Round out your Christmas gift ideas for friends, co-workers, and family members with these incredible, edible (and surprisingly affordable) food gifts from Target.

By Karla Walsh
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12/19/2018 — ‘Tis the season for shopping! It’s also the season for hosting, baking, entertaining, traveling, and more, so we’re right there with you in the last-minute holiday gift hunt hustle.

To keep up with increasing online competition, retailers like Target are offering big deals and discounts this year. You can take advantage of these December Christmas deals in stores, of course, but if you prefer to avoid the crowds you can polish up your holiday shopping by:

  • Ordering online or via the Target app for same-day order pickup inside or in the drive-up lane
  • Ordering online before 11:55 p.m. CT December 20 for free home delivery, with no minimum purchase (guaranteed to arrive by Christmas Eve)

So while you’re shopping online or in the store, snag these edible and affordable holiday gift ideas for stocking stuffers, white elephant exchanges, and unexpected drop-in guests. Who could resist the gift of good taste?

Photo courtesy of Target

1. Best for Cocoa-Cravers: Wondershop Hot Cocoa Kit

Gift a cup of good cheer! Milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate hot cocoa mix join peppermint sprinkles, mini marshmallows, and caramel candies in this fun food gift that will keep on giving throughout the year.

Buy It: Wondershop Hot Cocoa Kit, $9 

Photo courtesy of Target

2. Best for Rudolph Fans: Nerds Big Chewy Christmas Reindeer Candy

Crunchy, chewy, and oh-so cute all at once, this Nerds candy stocking stuffer will instantly put a smile on the recipient’s face. How could you resist that silly grin and the spotlight-like nose that could surely safely lead the way for Santa’s sleigh?

Buy It: Nerds Big Chewy Christmas Reindeer Candy, $2.49

Photo courtesy of Target

3. Best for Mimosa Mavens: Wondershop Champagne Mixers

Mimosas, bellinis, and other delightful sparkling drink recipes are only moments away with this mixology kit. For cocktails, add a bottle of sparkling wine. For mocktails, subsidize with a bottle of sparkling water.

Buy It: Wondershop Champagne Mixers (Pack of 4), $5.99

Photo courtesy of Target

4. Best for Cookie Monsters : Wondershop Chocolate Chip Cookie Skillet

Whether they share it or don't (hey, the entire cast iron skillet cookie has just 360 calories, so while the package says it serves four, we say "do you!"), this dessert will indulge their inner child. Pair it with a carton of milk to complete the package. They'll think of you every time they reuse the skillet!

Buy It: Wondershop Chocolate Chip Cookie Skillet, $9

Photo courtesy of Target

5. Best for Peeps-loving Peeps: Peeps Christmas Chocolate Mousse Reindeer

Animal-shaped marshmallow goodies aren’t just for Easter. These chocolate mousse-flavored moose (get it?!) make fun additions to mugs of hot chocolate.

Buy It: Peeps Christmas Chocolate Mousse Reindeer, $1.39

Photo courtesy of Target

6. Best for the DIY-ers: Wondershop Ready-to-Decorate Cookies To Go

All of the fun of sugar cookie decorating without the floury mess! This kit allows the lucky owner to customize his or her cookies to Instagrammable glory. The semi-homemade factor of this food gift ensures they'll steer clear of all Christmas Pinterest fails.

Buy It: Wondershop Ready-to-Decorate Cookies To Go, $4.99

Photo courtesy of Target

7. Best for Big Movie Buffs: M&M Christmas Popcorn Bucket

Think of this as the ultimate Netflix Christmas movie binge kit. Filled with three bags of popcorn and a box each of plain and peanut M&Ms, this food gift is an ideal treat to break out during family film nights.

Buy It: M&M Christmas Popcorn Bucket, $7.99

Photo courtesy of Target

8. Best for Spice Fiends: Wondershop Christmas Hot Sauce Gift Set

You probably know someone who orders every takeout dish to a spice level of 500 stars. For them, nothing could be more fitting as a food gift than this choose-your-own-adventure hot sauce "challenge" with flavors including intense garlic, Cajun habanero, and cayenne pepper.

Buy It: Wondershop Christmas Hot Sauce Gift Set (Pack of 10), $14.99

Photo courtesy of Target

9. Best for Hosts: Hickory Farms Sausage, Cheese & Crackers Snack Bundle

Implement your friends and family with all they need to handle drop-in guests (or stock one or two in your own kitchen) so assembling a cheese board can be done in a snap.

Buy It: Hickory Farms Sausage, Cheese, and Crackers Snack Bundle, $9.99

Photo courtesy of Target

10. Best for Holiday Birthdays: Dylan's Candy Bar Holiday Popcorn Tin

Commemorate birthdays close to Christmas by passing along a bucket of sprinkle-coated popcorn. This food gift mashes up the two special occasions in one budget-friendly package.

Buy It: Dylan's Candy Bar Holiday Popcorn Tin, $10

Photo courtesy of Target

11. Best for Coffee Shop Regulars: Wondershop Caramel Sea Salt Chocolate Christmas Stir Stick

Similar to our DIY version of Salted Caramel Mocha Spoons, these chocolate-dipped, caramel-swirled spoons sweeten up a glass of milk or mug of cocoa. (But we’re partial to stirring them into a cup of coffee!)

Buy It: Wondershop Caramel Sea Salt Chocolate Christmas Stir Stick, $1

Photo courtesy of Target

12. Best for Your Brunching Best Friend: Wondershop Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

Add a bow to a mason jar full of Buttermilk Pancake Mix, then add a bottle of this pure maple syrup. To really keep the brunch vibes going, complete a gift basket with a bottle of sparkling wine and a jug of orange juice. All that's left to do is await your invite for New Year's Day brunch...

Buy It: Wondershop Pure Vermont Maple Syrup, $6.49

Photo courtesy of Target

13. Best for Wanderlusters: Wondershop World Traveler Salts

Take their taste buds on a trip to the Asia, Mexico, France, Italy, and Peru with this versatile salt set. Wrap one up for your always-adventuring pal or your co-worker who couldn't stop talking about Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat this year.

Buy It: Wondershop World Traveler Salts (Pack of 6), $7.99

Photo courtesy of Target

14. Best for Workout Warriors: Larabar Gingerbread Nutrition Bars

Vanilla, ginger, cinnamon, and allspice make these vegan fruit and nut bars taste like a cookie. Stick a bow on a box for a thoughtful secret santa surprise for a 5K runner or CrossFit devotee.

Buy It: Larabar Gingerbread Nutrition Bars (Pack of 5), $5

Photo courtesy of Target

15. Best for Hosts: Wondershop Jingle Blend Trail Mix

More than a pound and a half of snacks make this a thoughtful gift for your always-hungry family member. The festive trail mix includes chocolate and regular peanuts, chocolate almonds, cashews, M&Ms, and chocolate raisins for the ultimate salty-sweet craving cure.

Buy It: Wondershop Jingle Blend Trail Mix, $9.99



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