Quick and Clever Holiday Gift Wraps

Jazz up your package presentation with these quick techniques.
Photo Gift Wrap

Turn family photos into gift wrap for small packages. Arrange the color snapshots on a piece of 11 x 17-inch white paper and tack them in place with loops of adhesive tape. Copy the collage on a color copier as many times as desired for gift wrap. (Remember to choose the 11 x 17-inch paper tray when you begin copying.)

Shipped Packages

Wrapped packages that have to be shipped don't have to be boring just because they shouldn't have bows. Use a decorative paper from an art supply store to wrap the box. Then wrap two lengths of ribbon around the box, leaving enough room for a second, wider, ribbon to be centered between them. Glue the ribbons to the box, then layer a third ribbon over these.

Candy Gift Wrap

Here's a gift that comes complete with treats. Wrap the box with bright red paper, then glue layers of ribbon in graduated sizes around the center of the box. Use thick white crafts glue or hot glue to attach wrapped peppermint candies to the box top. (If you use shiny paper, glue the candies with crafts glue rather than hot glue.)

Botanical Gift Wrap

Present a small package in a botanical print. Make a color copy of a print (be sure to use noncopyrighted images), and wrap the box. For larger boxes, enlarge the image on the copier as needed.

Button Gift Wrap

Use a hot-glue gun to attach vintage buttons (or other buttons collected from flea markets and garage sales) to the top of a package in a tree shape. Ivory-color vintage buttons on natural or brown wrapping paper make a stylish yet romantic combination; for a more colorful effect, combine jeweled buttons on colored paper. To remove the buttons from the paper, place the discarded gift wrap in a plastic freezer bag in the freezer; the buttons will pop off.

Wreath-Topped Gift

Wrap a square box with parchment paper, then use 1-1/2-inch-wide velvet ribbon to tie a 6-inch-diameter vine wreath to the top. Glue one end of a piece of ribbon around the wreath, pull the ribbon taut around the box, and glue the remaining end around the wreath. Repeat for the second ribbon. Glue velvet millinery leaves to the wreath, if desired.


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