It features the brand's cult-favorite scent Volcano.

By Jennifer Aldrich
Updated October 13, 2020
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Advent calendars have come a long way from the classic childhood version that offered a small piece of chocolate on each of the dozen days before Christmas. Now, you can buy options with wine, versions with cheese, and even one for your dog. This holiday season, Anthropologie is offering its own take on the Advent, and loyalists to the store will definitely want it in their home. The countdown features the beloved Volcano-scented Capri Blue candle. The calendar was so popular, it sold out last season—but it's finally back in stock!

The Capri Blue 12 Days of Volcano Holiday Gift Set is filled with a variety of goodies, including mini candles, room sprays, bath bombs, hand creams, bar soaps, diffuser oils, and even an ornament. Each product is placed in its own compartment, so there won't be any damaged goods just in case someone decides to give their gift a shake. All of the items are made with pretty packaging, or as Capri Blue likes to call it, its "iconic vessels," which is one of the reasons the candle company has become so popular.

The calendar retails for $158 and is available right now. It would be a great gift for a loved one or even a nice present for yourself.

Credit: Courtesy of Anthropologie

If you've never experienced a whiff of the fragrance and are curious as to what Volcano could possibly smell like, it's described as a "fresh" scent with notes of tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons, limes, and exotic mountain greens. Although that's quite a few different aromas in one item, it's one of the most popular varieties of the Capri Blue candle, so it's safe to say people with many different scent preferences enjoy it.

Though it's only mid-October, Anthropologie has already been rolling out its holiday products, and we've been eyeing a few things we'd like to see under our tree on December 25—and this Advent calendar is at the top of our list.


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