Adorable graphic tees, no-pull leashes, and hilarious interactive games are just a few of them.

By Ariel Klein and Summer Cartwright
Updated October 29, 2020
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Many of us consider dogs a member of the family and spoil them with gadgets, treats, and toys. If you’re a dog parent yourself or obsess over a friend’s dog, it’s almost impossible to pass up fun accessories or a cute knit toy.  We made a list of our favorite items for the pups themselves including human-like clothing, luxurious sofa beds, and treat-tossing dog cameras. And if you’re looking for the best gifts for dog lovers, we’ve rounded up products like adorable graphic tees and all-natural soy candles

Here are some of the best gifts for dog lovers (scroll down to see even more!).

Whether for an upcoming birthday, holiday, or adoptiversary, pamper your pup with any of these gifts. 

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Hide & Seek Plush Toy

Many dogs have an infatuation with squirrels, chipmunks, and pretty much any little creature that scampers across your lawn. Keep them distracted from chasing rodents with this hide and seek toy—more than 2,800 customers give it a five-star rating

Buy It: ZippyPaws Hide & Seek Plush Toy ($15, originally $20, Amazon)

Harry Barker Cotton Rope Toy Storage Bin
Credit: Courtesy of Chewy

Rope Storage Bin For Toys

Keep your dog’s favorite toys in this large rope storage bin made from recycled yarn. Measuring 14 inches wide and 12 inches tall, it's a stylish solution that's big enough for corralling all your pup’s playthings. 

Buy It: Harry Barker Cotton Rope Toy Storage Bin ($28, originally $34, Chewy)

YETI Boomer 8 Stainless Steel, Non-Slip Dog Bowl
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

YETI Dog Bowl

Made from stainless steel, this dog bowl is puncture- and rust-resistant and can hold up to eight cups of water. It’s also dishwasher safe and made with a non-slip ring so the bowl will stay in place while your excited pup chomps and slurps away. 

Buy It: Yeti Boomer Dog Bowl ($50, Amazon)

Frisco Basic Dog Cat T-Shirt
Credit: Courtesy of Chewy

Frisco Basic Dog Shirt

Sometimes, simpler is better. Frisco’s basic cotton dog tee is a functional and breathable option that can fit into any poochie's style. It’s made without sleeves to ensure your dog can move around comfortably without getting their paws caught in material, and it’s cut above the belly so potty time can go mess-free. 

Buy It: Frisco Basic Dog T-Shirt ($11, Chewy)

FurHaven Pet Dog Bed
Credit: Courtesy of Walmart

Sofa-Style Bed

Someone who naps four to five times a day deserves a quality sleeping spot, don’t you think? Treat your furry best friend to a sofa-style bed for ultimate comfort. This luxurious model features a medical-grade foam core and microgel beads to keep the cushion cool. 

Buy It: FurHaven Sofa-Style Bed (from $23, Walmart)

rabbitgoo No-Pull Dog Harness
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Soft Dog Harness

You can keep your pup safe and secure on walks without any discomfort using this best-selling harness. It’s made with a soft chest attachment that won’t yank your dog, even when they’re pulling ahead or getting antsy. The overhead shape makes for easy changing, and four adjustable straps allow for a customizable and personalized fit. 

Buy It: Rabbitgoo Soft No-Pull Dog Harness ($17, Amazon)

Logical Leather Dog Leash
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Leather Leash

Hit the streets in style with this six-foot leash, handcrafted from a single piece of full-grain leather. It's a practical and good-looking gift dog lovers can get a lot of mileage out of, and the best part is, it comes in 11 different colors—so you can designate a different color for every pup in the house, or choose a hue that'll coordinate with your pet's favorite collar. 

Buy It: Logical Leather Dog Leash ($20, Amazon)

CHI for Dogs Oatmeal Shampoo for Dry and Irritated Skin
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Oatmeal Shampoo

Keeping your dogs skin and fur healthy is essential for their overall wellbeing. So when it comes to giving your pooch a bath at home, it’s important to use the best products possible. This shampoo is formulated to cleanse, moisturize, and nourish your dog’s skin and coat and restore its healthy luster.

Buy It: CHI for Dogs Oatmeal Shampoo ($25, Amazon)

2PET Foldable Dog Crate
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Foldable Dog Crate/Carrier

Comfort, convenience, and quality are what you and your dog get with this washable crate. This all-in-one option is excellent for training or travel. When it's no in use, you can fold the lightweight steel frame up and pack it away.

Buy It: 2PET Foldable Dog Crate (from $42, Amazon)

Longrich Indented Paw Print Flannel Throw Blanket
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Paw Print Flannel Throw Blanket

Just a warning but you’re probably going to want to buy two of these faux fur blankets because they’re that cozy. This 50 x 60-inch throw has an adorable paw print design that dog lovers will adore, plus it's lined with a super soft sherpa material that’s perfect for cuddling underneath.

Buy It: Longrich Indented Paw Print Flannel Throw Blanket ($21, Amazon)

SuperPrintShop Dog mom shirt
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy / SuperPrintShop

Dog Mom Graphic Tee

On the hunt for the best dog mom gift? Look no further because this soft and cozy graphic tee is sure to be a hit for any “dog mom” you know. The dainty cursive lettering adds a feminine flair to the white tee, and the neutral color allows for it to be worn with anything in the closet. 

Buy It: Dog Mom T-Shirt ($26, Etsy)

Reddy Best Friend Ever Dog Hoodie
Credit: Courtesy of Petco

Cotton Best Friend Hoodie

Some dog clothing can be pretty cheesy with too many frills, ruffles, and sequins, but not this cotton hoodie. The Petco best-seller is made with the same comfy fleece material that we humans love, and will surely keep any pup feeling warm and toasty.

Buy It: Reddy Best Friend Ever Dog Hoodie (from $10, Petco)

Furbo Dog Camera
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Dog Camera

Treat-tossing dog cameras are among the hottest gadgets for pet parents; they let you check on your dog via your phone and reward them with a treat while you’re out of the house. While this is definitely more of a splurge, it makes a great group gift. The Furbo has a 1080 pixel HD camera, audio capability, and can sync up with your Alexa. It will also alert you if your dog is barking a lot so you can make sure they’re OK. 

Buy It: Furbo Dog Camera ($199, originally $249, Amazon)

My AlphaPet Dog Poop Bags Refill Rolls
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Dog Poop Bags

These dog waste bags are durable but more importantly, they’re compostable. Made of corn-based plastic, they’ll break down in your backyard compost bin. Though some biodegradable bags have a reputation for being flimsy and easy to puncture, reviewers say these are strong and thick. 

Buy It: Alpha Pet Poop Bags ($16, Amazon)

One Fur All Natural Soy Wax Candle
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Soy Candle

Specifically designed to get rid of pet odor, the One Fur All candles combat those tough, hard-to-get-rid-of odors. The non-toxic candles are made with all-natural soy, odor neutralizers, and essential oils that gently fill a home with clean, non-perfumey scents. The large candles can burn for up to 70 hours, according to the brand, and come in seasonal and classic smells. 

Buy It: One Fur All Odor-Eliminating Pet Candles ($22, Amazon)

RUFFWEAR - Gnawt-a-Rock Durable Dog Toy
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon


Keep even the most athletic and enthusiastic dogs occupied while they try to conquer this durable natural latex rubber toy. Designed to dispense small treats as your dog plays, the Gnwat-a-Rock's faceted surface massages their teeth and gums to help promote a healthy mouth. 

Buy It: Ruffwear Gnwat-a-Rock Toy ($20, Amazon)

Wisdom Panel 3.0 Canine DNA Test
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Dog DNA Test

Discover even more about your dog by understanding their DNA. Simple to use at home, you can learn more about their behavior, appearance, and health needs by testing for their breed. Simply collect your dog's DNA with a provided cheek swab and send it in.

Buy It: Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test ($80, originally $85, Amazon)

Cuddly-Coat Cleansing Spritz
Credit: Courtesy of Nordstrom

Coat Cleansing Spray

No time for a bath? Use this no-rinse grooming spritz from Kiehl’s. With just a few sprays, your dog's coat will smell of chamomile flowers and have a nice healthy shine. Just spray, massage onto your dog, and comb through for the best results. 

Buy It: Cuddly-Coat Cleansing Spritz ($14, Kiehl’s)

Arm & Hammer Dental Super Treadz Dog Toy, Gorilla By Arm & Hammer Dental
Credit: Courtesy of Chewy

Dental Toy

Dental hygiene is essential for all doggies, and now there’s a fun way to keep your pup's teeth clean. Arm & Hammer designed a rubber toy with edges and grooves to help clean plaque as your pup plays. It’s also infused with baking soda to help freshen breath.

Buy It: Arm & Hammer Dental Super Treadz Dog Toy ($11, originally $12, Chewy)

QQPETS Dog Water Bottle
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Travel Water Bowl

One of the best parts of having a dog is going on adventures with them, and this 12-ounce travel water bottle is an easy way to keep your dog hydrated on outings. To use, fill it up as you would a normal bottle, and then give your dog water using the removable bowl. 

Buy It: QQPETS Dog Water Bowl ($10, Amazon)

Nina Ottosson By Outward Hound Interactive Puzzle Game
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Dog Snack Puzzle

This puzzle tests your dog’s ability to detect a scent and determine the source. As your pup scratches at different pieces, they’ll move to reveal what’s underneath. The fun activity can help your dog relieve stress and build problem-solving skills. Not to mention, it’ll be hilarious to watch.

Buy It: Outward Hound Interactive Puzzle ($20, Amazon)

Musher's Secret Pet Paw Protection Wax
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Paw Protection

Just as we humans encounter dry, cracked skin in cooler weather, your pet's paws also need a winter care regimen—especially if they regularly step through salt and snow and haven't warmed up to wearing boots! Use your fingers to gently rub this wax onto your dog's paw pads to help them stay soft and smooth. It's made from a non-toxic, non-allergenic, non-staining formula, so it's safe to use (even if some of it gets licked off).

Buy It: Musher’s Secret Paw Protection Wax ($22, originally $25, Amazon)

Reopet Silicone Dog Cat Bowl Mat
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Food Mat

Elevate your dog’s dining area with this functional (and affordable) placemat. Made with raised borders ideal for keeping your floors clean, this food and water mat won’t slip and is easy to wipe up after each meal. Choose from eight colors, including basic black and bright pink. 

Buy It: Reopet Silicone Dog Mat ($9, Amazon)


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