These affordable, interactive options make excellent presents for anyone on your list.

By Jennifer Aldrich
Updated October 15, 2020
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Are you puzzled about what to get some of your friends and family this holiday season? Look no further. A jigsaw puzzle is an excellent gift for many reasons. First off, due to the pandemic, we should all be staying inside as much as possible. Sitting at home all day can get boring and lonely. Putting together a puzzle is an excellent way to pass the time. (Plus, it's a great brain-boosting activity. Researchers at Ulm University in Germany found that life-long puzzling could delay neurocognitive disorders in older age.) Puzzles can also be budget-friendly, including several options on this list, making it an affordable yet thoughtful gift. Instead of worrying for weeks about what to purchase for the person who has everything, add one of these options to your cart, and ship it directly to their door. They'll appreciate the gift that doubles as an activity the entire family can enjoy.

Credit: Rifle Paper Co

This pretty 500-piece jigsaw features a striking floral pattern embellished with butterflies and strawberries. It measures 21 × 15 inches once put together and is also available in four other scenes.

Buy It: Jigsaw Puzzle ($34, Rifle Paper Co.)

Credit: Courtesy of Etsy / CMOriginalsCo

At the beginning of the pandemic, this clear, very difficult puzzle was super popular and was sold out for months. Now, a newer version is available. It's available in four sizes: mini (100 pieces; 5 x 8 inches), medium (200 pieces, 8 x 10 inches); large (360 pieces; 19 x 11 inches), and extreme (500 pieces; 19 x 11 inches). It's excellent for anyone who considers themselves a pro puzzler.

Buy It: Clear Jigsaw Puzzle (from $14, Etsy)

Credit: Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

Everyone has a junk drawer (even if your items aren't this cute). This pretty puzzle features artwork by Los Angeles-based illustrator Bijou Karman. It has 500 pieces and measures 24 x 18 inches when pieced together.

Buy It: Junk Drawer Jigsaw Puzzle ($20, Saks Fifth Avenue)

Credit: Courtesy of 1canoe2 / Etsy

This beautiful handmade puzzle is a work of art after you put it together. The 1,000 piece jigsaw measures 19 x 27 inches once completed. The Etsy shop 1canoe2 has a perfect five-star rating from more than 42,000 sales, with one reviewer writing, "I have gotten so many compliments on this puzzle. I love it so much. I framed it in my home! Beautiful print!"

Buy It: Starry Seasons Puzzle ($35, Etsy)

Credit: Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

When wildflowers aren't growing during the colder months, you can enjoy their beauty with this jigsaw that features lots of lovely blooms. It measures 20 x 28 inches once done and has 1,000 pieces to put together. This style comes in three other prints: mineralogy, celestial, and house plants.

Buy It: Reference Chart Puzzle ($25, Urban Outfitters)

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Your cat loving friend will be obsessed with this option. It shows more than 120 cat breeds in different playful positions. Once put together, the 1,000-piece puzzle is 19 x 27 inches.

Buy It: World of Cats Jigsaw Puzzle ($17, Amazon)

Credit: Courtesy of Shopbop

Ellen Van Dusen, the founder of women's clothing brand Dusen Dusen, designed this multicolored puzzle that's inspired by her bold prints. It's 500 pieces and measures 19 x 24 inches when it's all put together. The jigsaw represents the brain's reaction to color, movement, and contrast.

Buy It: Lenticular Pattern ($25, Shopbop)

Credit: Courtesy of World Market

This jigsaw features 51 bright and beautiful houseplants that appear to grow in harmony. It's 1,000 pieces and measures 20 x 27 inches once completed. Even if you're not the best plant parent, you can take care of these greens.

Buy It: Houseplant Jungle ($20, World Market)

Credit: Courtesy of Nordstrom

Although this option is only 500 pieces, the seamless gradient is challenging to piece together (we recommend phoning a few friends and making an evening out of it). Once it's finished, it's 18 x 24 inches.

Buy It: Gradient Jigsaw Puzzle ($20, Urban Outfitters)

Credit: Courtesy of Barnes & Noble

It's no secret we love succulents (especially the mini ones!), so of course, we're all about this design. This product is like two puzzles in one because of its two sides: One that's glossy and another that's matte with different images. Once the 500 pieces are assembled, the item is 24 x 18 inches.

Buy It: Succulent Garden ($16, Barnes & Noble)

Credit: Courtesy of South Moon Under

Foodies will be thrilled with this edible-looking option. The 70-piece puzzle takes about 20 minutes to finish, so it's ideal for beginners. (Or for those who want to complete it with their kids.) The finished product is just 8 x 8 inches so you won't need a large workspace.

Buy It: French Fries ($10, South Moon Under)

Credit: Courtesy of Barnes & Noble

Frank Lloyd Wright's designs are architectural gems, but this puzzle is an affordable way to have his work in your home. This 1,000-piece product measures 20 x 27 inches once completed. The gold parts of the puzzle are foil-stamped to really make the pieces shine.

Buy It: Frank Lloyd Wright Saguaro Cactus and Forms ($20, Barnes & Noble)

Credit: Courtesy of Walmart

Show off your love of pooches with this 1,000-piece jigsaw. It features 54 different dogs and a description of each breed, so you can learn while you piece it together. It's just over 27 x 21 inches once it's done. (If you prefer felines, there's a cat version that's also $20.)

Buy It: Dog Lovers Puzzle ($20, Walmart)

Credit: Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Once you're done putting this 540-piece puzzle together, you'll have a decorative piece so that everyone can admire your hard work. (Yes, the black stand is included for display.) It's made of plastic and is just under 9 inches in diameter. One reviewer who gave it a 5-star rating says it's definitely not easy, it's not as difficult as it looks.

Buy It: 540 Colors 3D Puzzle ($70, Uncommon Goods)

Credit: Courtesy of Lemonade Puzzles

This colorful, abstract puzzle might remind you of your blooming garden. The 1,000 piece jigsaw measures just over 19 x 26 once all the bright pieces are put together. Lemonade Pursuits' mission is to make life a bit more enjoyable, which is something we can all rally around right now.

Buy It: Midnight Garden ($30, Lemonade Pursuits)


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