Woven Gift Topper

This woven Christmas gift will be the prettiest package under the tree. Grab some colorful ribbon and get weaving. We'll show you how to make this DIY gift topper.

Upgrade your gift game this year with an easy ribbon technique that creates stunning woven package toppers.

Instead of the classic Christmas bow, make a woven gift topper that's simple yet stunning. All it takes is colored ribbon and a simple weaving technique. Try using traditional red and green or mix it up for pretty packages. 

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What You'll Need

  • Wrapped gift box
  • Raffia or paper ribbon
  • Double-sided tape

Step 1: Add Ribbon

Tape the end of the ribbon to the back of wrapped box. Neatly wind it around and around box until desired width is reached. Tape the loose end at the back. Wrapped ribbons should touch but not overlap. This will be the warp of your weaving.

Step 2: Weave

Cut pieces of ribbon long enough to wrap once around your box. These will be the weft of your weaving. Weave a ribbon through the warp, alternating the over/under pattern between rows and leaving ends loose for now. When you're satisfied with the number and placement of weft rows, wrap ends of all ribbons around box and tape to bottom under the warp.

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