Wrap up your Christmas shopping this year with these cute and craveable food gifts from Walmart.

By Karla Walsh
December 19, 2018

12/19/2018 — It's not too late to snap up Christmas gift ideas (even if you don't feel like fighting the crowds)! 

Several retailers are making like Santa and offering later and later delivery options. Order select items from Walmart.com by 2 p.m. local time on Thursday, December 20, and a delicious delivery will arrive on your doorstep before Christmas. Or you can cut it even closer and order online by 4 p.m. local time on Sunday, December 23 and you can take advantage of the pickup option on Christmas Eve.

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 Add these edible presents and kitchen goodies to your shopping list for a tasty, thoughtful stocking stuffer or white elephant present.

Photo courtesy of Walmart

1. Cast-Iron Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie

Who could resist sinking a spoon into an ooey-gooey single-serving skillet dessert recipe? Ice cream and hot fudge optional, although highly recommended. Pass along this gift with clever cleaning tips for cast-iron skillets so it will stay good as new for months to come.

Buy It: Cast-Iron Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie, $4.99

Photo courtesy of Walmart

2. Whiskey Serving Set

Help your favorite amateur mixologist shake up a happier hour with this classy cocktail kit. In addition to a couple glasses, it features bourbon peanuts, a sphere-shaped ice mold, whiskey stones, and smoked honey to top off a just-sweet-enough old-fashioned cocktail.

Buy It: Whiskey Serving Set, $12.44

Photo courtesy of Walmart

3. Hillshire Farms 2 Sausage and 2 Cheese Gift Set

Summer sausage screams “holiday time!” to many BH&G editors. It's the ultimate family game night fuel! Share the savory wealth with this fully-loaded snack set with cheddar and Swiss cheese, crackers, and Bavarian mustard, too. 

Buy It: Hillshire Farms 2 Sausage and 2 Cheese Gift Set, $14.98

Photo courtesy of Walmart

4. Cocoa Cone

Just add water! Wrap this adorable three-serving reindeer-adorned cone of hot cocoa mix with a cute mug. They’ll be able to enjoy the heart-warming present of drinkable chocolate for days to come.

Buy It: Cocoa Cone, $2.98

Photo courtesy of Walmart

5. Budweiser 3-Bottle Assorted Barbecue Sauce Gift Set

Treat a barbecue master to a food gift that will elevate their grill game in a matter of seconds. This three-sauce set with honey, original, and sweet-smoky blends. Under the bow, tuck in a few cards printed with a our best grilling recipes to try along with the sauce.

Buy It: Budweiser 3-Bottle Assorted Barbecue Sauce Gift Set, $9.88

Photo courtesy of Walmart

6. Reese’s Peanut Butter Snowman

Eggs, bunnies, and trees have had their time. We’re partial to this adorable chocolate-peanut butter snowboarding snowmen! Stock up on a few of these two-packs and tuck one inside each family member’s stocking.

Buy It: Reese’s Peanut Butter Snowman (Pack of 2), $7.76

Photo courtesy of Walmart

7. 10 Global Cocktail Mixers

Everything but the booze is included in this comprehensive cocktail kit. With these bottles stocked in a home bar tool kit, mojitos, mules, margaritas, mai tais, and more take less than a minute to make with these bottles as part  a home bar tool kit. Wrap this one up for your always-entertaining pal.

Buy It: 10 Global Cocktail Mixers, $9.02

Photo courtesy of Walmart

8. 12 Coffees of Christmas

Now that their Christmas advent calendar is done, pass along another consumable challenge: coffee! This caffeinated java pack includes holiday-inspired bean flavors like Irish cream, cinnamon, crème brûlée, and chocolate-almond.

Buy It: 12 Coffees of Christmas, $9.98

Photo courtesy of Walmart

9. Coastal Cocktails Apple Crisp Dish

The serves-one apple crisp recipe set makes a thoughtful gift for your favorite single lady/man. Or , you know, for those who aren’t into sharing dessert. Bonus: The ceramic skillet can be used again and again!

Buy It: Coastal Cocktails Apple Crisp Dish, $5

Photo courtesy of Walmart

10. The Pioneer Woman Flea Market 5-Piece Prep Set

One liquid and four dry measuring cups are included in this couldn’t-be-cuter floral kitchen present. Your Great British Baking Show-obsessed sibling is going to adore these.

Buy It: The Pioneer Woman Flea Market 5-Piece Prep Set, $11.88

Photo courtesy of Walmart

11. Ghirardelli Travel Mug

Double-chocolate cocoa mix and a peppermint bark square join a reusable, thermal tumbler in this ready-to-hit-the-road food gift. It’s already wrapped and ready for the committed commuters in your life.

Buy It: Ghirardelli Travel Mug, $7.98

Photo courtesy of Walmart

12. Better Homes & Gardens Copper Honeycomb Finish Stemless Glasses, $12.99

Wine about it with your friends with this chic set of stemless wine glasses. While you could give them away, we’re saving a set for ourselves. Everything from white wine to sparkling water would look party-ready in them.

Buy It: Better Homes & Gardens Copper Honeycomb Finish Stemless Glasses, $12.99

Photo courtesy of Walmart

13. Create-Your-Own Bloody Mary Set

You’ll make brunch a lot better for one of your co-workers if you include this bloody mary set in the white elephant mix. The back of the box even includes instructions about how to rim the glass with celery salt and assemble and garnish a drink.

Buy It: Create-Your-Own Bloody Mary Set, $14.98

Photo courtesy of Walmart

14. Starbucks Holiday Break Mug Gift

She’ll stay warm through the winter chill once they have this mug and coffee combo handy. A pack of shortbread cookies come stuffed inside, too, so your friend can dunk to her heart’s desire.

Buy It: Starbucks Holiday Break Mug Gift, $9.98

Photo courtesy of Walmart

15. Ferrero Rocher Fine Hazelnut Chocolates

The classic chocolate-hazelnut creation now comes in a package large enough to fuel a friend through a month of cocoa cravings. Or a week, depending on how strong said cravings are…)

Buy It: Ferrero Rocher Fine Hazelnut Chocolates (Pack of 24), $9.98


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