmas Gift for the Coworker

Wrap this chic pencil holder with patterned paper and gift with a brand new blank journal and you have a cheap gift set finished for your favorite coworker.

Make this cheap Christmas gift:
Start with a block of 4x4-inch wood, and sand it to smooth the rough edges. Once sanded, paint the top a color to coordinate with your friend's workspace. Cut the bottom of the block at an angle to tilt the base, then measure the sides of the block to determine the length of decorative paper needed to cover them. Soak the paper in water to make it pliable, then use a thin layer of watered-down decoupage medium to evenly attach the paper to the sides of the block. Line up the paper with the block's painted top; if the paper is too long at the bottom end, neatly wrap it around the base. Seal the paper with a top coat of decoupage medium. On the top of the block, measure and mark pencil holes in an evenly spaced pattern; drill holes into the top at a 90-degree angle using a 1/2-inch bit.

Christmas Gift for the Whole Family

Celebrate the whole family with this monogram artwork!

Make this cheap Christmas gift: Embellish a flat frame with varying widths of wrapped twine. Then wrap a purchased letter in twine or fabric. Attach a matching ribbon to the back and hang inside the frame.

Christmas Gift for the Gardener

Cheap and chic, this pretty chevron vase is of-the-moment and the perfect way for any gardener to show off seasonal pickings.

Make this cheap Christmas gift:
Find a plain colored vase; tape off a chevron pattern using painter's tape. Spray-paint the exposed area with a lighter shade of the vase color. Remove the tape when the paint is dry.

Christmas Gift for Parents

Sweet words and doodles from the kids make the perfect inexpensive gift idea for any parent.

Make this cheap Christmas gift:
Ask the kids to write a favorite phrase, quote from a book, or other thoughts on a fabric scrap, then frame. Or have them draw a picture, then employ a blending technique to make it special.

Christmas Gift for the Homebody

For the friend or relative who loves nothing better than to cozy up on a cold winter's night, stitch an organic-inspired creation on a homemade pillow.

Christmas Gift for the Techie

Give the tech-fan in your life an organized start to the New Year with this inexpensive Christmas gift -- a central station to corral keys, a smartphone, and more.

Make this cheap Christmas gift:
Choose several papier-mache boxes and lids; decoupage patterned paper to the sides and inside bottoms. Embellish with nameplates. Type labels to fit inside the nameplates (or use letter stickers). Glue the boxes and lids together as shown using crafts glue.

Christmas Gift for the Little One's Room

Owls were the inspiration, but just about any fun, artistic motif would do for a one-of-a-kind accent for a little kid's room.

Make this cheap Christmas gift:
Simply pick your theme and search online for free clip art. Trace the design on various-colored scrapbook paper, and cut out multiples in coordinating colors. Fill a sectioned frame with the cutouts for a creative and unique wall art piece.

Christmas Gift for Dad

Dress up an ordinary picture frame with stamps and a sweet photo of the kids for a perfect handmade, inexpensive gift for Dad.

Make this cheap Christmas gift: Place a leaf vein side up on a piece of scrap paper. Using a sponge, dab it with crafts paint until evenly coated. Flip the leaf stamp over and press it against the mat. 

Christmas Gift for the Baker

For a Christmas gift you can be sure she'll love, make this adorable apron for the baker in your life.

Make this cheap Christmas gift:
Start with a plain canvas apron. Glue or stitch bright scraps in fun patterns onto the apron, and embellish with a faux flower if desired.

Christmas Gift for the Crafter

Make a whole basketful of these sweet heart pincushions created from wool scraps. Another idea: Use them as an inexpensive stocking stuffer or present topper.

Christmas Gift for the Fashionista

For a friend that loves to accessorize, give a little inspiration with this cozy, asymmetrical scarf. It comes together in just a few hours with chunky yarn, big needles, and a large button closure.

Christmas Gift for Your Best Friend

For your best friend that lends you books, makes you cookies, and trades stories with you, stitch a seasonal, inexpensive gift of adorable tea towels.

Make this cheap Christmas gift:
Iron four white cotton tea towels, then fold and line up in a row. Using a pencil, draw a clothesline across all four towels, starting on the left with spring and ending on the right with winter. Unfold, and continue the design on each towel, adding loopy cursive labels and seasonal details. Stitch using black embroidery floss for the clothesline, clothespins, and clothes. Add images from each season using colorful floss: raindrops for spring, flowers for summer, leaves for fall, and snowflakes for winter.

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