At Last, the Secret to the Best Holiday Food Gifts is Revealed

When you try these, you'll be happy you did

Gifting a family member or friend a store-bought sweater for the holidays can be risky because you never know if you'll pick the wrong size or style. That's why we're all about taking the safe route this year by showering your friends, family, and co-workers with gifts made fresh from your kitchen. After all, who would turn down a batch of warm cookies? These ideas are sure to be a hit and you can always double the batch to keep some for yourself. We won't tell! Check out our top five food gifts right now:

1. Adorable Cookie Box

Who needs a cookie jar when you can have a box of towering cookies? This delicious gift can be personalized to the receiver with their favorite cookie flavor. Tie the box up with ribbon and twine for an adorable presentation you'll be proud of.

2. Comforting Casserole Dish

Is there anything more comforting during the cold winter months than a warm casserole dish? We think not. Wrap up your signature dish in a festive holiday towel and decorative ribbon for a treat your friends and family can enjoy right away.

3. Picture-Perfect Candy Jar

Whether you make homemade holiday chocolate bark or go with leftover Halloween candy, this picture-perfect jar is a great gift for kids and adults. Who can resist the temptation of a sweet tooth craving anyways?

4. Homemade Marshmallow Bag

Homemade marshmallows look like fluffy mounds of snow all wrapped up in a cellophane bag — perfect for the holiday season! We love this chalkboard name tag clipped on with a clothespin for the label.

5. DIY Roasted Almonds Tin

We had so many spare tins from mints and candies that we didn't know what to do with them. Our solution? Wrap them up in pretty paper and ribbon and fill them up with our famous roasted spiced almonds. Our friends loved these!

To learn more about these yummy gifts, check out our video below:



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